Monday, May 28, 2007

Meme Part Two

*One thru Four* see yesterdays post

Five* Since I moved out of my parents at age 18 I have had the following pets:

Black Cat: Overday
Calico Cat: Gandalf
Black Cat: Juniper
Black/White Cat: Charlie
Orange Cat: Max
NO MORE CATS ~ I am so allergic!

Green Parakeet:Sweet Pea
Yellow Parakeet: Woodstock
Blue Parakeet: Maggie Mae
Green Parakeet: April
Yellow Parakeet: May
NO MORE BIRDS ~ Too messy

Green Tree Frog: Frog
Iguana: Spike (Spike's story can be a post of its own)
NO MORE REPTILES ~ Can't cuddle them

Fish: Betta: Puppy *yeah, that's his name

Dog: Beagle: Barron ( just died last year, age 15)
Dog: Bichon Frise: Quinn
Lucky Quinn ~ I am not allergic, he's not messy, very cuddly!

Six* I am the laundry queen. I can fold queen sheets into a perfect 1 ft. x 1 ft.square without using a table and it never touches the floor. A necessary talent from using an apartment laundry room when I first moved out. I know boring as hell, but I get the feeling of accomplishment doing something without having to use brain cells.

Seven* I went to school to become a dental assistant. I got certified and started working for a dentist. I quit after one week and never worked in that field again. I am shocked at the lack of dental hygiene in peoples mouths.
**See #4 in yesterday's Part One post**

Eight* I don't like chocolate. I know, how did I ever survive PMS? The only thing with a just a little chocolate in it that I will eat is my favorite guilty pleasure . Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia ... Ben, Me, and Jerry ... my kind of menage a trois.

This was my first meme. I opened Pandora's box, but moved some things over to Davey Jones Locker for safer keeping.

I am supposed to tag another 8 bloggers. If you don't want to do this, no problamo. I'm just afraid if I don't tag 8 the blogger police will drop chocolate and sock turds on my site as punishment.

Captain Obvious
Southern Suburbia
Wiping The Crazy Off My Face
Kevin Charnas
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Michael said...

I can't believe I'm writing this, but you need to show me how to fold sheets! Especially the fitted ones.

I've never tried Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I must be missing out on something.

Um, 8 people don't even read my blog for me to tag them. What do I do now?

sgk213 said...

Could you show me how to fold sheets like that? My linen closet would appreciate it.

Nancy said...

Sure, I will hold sheet folding 101 when Michael gets home =)

Mary Alice said...

Who would have known that out of all the fascinating information the public would have tunnel vision on your sheets, but Oh.My.God. Those sheets were a thing of beauty. I too, wish to learn how to make my sheets bow in submission. Teach me you domestic Goddess you.

san said...

I'll take any chocolate you get LOL

Beth said...

can you come and fold my sheets for me? they are always a mess. and Quinn!!! How cutte is he? I love him. and I love his name. we had a beta too...boring. and how can you tell your birds apart?

Gnightgirl said...

Ugh, I have cream-colored carpets too, and I always forget and stock up on angora-like black & gray socks in the winter time. A good vacuum sweeper is a necessity in my house.

Not a big chocolate fan either; I never crave it, and if "forced" to eat some, can tolerate one bite. I do like a hot-pepper chocolate that my friend sends me occasionally, but's a nibble once in a while. A candy bar lasts me a year.

Nancy said...

I don't have all those pets, just Quinn and Puppy the Beta fish ... the rest is what I had over the years ... after Quinn goes to doggy heaven, no more pets ... well unless he's over 6', they are easier to train *wink*.

Nancy said...

GnG: wow, I never heard of hot-pepper chocolate.

San? Have you? You are the chocolate connoisseur.

san said...

The only hot pepper chocolate I am familiar with is "Mexican Mole" (pronounced MOH-leh). It is a sauce made with dried chiles, nuts, sugar, cinnamon, chocolate and other spices. I have used it in a chicken stir fry and grilled chicken. It is awesome.

As for your comment about no more pets unless "he's over 6'" because their easier to train....ummm...I don't think so. LOL

Nancy said...

San: Yea, I had a brain fart there ... untrainable!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Folding clothes is very overrated!

Sounds like you are a very interesting gal!

Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Oh my sheets look HORRIBLE when I fold them....ESPECIALLY the fitted sheets!!!

Kevin Charnas said...

I wish that I didn't like chocolate. Because I'm not suppose to have it, damn it.

Okay, I promise, I'll do this meme. ;)