Monday, April 11, 2011

The Back nine Five

I'm not much of a golfer ... in fact I'm terrible at it.  "Girls night out" golfing is less competitive and all about the fun. Oh, the golf clubs ... how shall I say it ... unique!

The weather prediction for last Saturday night was perfect. Just what spring time in Michigan needs. My sister Margie, our friend Karen, and I decided we needed to kick off the season with a golf night.  Social sister Sandi had an earlier dinner party, so she planned on joining us later.

We "golfed" downtown Royal Oak, a fab course! Here's our game in pictures:

Margie & Karen each "shot" a lemon drop.
Since I was "driving the cart", I passed on this hole.

Hole # 2 Town Tavern
Again, Margie & Karen each shot a lemon drop.

My turn to give it a "shot" ... all three of us shot lemon drops.

Hole #4 Blackfinn
All three again, PAR ... shot those lemon drops!

Here's where Sandi caught up with us ... 
after the three amigos shot our lemon drops.

Just in time for a "7th inning stretch" with none other than 
The Detroit Tigers Manager Jim Leyland and 3rd base coach Gene Lemont.

Jim Leyland *Karens floating head*

 Gene Lamont 3rd Base Coach

We decided to stay at the 5th hole.  I'm sure it won't be long before we play the last 4 and start another "round" again soon!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Conversation Hearts: 12:30 am

I was sound asleep when the phone rang ... I saw it was Caitlin, 12:30 am

This can't be good.  Now that she and Ray are parents, they are in bed early so this can't be a call looking for a designated driver ;)

They live 5 miles from me but their apartment complex is known for having issues.  Issues meaning it's morphed into a playground for trouble.  They had planned to move as soon as the weather broke, hoping to rent a house now that Mariah arrived.

The typical petty crimes go on there and they hear about trouble spots constantly. Caitlin had called me a few times last month, during the day, saying a nasty looking guy was knocking on her door. We'd talk until he left. 

More and more people are moving out and each building has several vacancy's.  Her building has 12 apartments, only 3 rented out.  Soooooo, after the fact, the local police think on this particular night, her apartment building was used as part of a set up because less occupancy, lesser chance of a witness.

A pizza was ordered, the poor delivery guy was badly beaten, robbed of his money and car.  Her and Ray's apartment address had been used to order the pizza, so the police knocked on their door.  Clearly they could see *bed-head and formula stained t-shirt* Ray and Caitlin were not waiting up to participate in a pizza sting.

Ray was called back to work this week and the thought of her being there all day with the baby and into the early evening when he was working overtime, freaked us all out.

Soooooo ... in ONE NIGHT they moved in with me.  Fortunately Mariah already had a nursery set up at my house.  I cleared out the extra bedroom that had become my Barbie room for Caitlin and Ray.

I repeat ONE NIGHT. Most went straight into the garage, the rest?  Well, a camera crew could use my house for the next taping of "Hoarders".

I'm sure by this weekend we'll have everything in it's place.  The best part, I get to wake up to this every morning:

P.S. A HUGE THANK YOU to her father for taking in Lola and to Rays sister for taking Puma ... two more animals in the house and I'd evict myself!

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Social Calendar:

I’ve received so many invitations lately.  I truly need more days in a month!

Mind you these have all come by way of email.  Some accidentally ended up in my spam filter but thankfully I was able to retrieve them before they were deleted!

I’ve been invited to meet young Asians

I’ve been invited to try Viagra
(ahhh, ummm, uh, *gasp*)

I’ve been invited to enter into a business deal where by I will be the recipient of over a MILLION dollars!
(with a slight investment on my part)

I’ve been invited to meet fun loving Latin Singles
(I guess if my Asians don’t pan out)

*Okay ... a choice  Young Asians or Fun Latins*

Bra shopping! An invite to go bra shopping on line
(do I just send in a pic of my boobs?)

An invitation to learn 10 new languages
(I hope Asian & Latin dialects are included)

I have an invitation for to try free sample laser hair removal.
(do they only do one arm pit?)

I can learn how a mom makes $8,900 a month at HOME.
(I wonder if 1-900 numbers are involved)

And the invitations continue to come in dailyImagine that!