Monday, August 31, 2009

*The Rain, The Park, & Other Things

Friday: Don's boss gave him tickets to the Detroit Tiger's game ... Tiger Den seating. Don made dinner reservations for us and his folks. The seating allows us to watch the game while pigging out enjoying a fabulous buffet.

Unfortunately, he couldn't get in touch with his folks, so at the last minute asked another couple. Acquaintances of his ... never again, enough said. ( Do people still figure/tabulate/ask the waitress to divide to the penny, tabs for a couple bucks difference? Um, yes, was getting embarassing)

Our view, as we ate, sheltered from a misty rain game.


Saturday: After Don got off work, we headed out fishing. It was kind of rough, but we made it out to our spot. Then it got worse. Then I was soaked. So was Don. The waves were so bad, the anchor wasn't holding, the boat was taking on water ... to my knees, and the fish weren't biting. Waves were coming up over and into the boat. As I looked around, I noticed we were the only ones on the lake. And above us? Coast Guard circling overhead. I wasn't worried, as I've said before, Captain Don knows what he's doing.

I had brought us each an extra jacket for warmth to wear on our way back because it has been getting cold when the sun goes down. Don looked at me and said "I think we should put our jackets on." I'm thinking no way, I don't want that to get wet too, I'll wait until it starts getting darker. Then he began to put a life jacket on me. Ohhhhh, THAT kind of jacket. Humm, he's never pulled them out, ever. Oooookay, I get it.

Long story short, Coast Guard kept an eye on us as Don made our way over these HuGe-AsS waves back to his canal. We were about an hour and a half on this roller coaster. I wasn't concerned at all, just frozen. We never said a word the whole way back. He was using all his skills keeping us on course, I was understanding the effects of washboard torturing.

I'm only going to say this once,sniff, then never speak of it again. The first thing Don has bought for me, may she RIP, didn't make it. She was in the pole mount on the top of the boat and must have flown out with all the waves hitting us.

Poor "PINK", she's swimming with the fishes.


Sunday: Fake 50th Anniversary party BBQ at Don's sister's house for his folks. The real deal is a surprise, this coming Sunday, a big shin-dig at a beautiful Golf Club with many friends and family.

50 years!
August 26, 1959

Don and his mom, he's her first born.

His mom was a bit (understatement) disappointed her kids didn't have a party planned for them ... and she let everyone know it. Their anniversary was August 26th. She is the sweetest person walking this Earth and I'm sure later she'll feel bad for speaking out. We are all having a good laugh at her because she's been whining talking to her sisters about this disappointment, but keeping a smile face on for the rest of the family.

Oh see this sweet face?

She's Don's bro-in-law's mother. When they were all playing kickball, yes even his folks, I sat with her and enjoyed talking in circles with her sweet Alzheimer's self!

Just like in school, I wasn't picked for kick-ball?!?!

That's okay, I like a good gabfest of nonsensical BS every once-in-a-while.

And this is Scott. He and I seem to be the only ones that ever take photos, so we took one of each other since nobody else takes pictures of us!

*The rain the park and other things, yeah, that's a Cowsill song.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

If I Had Health Insurance ...

... my premium would be approximately $659.00 a month
( just for me, no dependents)
with a $2500.00 deductible and a 70/30 copay.

I can't afford it.

But ...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Armada MI 2009 Fair

Just as we entered the gates, the first thing that hit me was the smell of manure.

The Armada Michigan, 2009 Annual Fair was in full swing.

We walked through the 4H area and smelled checked out some of the animals. Elle Mae Clampett and I have DNA from the same gene pool, so of course I loved (and wanted to hug) every one of these adorable animals. How can you raise them from a baby only to sell them to slaughter? I guess that's why I'm not a farmer.

Then, we headed over to the area where the demolition derby had already begun. Don's father and brother were in the packedlikesardines grandstand with Don's three little nephews. We made our way to them and ska-weeeeeezed in between the other sardines.

My-oh-my, what a riot! We all picked our "winning cars" and it began. I was so into it, I forgot Don's dad was sitting right there, forgot my "sweet lady demure" and began shouting rooting for my car! My car #77 came in second place.

Nothing like the Armada Fair Queen and her Court throwing beads out into the grandstands during the demolition derby!

Off to the beer tent. Wow, just wow. [said the city girl] Look at the size of this tent! They had a great band and one dancer. One, one handed cowboy dancing 'till the cows come home. The mechanical bull had a few giving it the ole I've-got-a-few-beers-in-me confidence try.

As we left through the gates, the first thing to hit me was, I had quit smelling manure 5 minutes into the night.

When's the Romeo Peach Festival?

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cosmetic Surgery at My Age?

My friend Julie and I were talking about growing old gracefully content with how we look.

Cosmetic surgery at my age? No, I'm past it.

I remember being in my 40's and noticing all the physical "flaws" I've fought /gave up on / fought / ignored / fought ... and cringed over. I've admitted to having a "boob lift" in my early 40's and anticipated the tummy tuck, eye lift, face touch up etc., to come.

I never did it. Truth be told, I couldn't afford it otherwise I'd have done it.

Now in my 50's, I'm accepting my flaws. The boobs are okay, but 10 years after a lift, gravity wins again. The crows feet and laugh lines? I earned them. Sure the c-section left me needing a tummy tuck. I remember that emergency c-section. If it hadn't turned out for the best, the scars and paunch wouldn't matter, I'd be carrying around a bigger emotional scar.

Yes, I sigh a little when I see the bikini clad women out on the boats. I keep reminding myself I was there once too. And they will be in their 50's showing their life lines soon enough.

I'm healthy (fingers crossed) and happy in my own skin. This is me, as it. I think what's inside is more important that what's on the outside. It's not to say I won't stick to a diet, or keep fretting about flibbles that jibble, but I know acceptance of my looks is healthier then carrying an inferior image anchor around.

: Okay Nancy, keep reading this over and over until you actually believe it :

Friday, August 14, 2009

Right of Way

I've been on hiatus from blogging because, well, I'm still fishing and hanging out on Lake St. Clair with Don and as fun as it is for me, I'm sure ya'll are getting bored with the same ole stories and pictures.

Here's a few pics from yesterday.

First, my biggest perch I ever caught. I had him in one hand, but before Don could snap the picture, he slipped out and landed on his head. Take two, same thing! That's why I'm holding that sucker with two hands. BTW, that glow isn't photo-shopped. I'm getting tan and the sun was glowing orange just before going down. It was a beautiful sunset.

We've been fishing out by the channel and I love watching the huge-ass freighters go by. Don pointed out this one as being 1,000 feet long. I started taking pictures as it was coming towards us. Don decided to cross the channel to fish on the other side. Perfect opportunity to take a front shot. Perfect time to pray we don't run out of gas or stall.

Look at our wake, yes, we were that close! Captain Don had it under control as I was snapping away. I did however have an escape plan in mind ... just in case. It involved a test of my jumping and diving skills. [smirk]

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Captain Don and First Mate Klutz

I think I am dying.

I must have something going on and God has decided to give me some of the best times of my life before I depart. He must have chosen Don to be my guardian angel and see to it that I enjoy every moment.

Last Friday morning, we headed out to St. Clair for the Riverfest.

Don tied "Sunny" onto the swim platform so we'd have a way to get around town. Proved to be a blessing ... a fun one at that.

At the halfway point, we docked to fuel up and pick up Don's parents.

Don Sr.and Captain Don

I'm still learning all the boat "stuff", and I try to be a good first mate.

I'm a better klutz.

As Don docked, I decided to get out and tie us off. I jumped onto the dock. In flip-flops. Onto a slippery dock. As Don saw it, I went "ass over teakettle" and messed up my knee big time. I didn't feel it right away, but within an hour, I was struggling to even walk. I had 3 more days to go ... so I sucked it up. By the next day I could walk, but still felt sore. No more flippy-flops!

The whole downtown was shut down so the carnival and all the food vendors could set up. There were VIP tents set up along the river for viewing the nightly entertainment and the daily boat races.

As luck would have it, Don's brother had his VIP tent set up directly in front of the stage.

Friday night was Eddie Money ... awesome, a show that had everyone singing and dancing. Saturday night was American Idol's Josh Gracin, another excellent show.

We had cocktails, friends, cocktails, family, cocktails, food, cocktails, fun! Oh, and we had a couple cocktails that weekend.

The weather was on our side and the weekend was a great time. We came home Monday and I think I came to life Tuesday.

The Weekend Crib