Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blo What?


I know, cheap shot by me to put "blo" in the title.

I'm sure that won't be the only self-serving, cheap shot, grasping at straws, trivial BS seen posted here in the next month.

I signed on the band wagon for National Blog Posting Month. Simply (said tongue in cheek) an agreement to post everyday for the month of November. All thirty days. No more skipping out on weekends like I am known to do. "Post every day in November, that's all you have to do" ... simple rules, eh?

Panic mode has set in and of course I am clueless as to what I am going to write about. Actually I am clueless everyday. I just spew write more so to vent, or crack myself up, but mostly because it's cheaper than a $125.00 an hour "professional". I get more out of comments that are left here than any therapy session could offer. But I digress.

Digress, that's a post in itself. I've never used that word until now, but I laugh every time I read a blog and it's used. If I was talking to you face to face and I wandered off topic, I'd pull in the reins by saying "sorry, that's not even what we were talking about" and put myself back on track. Oops, once again, I digress. *smirk*

So, if you have signed on for the challenge, link with me as a friend on the NaPoBloMo site. If you haven't signed on and you want to, do it today because it all begins tomorrow.

For everyone else, feel free to email me, mariemillard (@) gmail (dot) com with questions, suggestions, and prompts for some blog fodder.

I'll bet at the end of the month I will be promoting to change the NaBloPoMo to February, leap year not included.

:: Just adding::

Robin asked "Why the cat logo?" ... and I didn't know, so I checked it out. The misspelled cat badges are a play on the LOL cats, at this site: I Can Has Cheezeburger.

Well, there ya go =)

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oh Say Can You See ....

I received and e-mail with a photo attached asking me to pass it along to everyone in my address book. For the most part I usually hit delete, but sometimes things seem so odd that I go to Snopes (dot) com to check it further. That site usually has the scoop on what is true or false as to what is being passed along in e-mails.

I had heard on several occasions that Barak Obama opposed wearing a US flag pin lapel, no biggie, I don't wear one either. But as a candidate for United States President, you'd think the guy wouldn't mind (as long as he's standing there) honoring the flag with his hand over his heart and at the very lease mouthing the words to the Star Spangled Banner.

If you read further, this photo isn't a fluke, there is a video attached to disprove the possibility of it being photo shopped. In fairness they do show two photos of him covering his heart while our national anthem was played ... these photos were supplied the Obama campaign.

Since you might just go to Snopes to check it out, one other thing I like to point out is the explanation of how Al Gore was misinterpreted as claiming to have invented the internet. Perfect lesson showing that the choice of one word, used out of content, can change the whole structure and meaning of a sentence. Unrelated, I know, but I always wondered why the general public actually believed that Al Gore thought he invented the internet.

Even I'm not that gullible, and I am blond *wink*

Monday, October 29, 2007

Goofy Girls Night Out

Sue, Me, Cyn, Brenda, Madonna (yes, her real name)

Last June, my cousin Cyndi and I decided to meet in Royal Oak for dinner. Afterwards, we ended up at a club that had a live band. A few bottles glasses of wine, and we were reminiscing of the days in our early 20's, when we shared an apartment together ... and our unbelievable partying habits. ( another post, or ten )

That's how our Saturday, girls night out started. Cyndi works in an office with quite a few single women. Her telling stories of our Saturday nights made her a Pied Piper and one by one other's began to join us. We have a rotating group of about eight now. Of course Cyndi and I are ever present (shocked look here) and the rest come out when they can. There's always 4-5 of us.

It's so different being in the night life at an older age. It's all about having fun and not really caring what anyone thinks about us goofy girls. We aren't real approachable, but for the brave ones that do, we have made a pact. If a man asks one of us to dance, she accepts. As they turn to go to the dance floor, the rest of the table gets up and all dance with the one guy. No complaints yet. As the night goes on, and our dancing agreement becomes obvious, we end up as one continuous party out on the dance floor. ( great workout ) Because this doesn't work for slow dances, it's a polite excuse to decline.

Since we have been going out dancing, we've attracted a wide range of guys. GQ, Fabio, charge card waivers to the all American, goofy, lamp shade wearing type guys and they all just want to have fun.

Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Not on America's Most Wanted

Remember the $100 gift card I won from my local radio station WDVD 96.3?

This morning, I went downtown to the Fischer Building in Detroit where they broadcast from, to pick it up. You know, you have to go in person, can't be mailed because they need ID, blood, finger prints, a urine sample and to pledge your first born just to make sure you're not scamming.

On my drive down, I hear the morning crew cracking up over a prank they initiated today on an afternoon DJ. (Sorry Jess, and I won the $100 during your time slot) I was just about to call them, tell them I was about 5 minutes away and ask if I could come take a photo of their prank. Just then, they announced "be the 96th caller and win Red Wing tickets", so I knew I'd never get through to them.

I arrived at the reception area, received the gift card, then the receptionist (super nice lady) placed a call to someone to see if I could come up and take a photo of the prank. The call was intercepted by the PR Nazi. (He must have always been picked last for kick ball)

I don't think I pose a security threat. It was a simple request. I even said it was great blog fodder for today since I didn't have much to post about. Nope, nadda, no way, it ain't happening.

Mr. PR Nazi offered to send me photos he took. (Twirling finger in air) Big woop, missing the whole point of creating my story.

Anyway, the prank was the morning crew, Blain, Lisa, and Allyson, took post-it-notes and "decorated" Jesse's office space.

These photos are pretty hilarious, but I'd have liked to take my own.

P.S. Thanks Ron!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Date with Destiny?

I dialed.

Nancy: Hi, John? This is Nancy (last name) from high school. I hope it's OK, Sam (last name) gave me your phone number.

John: Hell yeah! How the heck are you? You're single? Right?
(scary amount of excitement in his voice)

Nancy: Umm, yes ... so you remember me?

John: I wouldn't have passed history without sitting next to you. *laughs*

Nancy: Ahhh, so you remember me for my brains?

John: *laughing* No, you had nice b**bs too.

Nancy: *** wondering if I made a mistake calling ***

Then he calmed down. We talked for about an hour. Playing catch up, on thirty five years of reminiscing, of our pasts and our today's. He asked to get together this weekend, but since I already have plans we decided on next weekend. To be continued.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nada Prada ...

... nope, it looked fake.

The Coach looked like it was made of couch material.

The Chanel's would have made Coco pirouette in her grave.

Kate Spade would have used a spade to bury the bags being pawned off as hers and Louis Vitton would probably deposit a lugie in the one's with LV on it.

Can you tell I wasn't impressed?

I went to a knock-off purse party. I had heard they were made cheaply, but not bad for the price. Price my Burberry covered butt. These were priced at $100 to $150 bucks. If I am going to spend that much on a knock off, I'd rather wait and save for the real thing.

They also had "Tiffany" inspired jewelry. I won't even bore you with my opinion of that.

So, because I stayed waisted my time at this party, I didn't call John. I plan on it tonight.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

SHS 1973

That's the year I graduated from high school. My best friend since 8th grade Karin and I still keep in touch. After hearing about the passing of a classmate recently, she and I begin reminiscing.

Karin and I were too cool for school. We aced our classes, excelled at 1st hour breakfast, and regret our lacking in those bonded type friendships with others.

We didn't go to dances, proms, or school sports. Being "too cool" we had already entered into going to concerts and chasing bands at the venues in Detroit (sneaking of course) and attending pro-sport games. Especially Red Wing hockey. We hung out at clubs and bars (ignorance is bliss) instead of home parties and under the bleachers.

Yep, to cool. Sad part is, we missed out on all the too cool, fun, friendships, and bonding that stay with most through these later years. The passing of someone is a name and a face and a "wow, I can't believe it". But to conjure a good time, a fun memory of that person, well it escapes me.

There was one guy, John, that I secretly liked. But whoa! He was my age and in high school ... best to keep that crush to myself.

I just learned he is single and according to my source (thanks Sheila) he's still looking good. I called a friend of his and got his phone number. I'm going to call him tonight.

I'll keep you posted.

P.S. I still have his senior pic he gave me. Is it fair to post it?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

"Elly May Cait"

Do you remember Elly May Clampett, from the Beverly Hillbillies? She couldn't resist any "critter"? I think Caitlin is from the same gene pool. When she decided to move out last August, I knew she'd get a kitten. ( I just didn't know she wouldn't wait until she moved out.)

So it's be all of almost three months and Caitlin calls me saying she is going to take in a 2 year old cat that needs a home. I reminded her that she has a one bedroom apartment with Puma and the manager is unaware of him living there. Two cat's would be impossible to keep hidden. She explained "Jenny" is 2 years old, spayed, declawed and was going to be put down if nobody would give her a home. I advised her not to take her, but of course Elly May Cait took her in.

That was two weeks ago. Straight into the apartment, no vet visit, no checking for fleas or illness ... just come on in, make yourself at home.

Last week Caitlin became aware of the fact that she also gave a new home to a family of fleas.

She couldn't get the cats into a groomer until last Friday, so all last week, every night after work, she was cleaning, vacuuming, spraying the cats and everything down with flea killer. I took all her bedding, clothing, bath rugs, etc. home to wash them. Friday we dropped the cats and flea family off at the groomers. The we treated her apartment, let it air out and brought the cats back.

In 52 years, with all my previous pets, I have never had fleas. I never want to deal with them again. If there is a next time, Elly better hope there is a Jethro in her life to help her out, 'cuz once was enough for me.

No photos of Jenny yet. Taken from her home to live with Puma, then a bath at the groomers has Jenny PO'd enough that she won't come out from under the bed. I admit, she is pretty cute.

Sunshine's Designs

Thank you to everyone that helped me win Sunshine's contest. The awesome Swarvoski crystal T-shirt goes so well with my tiara.
Lawyer Mama, you can borrow it anytime, it was a close call.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Summing It up

From recent past posts, here goes ...And coming up ...

How I spent the past week with Caitlin battling fleas in her apartment.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Not suitable for work.
Definitely DO NOT OPEN if there are KIDS around.

If you find nudity offensive, best to just go watch Rachel Ray. I'm not one to normally post like this, but I found this "magician" entertaining. To say the least. Watch her facial expressions ( I know, shut up) ... it removes any "p0rn" feeling. She's actually funny! If you can figure out the illusion, please explain it to me. Her name is Ursula Martinez.

Ursula Martinez - magischer Sriptease - MyVideo

Thursday, October 18, 2007

96.3 Again, Whoot!

WDVD, 96.3 .... that's usually what I listen to at work. They play hits of the 80's, 90's, and today's top overkill. Like all radio stations, they are forever running contests.

I used to say I never win at anything, but last March, I was the 96th caller and won a $285 Dooney & Burke purse with $1,000 in it. (Yeah, I know, I'll get 1099'd for it)

The latest contest has been to guess four numbers, in their correct order and win $10,000 shopping spree at Art Van Furniture Store. Over the past couple weeks, callers have been able to narrow it down to the numbers 7,3,8,and 9, but nobody has guessed in the correct order. I have my little list of guesses on my desk, there have been about 12-15 combinations guessed so far. Yesterday afternoon, when they announced "be the 96th caller...." I decided to try my luck. I was the 96th caller. My guess of 9873 was wrong, the good part though, I won a $100 gift card to Art Van. I'll keep trying, I need, ahem "living room furniture".

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ridin' Dirty

I have downloaded different ringtones for different people on my cell. When the song plays, I know who's calling (because I am so frickin' blind, I can barely see the printed name of the caller).

I have "Ridin Dirty" (Chamillionaire) for my son. He has a love/hate relationship with cops. He used to think he wanted to go into law enforcement, but decided most cops are asswipes. I tried to explain that at his age, being a guy, and his vehicle ... well, he would be a target for a few more years.

This song reminds me of Bryan. He has a white Jeep Grand Cherokee. When he bought it, he had the windows tinted the blackest black (illegal as hell), he pulled the back seats out and fitted it with his custom system and "8 10's". (That's 8 10" speakers) He put those tiny rims on his tires and a loud ass muffler. I asked him why he didn't just put a neon light on the roof saying "yeah asswipe, pull me over".

Anyhow, within the first year of this transformed vehicle of his, he went to court for the tints three times. In our area, even though they are not legal, most cops have a blind eye. If they want a reason to pull you over, that's a good one to use. He blew I don't know how many speakers ... his car was the one at parties or bon-fires that provided the music.

Now, he has the Jeep, no speakers, back seats back in, full of mud from his job (construction) and tons of dog hair and drool from his 125lb. baby "Bently". His tints are the legal lighter black and the rims are only put on from spring to fall. They don't do well in the winter.

Why does he think cops are asswipes? Other than the obvious, being pulled over because he's a young guy, this hilarious story really pissed him off.

He was at work (construction) ... they had dug footings a few days before. He didn't know when he left for work that morning, he'd be clearing water out of the footings, so he didn't have a change of clothing or high waterproof boots. Long story short, when he was done at work, he didn't want all the wet muddy clothes in the car, so he stripped to his boxers and threw the boots and clothes in the back.

He was driving home, 4:00 in the afternoon, and there was a huge accident ahead if him. (yeah, you see where this is going) The cops were flagging everyone over. He pulled to the side, and was stopped about 2 car lengths away from the accident. He saw in his rear view mirror the ambulance coming up behind him and realized if he pulled out and over, the ambulance could get right up front, close to the injured people. He caught the cops eye as he begin to slowly roll out to move and flagged that he was moving. The cop screamed at him, waived him back and came up to him, demanding he get out of his car. Through the window, he explained to the cop he was trying to move so the ambulance could get close and that he didn't want to get out because he had only boxers on. The cop made him get out, and then another cop who saw the whole thing, came over and told Bryan to get back in his car and move so the ambulance could get in. I concur, some cops can be asswipes.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Metro-Detroit Warning:

We are surely going to have the mother of all snow storms this winter. Be prepared, ignore global warming facts. Don't believe a word you read in the Farmers almanac. Jerry Hodak at ABC, Chuck Gaidica on WDIV, Ben Baily at FOX, forget about the Doppler... just listen up.

Two winters ago I bought a snow thrower. I know most call it a snow blower ... but in reality, it throws the snow off to the side. I also think of that joke "Why did the snowman pull his pants down? ... Because he heard the snow blower coming".
So I prefer to call it a thrower.

I bought it towards the end of the season, like in March, after struggling with shoveling all winter. So that first winter I used it once. The snow was so slight, I probably could have swept it off with a broom faster. Last year I used it twice. Not that there wasn't much snow, but every time it snowed, I'd come home from work and the retired man next door would have my driveway cleared off.

I put it on Craigs list and have someone coming for it tonight. Metro-Detriot ... you have been warned.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Cut it?

This weekend Caitlin and I were going through some old photo albums. She found this photo of me 17 years ago. YIKES! Anyway, she wants to cut my hair like this ... what do you think?

Front view (with Caitlin @ 2 years old)

Side view (Bryan in blact T @ 5 years old)

Please vote your opinion:

Should I cut it?
Free polls from

Friday, October 12, 2007

All in Jest ...

Who thinks up this stuff and creates it so fast?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rubbing Elbows

Did you ever hang out with anyone famous? Musicians, actors, writers, politicians?

In the 80's my ex-husband was in a band. For the most part, they played locally. There was a hotel bar they were always booked at. The regional manager of this hotel, lived in the area and was always there. He loved the band, so they had an open contract to play there when ever they wanted. I think they played Tues-Sat for six months straight. Always to a packed room, usually having to turn people away at the door. Yes, they were that good.

This hotel was where famous people stayed when they came to the Detroit metro area. Since Bill and I didn't have our kids back then, I was there most every night too. I met many famous people, but the best nights were when we actually partied with them. I found a couple photos to post, but DO NOT MENTION MY HAIR. Good Lawdy, what was I thinking?

Anyway, who have you partied with? Any funny stories?

Mr. T, got a problem with that?

Citizens with Mr T.
My kids dad is 2nd from left.

Citizens with Colin Hay

There were others, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty, Kenny Loggins, Steven Perry, Debbie Harry (Blondie) to name a few.

Oh yeah, my funny story? This guy was so drunk one night he stumbled into the stained glass wall divider and his "rug" slid off. I kinda smirked, he grabbed it and put it back on as he staggered away.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Limp, Mushy and Bruised

I read that if I put bananas in the refrigerator, they will stay fresh and stop the ripening process. It did say the peel will turn dark, but the inside would remain fine. Here is my first attempt. Yes, the outside is unappealing (pun intended) but it tasted fine. It did have some discoloration inside, but nothing that affected the taste.

Since I am eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, I have been trying to figure out how to keep them from going bad so fast. I really don't over buy. I would like to go to the market just twice a week.

My cukes go limp (I know, BIG time set up for jokes), my lettuce looses it's crisp, 'scrhums start turning brown, celery gets rubbery, and baby carrots get dry and white.

I think this banana thing will work, but any suggestions on other fruits would be helpful. Do you have any tips to keep fruit and vegi's fresh just a wee bit longer?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Conversation Hearts: Alternative Floor Washing

::: Phone Rings :::

Cait: Hi Mom ( has "the sound" in her voice )

Me: Hi Cait, what are you doing? ( thinking, ut-oh, now what )

Cait: Well, washing the kitchen floor.

Me: Really? Why? Did you spill something?
( 'cause I know floor washing isn't routine in her life )

Cait: No ... but I was wondering if you could come over for a minute.

Me: To help wash the floor? :smirk:

Cait: No, I have that under control, it's the tons of bubbles coming out from the bottom of the dishwasher I can't handle.

Me: Did you use dishwasher soap?

Cait: Sorta, I used "Joy" 'cuz I ran out of Cascade.

Me: Next time try Quick Shine ... works great on floors.

Tonight is the deadline for Sunshine's contest. If you haven't left a comment mentioning you linked from my blog please do ... if you already have, thank you.

Monday, October 8, 2007

One point Seven

One point Seven

let me repeat that


That is how many seconds were on the clock Friday night when my nephew's football team was down, 15-16. Joe is a senior and last of the high school football players in our family.

As we sat, holding our breath, we rushed 71 yards, then with 1.7 seconds left, (did I mention that already?) went for the field goal. The ball hovered in mid air for what seems like 1.7 hours and then ... the field exploded. The scoreboard changed to read 18-16 !

It was an away game for his team the Bulldogs and unfortunately for the other team, it was their homecoming game. ** Snaps fingers**
I hate when that happens, NOT.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Online Whores

:GASP: not in THAT way.

Sonia, at and the persuit of happiness is a self proclaimed comment seeking, traffic loving, whore. I am a closet traffic whore who will only come out when my blog actually does get more than the few family stopping by. But I do like her contests, so I guess I can be a contest whore.

If you look here, she has posted a challenge to pimp her site. One requirement in the contest is to have as many readers from my site leave a comment on her post saying you came by way of moi. Please go over and do that now before you forget, then come back to finish reading here ... I'll wait.

(Putting on my finest purple crushed velvet suit and feathered fedora)

I don't mind pimpin' for her, I am there everyday and have linked to her posts in the past. I recently had her create an original design T-Shirt for me. Check out her Sunshine's Designs site. She uses Swarovski crystals and my-O-my is it the bomb!

She used my tag line ...
"cafe mocha vodka valium latte to go please"

She does more than T's ... for example, this quasi doo-rag.

*I told Sonia, I'd post a photo of me wearing the thong she made me*

On a more serious note, the whole comment leaving, blog reading, trafficking of readers just helps build and support the blog community. There are many people I consider friends I exchange e-mails with and read daily, that I have never met. I see so much support with words of comfort to some that need it, rallying around others to celebrate good things happening in their lives, and joining in on projects developed to help the military community, hunger programs, and much more. I have a list of people that I read just about every day. As I titled my blogroll ...

I'd have a latte with:


* I'm sure these people wouldn't mind if I put a shot of Baileys in theirs!

Don't forget, go say hello to Sonia in her comments and mention you came via my blog ... I'd really like that T-shirt prize!

Thursday, October 4, 2007


Erebus as defined in Websters~
The dark region of the underworld through which the dead must pass before they reach Hades.

Erebus on Greek Mythology ~
The son of Chaos and the brother of Nye (night)

Erebus in Pontiac , Michigan ~
Guinness Book of World Records as the World's Largest Walk-Through Haunted Attraction

This four story 35,000 square feet Haunted House, is the Mother of all haunted houses. Erebus leads it's victims guests through four stories of unique and terrifying paths with fear so intense some call it pain, some can't make it through the whole way, and some leave in tears.

It's right up there in Hollywood type sets, costumes, and make-up. The sound system is awesome and the special effects are equal to the best movie quality. The darkness and on-guard feeling you have as you walk through, makes the shock-value visuals and things jumping out at you right on the edge with terror.

The well-worth-it-price is $20, and they strongly recommend no one under twelve years old. There is always a huge line, but definately worth the wait. Just the anticipation is enough to get the fear factor flowing. The jury is still out if I am going to go this year.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

If you have a young daughter...

...granddaughter, niece, cousin, Goddaughter, sister ...
or question your own self-esteem ...

... and this ad campaign isn't run on public television ... it should be.

In honor of Sgt. Matthew Blaskowski

Jenn, at Serving the Queens has lost a family member in Iraq, Sgt. Matthew Blaskowski. She has posted photos of people lining the street to thank and honor him. She asks that you stop by and post a thought and she will present it to his parents, Terry and Cheryl Blaskowski. The very least we can do is offer comfort and support. Their son gave his life for us, for this country. This is not a place to post your political views on the war.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Leon & Lulu

Growing up in Royal Oak Michigan, the closest roller skating rink was in our neighboring city of Clawson. The Ambassador Roller Rink has been there over fifty years and was home to quite a few champion skaters. High-top lace 'em up, four wheel skates, yeah, that's what it's all about.

Anyway, it is now the home of Leon & Lulu. The floor is still the beautiful blond high gloss wood, with the red and blue painted circles and stripes marking the floor. All the rental skates are paired up and incorporated into the decor. They hang on walls around the ceiling, are stashed in cabinets and bookcases and can be found in unexpected places, but still with the look of belonging ... still in their home.

This transformation is now a shop of unique, quality furniture, gifts, and accessories. My sister Sandi and I found some very nice home decorating ideas and items. We also found some fun and interesting gift items.

Who is old enough to remember the bald headed man, with metal shavings gathered at the bottom of the plastic bubble over his face? With the "magic" magnetic pencil, you drag pieces up to create hair, mustaches, beards, nose hair, and ear hair.

Then we have the always welcomed "Punching Nun" puppet. Do they make a "Pope" puppet?

I love how they use the martini theme in this room ... indeed, if you have these stuffed critters, you must have kids, therefore, you need a martini or two!

But wait, what's this ... books!
Ahh, "Three Martini Playdate" and "Three Martini Family Vacation."

Sandi and my kids are all grown, so we were relating more to this book, "Porn for Women."

Hey, we are both over fifty...there is nothing wrong with a visual to go with our fantasy. As Sandi thumbed through the book, I took a photo of one page for your enjoyment.

::: Fanning Self :::

Yeah baby, stroke that floor!

This is Leon and Lulu ... ha! Bet you though that cute little kitty-cat is Lulu, nope, that's Leon! Lulu is the rottweiler

Monday, October 1, 2007

She's so NOT goofy

Heather at Goofy Girl Designs designed my blog and just saved me from a night of pulling my hair out, googling every help site possible, and sinking into the abyss of denial, that I may have deleted my blog.

I e-mailed her admitting I had the nerve to go into her creation and tried to change something. I was surprised how fast she responded and undid what ever it was I messed up that I still don't know what I did! I promise Heather, I'll keep my mitts out of html or anything I can't pronounce.

If you are considering a custom new look, I can't recommend her enough. Thank you again Heather!

*Gasp * I'm Naked

Well, that's just about how I feel.

I went into my settings,
trying to make one itzy bitzy adjustment,
I am back to my basic white bread template.
Hopefully help is on the way.


June, 2006 Canton, Michigan ... another IKEA opens.

There was so much anticipation over this store, it was impossible to visit. Our local news showed video for the next few weeks of hundreds of people going to check out this new kid on the block. Parking in the lot was never an option. Most people parked 2-3 miles along Ford Road, in either direction, and hiked it in. It was all the buzz for the next few months. I never went.

Then, the 2006 holiday season started, again, definitely not a place I'd want to be. I don't do well when there is wall to wall people shopping, especially at Christmas time.

Yesterday morning, I recruited my sister Sandi to go there with me. Forty three miles from my house, and a 40 minute drive. I had high hopes of finding a picture for my bathroom, a small lamp for my dresser, and a couple throw rugs for my bedroom.

When we walked in, my first impression was to get through this crappy department and on to the good part. After following the signs, feeling like a rat in a maze or cattle being herded, I realized, there wasn't going to be a good part.

Where are the things that everyone raves about?
Where are the good buys?
Where is the damn EXIT?

I wasn't impressed.

They do have some good commercials, but most have been banned in the United States. I thought this banned one was funny ... selling the idea to organize the things in your room.