Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Blog Blinged!

Like what my new interior decorator did?

Yeah, me too.

I guess I didn't realize that my posts of late sounded so desperate ;)

Needing a change. Needing a different direction.

Needing a make-over?

Sure, okay.

Thanks to an awesome designer and friend, I have a new look!

Thanks JD [insert electric grin here]

Friday, March 27, 2009

Marie? What's up with you lately?

I realize I have put Marie Millard on the back burner. Way back, to the one that doesn't even have a pilot light that works. One that has a tarnished old tea kettle sitting on it collecting dust.

I could use the excuse that I have been concentrating on another site I have been working on. It's finally in the web designers hands. The domain name is secured and thanks to The Hotfessional, I have a great guy in O'Canada that will be hosting the site. More to come, when there's more to come.

Good things happening:

Spring isthisclose to being here.
I went to the doctor and weigh less than I have in 10 years.
I still have a job, a house, and for the most part no debt. (damn hospital bill)
I have my ticket to (sold out) BlogHer 2009 in Chick-ca-go & awesome Ree is my partner in crime roommate.

But Marie? WTF is up with her? Isn't this supposed to be a place to spill what ever I choose? Why do I censor? Since when have I really cared what others think? (unless, of course, I value their opinion)

If I wrote from the heart, I'd end up pissing off some people, but not really wanting to. I'd have a couple people nodding yes, smirking, and giving the two thumbs up. I can be sure of those that would just shake their head thinking I've lost it.

But there are a few that have always accepted me as is, duct taped together, in places that don't always show, with my velvet covered thorns and my slightly scarred heart.

For now, I'll just keep to the dreams I pretend will come true.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

BIG Smiles

No matter what you're doing, when you're greeted with a big smile you can't help but stop for a speck of a second, get a good feeling, and smile back!

Some of these awesome smiles are stolen borrowed from Flickr, some are from my photo collection. The photos that belong to me are of people I have posted about on my blog. Can you guess who they are?

(click to enlarge)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nothing Else Matters

John posted on FB that Metallica is coming to his hometown.
(I read that's going to be an "in the round" concert, sweet!)

Yeah, I like metal, some more than than others, but I've always liked Metallica.

I remember the first time my son downloaded their tunes and started listening, I never said a word. If he though "Mom" liked the band, they probably would have taken a drop in the coolness factor.

Since their first album, early 80's, they have been one of my favorite. James Hetfield has that bad-boy look, but when I listen to the words and his voice on this song, nothing else matters.

P.S. You should see my interpretation dance to this song ... on second thought, maybe not!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Some Just Bitch to Bitch

Office buzz this morning:

Q: "Why the F are my tax dollars being used to make loans to banks, mortgages, failing companies?" This is BS, blah, blah, blah trillions of dollars, blah, blah, blah, medical, blah, blah, blah, housing, blah, blah, blah.

A: "Aren't you (and many other Americans) the same one that's bitched over the years about the trillions of dollars being sent out to help in other parts of the world? You couldn't fathom how our country could send billions of dollars out of the country to fight wars and help other countries when our country, our people, our businesses need so much help."

(Picking poison scene from "The Princess Bride")

So pick your poison, help on the homeland, and when it works, (or if it works for the skeptics) we will be paid back with interest, or send it all out and watch our country evolve into something I hope I never see happen in my lifetime.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Calibrating Myself

I've always approached things with drive and determination.

If I believe in something, I give 1000%.

I deny myself submitting to my own weakness, and cowl at showing it.

I look for the good in a bad situation and give the benefit of doubt where there is uncertainty.

I don't seek out conflict, yet I won't run when faced with it.

I don't do well with roadblocks that I have no control over, but I do figure out a way around them.

I believe in intuition, perception, and deep-in-my-gut feelings.

All of the above have brought me to calibrating my direction.

In the past, it's worked for me, and against me.

"To move ahead you need to believe in yourself, have conviction in your beliefs and the confidence to execute those beliefs."

~Adlin Sinclair

I feel the ground beneath me shifting.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fifty - Fa-fa-fa-oorrr

It's really only two numbers 5 4

I'll just add two more things to this post from my 52nd birthday:

Today is my 52nd birthday so here are 52 things about me:

* I have a picture of me with Mr. T * I read Shogun without stopping * I like window seats * Snakes scare me * There is a 1959 Barbie logo tattooed on my ankle * My first boyfriend was Jeff Wolf * Ben N Jerry's Cherry Garcia is my favorite ice cream * I'm a germ-o-phobe * I have worked for the same company for over 20 years * Sea food is always my first choice * I never miss LOST * I believe in God * I am on my fourth Ford Explorer * I have a C-Section scar * I prefer gladiolas * I use six pillows in my bed * I can SCUBA dive * I have a son and a daughter * Love Baseball - Go Tigers * I don't drink milk or pop * I floss daily * Ariel is my favorite Disney girl * "The Flame" by Cheap Trick puts a lump in my throat * Favorite Seinfeld episode, Sponge Worthy * I like Red Licorice * Ears pierced, three in one, two in the other * I love the smell of bacon frying * I've danced in public across a bar top * I have Middle Child Syndrome * I sneak Baileys in my Starbuck's while people watching in Royal Oak * I can only sleep on my side * I like Bleu-Cheese Burgers * I love rain storms * 34 is my lucky number * I can wiggle my ears * I don't like different foods to touch on a plate * I have no fashion sense * I'm a patient driver, impatient shopper * I like marcasite * I hitch-hiked to Mexico when I was 18 * I think Karen Carpenter had a great voice * ET still makes me cry * Clowns creep me out * Breakfast at Tiffany's is a great Sunday watch-in-bed movie * I fall asleep in less than a minute in a tanning bed * I like the Veranda Font * I think Cheerio's smell like puppies breath * I never learned to dance The Hustle * I think Sandi will count to be sure there are fifty-two things listed here * I like Merlot * My second grade teacher farted while sitting on my desk * I believe everyone has a soul mate *

To bring the list up to 54, I'll add :

* My hopes outweigh my fears * I think I'll learn to cook *

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Full Circle

Even though my son Bryan is 23, I still remember the inquisitive little boy he was.

His W I D E eye look of wonderment.

His excitement to learn new things.

And yeah me, the Hero Mom that was teaching him all the cool things.

Playing with Fisher-Price toys and remote cars.

The awe of putting "cassette tapes" in the back of Teddy Ruxpin!

That all lasted until he was about .... three.

Then something happened.

Technology lost me in the dust and it became second nature to kids.

So, last night I came home with a new phone.

There I sat, next to my son, so he could teach me how to use it.

Now, it's my son, teaching tech challenged Mom.

I THINK it's going to be cool, but, as of this morning, I am feeling pretty uncool.

I haven't mastered scrolling through names and menus, and that's supposed to be the easy part.

(LG Dare)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Plain White T's 1-2-3-4

Just one of those simple "feel good" songs.
Recorded @ 96.3 WDVD ~ Detroit

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"Ohhhhhhh, Never Mind"

Remember Emily Litella?
Gilda Radner's character on Saturday Night Live?

She'd hear a story, or an event, and not quite hear the way it was intended. Once the whole thing was explained and cleared up for her, she'd dead pan to the audience "Never mind."

Today, I feel like Emily.

Things are a bit clearer.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


In this meme, one thing I listed was :

I believe there are more good people in my life than probably really are.

I hate when I'm right about things that are wrong.

Being disappointed by someone you've trusted and cared about is harder to accept than being broken hearted.

It's not about love, it's about friendship.

Sometimes just turning a blind-eye (okay, pun intended since I really am blind in one eye) doesn't cut it.

Dusts self off, tightens body armor, chin up ... and onward.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Want a hot Hotel Owner?

Want a hot Hotel Owner? His empire is booming. Meet him and 1000's of hot men like him at Mature Singles.
Sign up and see them all for free. Click here!

I've see this ad running on the side of my Facebook page several times. They keep switching up the photo of "Mr. Hawtness" but the ad still reads the same.

I just want to know why "1000's" of hot successful men (they did say THOUSANDS) would have to sign up on a singles site just to meet a woman? Did all their brain cells get used up while they were becoming so successful? They no longer have the ability to capture a woman's attention on their own?

Maybe I should become "Yente" and help the THOUSANDS of hot, wealthy, successful men find the women of their dreams.

For a fee of course.

You don't think this is a gimmick now ... do you? [smirk]

Monday, March 9, 2009

Barbie Turns 50

I've written about my love for Barbie.
(click link above for pics of my collection)

I've got the 1959 original logo tattooed on my ankle.

I've collected her for years.

Barbie Millicent Roberts, I still adore you.
Happy Birthday girl!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Reality Check

Back to work, 2 weeks worth all on my desk waiting for me.
And, this is just one third of my desk.
The part my boss organized.
[deer in headlights look]

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Great Vacation!

I'm writing this as we are taking off, leaving Ft. Myers Airport.

Damn, couldn't convince Thelma, Ethel, Mary Ann, Sandi to stay longer.

Trust me, I tried.

If you know us IRL, you know the following could only happen to us and it's the truth, nothing embellished ... heck, I think I'll leave parts out!

So, remember at the beginning of our trip, Sandi had a dance or two with TSA while trying to leave Michigan? She lost her ID somewhere between me picking her up at her house and us checking in at the airport. Her husband send her passport to us once we got to Florida, but it's expired. We figured we'd worry about that when and if it presented a problem on departure.

It did.

Expired passports present a problem.


But, let me back up for a side story.

We got to the airport and turned in our rented car. As we were hauling our "carry on's," now 15 pound heavier each, don't ask ... we spied Mr. Hawtness. I'm going to label him as my boyfriend of the day.

Mind you, both Sandi and I got up at 5AM, showered, didn't do the hair or make-up thing and threw on our clothes we had worn on our flight here 15 days ago. Mhm, we were looking "hawt" too ... NOT.

We passed him and you know me, I had to do the checking back over my shoulder. Accccck, I got caught, but wait, so was he, checking right back at me. We smiled and continued on. Do you think I could let it go at that? I had to peek once more, bwahahahahah, and so did he. I'm such a tool. It was obvious he was LEAVING the airport, heading to the parking lot that we just came from.

By this time Sandi and I were in the airport and decided to check our bags because they were so heavy, we wouldn't be able to lift them to stow above. Even if we could, they were so stuffed, the thickness probably wouldn't allow them to fit. I had to sit on mine to get it closed ... twice ... again, don't ask.

As we were standing in the cattle call line that snaked around 4 times, I noticed my boyfriend of the day. I tried to be cool and told Sandi, "Look, no don't look, okay look, no, wait until we go around the next turn, don't make eye contact but my boyfriend of the day came back!" He was standing just before the entrance to the TSA line, talking on his cell. I think it was a fake call. Come on, we all do that, pretend we are on the cell so we don't look dorky, just standing there. (Or waiting for someone to notice you made the effort to come all the way back into the airport to make contact.)

We got to TSA. I told Sandi to go first because, well you know, the next adventure was about to begin. Sure as shit, they put her in one line, me in another. Just as I was about to go through, I see them radioing to security and having her step aside. I stepped out of line. No frickin' way was she going to get to stay in Florida and I return to Michigan. Besides, my boyfriend of the day was STILL standing there. She'd get to stay and make eye contact?!?!?

It was that expired passport that caused her a little problamo.

Sandi explains that whole she-bang about losing the ID before we got to Florida and her husband mailing her passport to her. Mr Cute Security guard asks me who I am in relation to Sandi. I said, "Her sister." He asked me for my ID. (I think he was flirting with Sandi at this point, or was she flirting with him?) I asked why he needed my ID, I wasn’t the one pulled aside. Oh, and I gave it to him. He then turned to Sandi and asked my street address and my birthday. Ahhh, proof she was telling the truth. NOT … he knew she was telling the truth, he just wanted to flirt some more.

Have you been in an airport and the overhead loud speaker continues on a loop advising not to accept any baggage or watch any baggage for a stranger? Or, REPORT any odd behavior to security? Well, as this Security guy was getting ready to send us through, I said “See that boyfriend of the day guy over there talking on the phone up against the wall? He was leaving the airport as we were walking in … blah, blah, blah … I repeat the whole story.” I’m thinking okay, security will be all over this. NOT.

Mr. Security Guy that is kinda cute himself and has been flirting all along, looks over then back to us.

Security Guy :“What clubs were you at last night?”

Me: “We weren’t at any clubs last night.”

Security Guy: “Are you married?”

Me: “No”

Security Guy: “Then that’s it, he senses you’re single.”

:: Blink :: Blink

I look at Sandi and we walk through the check point. As I look back, my boyfriend of the day is walking away.

I said to Sandi, “Damn, I should have said hello. For all we know he’s the bazillionaire that could have kept us in Florida."

Sandi looks at me and puts my ass back in line by saying “What makes you think he was looking at YOU, I think he was looking at me.” Damn, she got me there!

Isn’t there a category on Craig's list where you post about missed encounters?

Hey Sandi? You should list a post to my EX-boyfriend of the day, and get us back to Florida!

We had a blast, theeeee best 15 days evah!

Thanks for so much fun Sandi!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"A three hour tour ..."

Thelma and Louise I mean Lucy and Ethel wait ...

Ginger and Mary Ann went sailing!

Sandi and I lucked out and had the most awesome sailing experience aboard "Cool Beans", a 35 foot Catamaran. Captain Kelly and his beautiful First Mate Sharon, own and operate their cruise adventures unlike any other. We felt like "friends" having an outing with the quaint limit of 6 plus the "crew" of two.

I've never been sailing and when Captain Kelly raised the sail, I was hooked. He took us to an area where Dolphins play. Although we saw a couple, sorry no photos, they were too fast to capture. We sailed past a nest of baby ospreys, some beautiful homes, and other boats.

Seriously, if you are ever in the Naples area, you MUST book an adventure with Captain Kelly at "Cool Beans Cruises".

I think I need a Captain of my own ... Jack Sparrow?