Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Margie

Today is my baby sisters 49th birthday.


Yesterday, we were talking about it and I forgot how old she was. I began to say "It's your 39th right?" and quickly I remembered it couldn't be her 39th because I remembered her 40th!

Then I burst out laughing. So did she.

Although today is her FORTY-NINTH birthday,  I'm going to share a bit of her 40th.

Margie had been recently divorced and was just beginning to dip her toe in the dating pool. Since she and I weren't looking for any serious relationships, we began to hang out together, gathering with a fun group of like minded single men and women that would plan and meet on weekends at different venues for dancing, pool, music and socializing. 

When someone in our group was having a birthday, we'd consider it a great reason to party!  I decided to plan a party for Margie's 40th and sent out e-mails.  Margie and I arrived at  the venue and shortly after, a couple guys showed up.  Then a couple more guys walked in.  A few more ... and by guys , I really mean guys, men ... no women.  Within the first hour there were 11 men, Margie and I.  The men had questionable half smiles on their face as Margie asked if I had only invited men.  I was laughing my azz off because of course I did invite women too.

As the numbers continued to grow, and the guys began to get a little nervous, the drinks were flowing.  Margie's birthday drink of choice was *Purple Rain, oh boy!

About an hour and a half into this party women finally began to show up. Margie was having a blast.  She was showered with Purple Rain all night long. Margie was the life of the party ... she WAS the party, and it continued on until closing. I think that was a cross-over for her, single mama had arrived!  After a night of table top dancing and celebrating life, I took her home.  I tucked her in her bed, still in her clothes, and knew she'd freak when she woke-up in the morning!

At her 40th *2002*

I assure you still Margie, you were fine.  All your clothes remained on, you never fell, and you had fun ... even though you don't remember a thing.

So this year, Sandi and I asked her what she wanted to do for her special day.  What ever she wanted to do, we're in. Drinking? Dancing? Partying? Casino? Wicked wildness?

Bowling ... she wants to go bowling.  So that's what we're doing!

Maybe a little rain afterward???

  *Purple Rain*
1.5 oz  Premium vodka
1.5 oz  Premium rum
   2 oz  Premium 1800 Tequila
1.5 oz  Premium gin
1.5 oz  Cointreau orange liqueur
1.5 oz  Triple sec
1.5 oz  Chambord raspberry liqueur
   2 oz  Sweet and sour mix

   Shake and serve over ice.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Cat Fight - A Bonded Alliance

I have quite a few girlfriends.  I have several female soul mates. I am lucky to have found kindred spirits. I have a few long time friendships I consider to be best friends for life.

And then there’s Jane.

Jane, the other woman.

I met Jane several years ago.  The time line is kind of foggy now, but the story of meeting her is crystal clear.

I had been dating someone for almost a year.  There was a physical distance between he and I so for the most part, we only saw each other every other week.  On the weekends my kids were with their dad, I’d drive after work on Friday’s and stay through Sunday afternoon. We’d talk on the phone daily and throughout the evening.

I never suspected a thing … thing being “Jane”.

He was a musician. Moot point because any man can have another woman, but the fact he was in a pretty well know band is what brought him down.  Like most bands, there were fan sites on line.  Open chats, places for comments, fan pages, etc.

He’d always tell me not to read the “crap” women put out there because most were “wanna be girlfriends”.  I understood, and when I read some of the “crap” I let it roll off my confident back. 

One day, when reading a thread, I noticed “Jane” being all territorial over him. The odd thing was, she made a few comments and phrases that were all too familiar to me. She was quoting things that I was certain someone would have to know him personally to repeat.

The nerve of her! I called him out on it and he explained she was some obsessed fan and to ignore her. I watched over that fan site for a few days.  I also watched over his mannerisms. I began to notice things around his home that weren’t “quite right”.  The seeds of a cheater were beginning to bloom.

So me being me … I contacted her.  I felt horrible after our first phone conversation.  Oh he was cheating all right.  He had been in an on going relationship with this woman for over five years.  He was cheating on her with me!

Oh. No. You. Don’t.

Sparing the emotional time Jane went through, I’ll fast forward.  I was hurt for all of about 2 seconds …. then I was PISSED. All these years she had been helping this struggling musician.  Emotionally, financially, physically.  Together, they had made promises, they had hopes and dreams. 

And he? He had a furnished living room, bedroom, and kitchen.  A car, a few guitars, clothes, etc. compliments of her their relationship.

Jane and I had never met … until the morning I picked her up. She didn’t have a key to his home but for whatever stupid reason, he gave me one.  And so it began.  We spent the day together laughing, fuming and bonding and emptying out his home of all the things that belonged to her. Thank goodness I had an extended SUV. How did we fit all that stuff in there?  Probably out of pissed-off, adrenalin fueled, determination. Do not ever underestimate the power of a woman’s bond.

So that’s how Jane and I met.  She is happily married, having just celebrated a 5 year anniversary. To this day we have a bonded friendship that will always be. Love ya Jane!

Oh … what ever happened to good ole Ass-Wipe? Who cares?

Monday, March 28, 2011


Bikini - 2011 

Listed as "push-up triangle"

*$24.50, I might add*

If you've been under a rock,
You may not see anything wrong with the above.

Ahem ...

Abercrombie & Fitch?

WTF are you doing?

This line of push-up padded bikini's are for kids!

 Seven year olds!

Seriously, what kind of idiots are on your marketing team?
Who the hell is approving the design?
What message are you sending? 
What are you doing to contribute to positive body image?

This is the only kind of PUSH-UP's  you should be selling to 7 year old's:

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Band of Gold

Shame on me for not following up on this sooner.

I've had this ring for about eight years.

I had been seeing a guy in a heavy metal band *leaving the name of the band out on purpose so the ass-wipe can't google and possibly find this post and me*

Thanks Jane, for that nick name "ass-wipe"!

Anyway, his band was playing at the annual Keep it True Festival at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen Germany. On one of his walks, he stopped at a fountain in one of the public squares. As he looked down, he saw this ring.

When he gave it to me, I immediately knew I had to try to find the owner. I wasn't on line much and didn't have my blog so I really didn't know where to begin. I put it with my other jewelry and unfortunately I forgot all about it.

I came across it the other day and decided I'd start by writing it's history with me. I hope this story somehow makes its way back to the attention of the owner.

It's a thin plain gold band. Simple. Beautifully engraved in old English script are the initials " _ _ to _ _ " with the date "June 2, 1906". NINETEEN OH SIX! See why it has to go back to who ever was wearing it? It must belong to someones grandmother or great grandmother.

The ring is so light the gold value is minimal but the sentimental value, priceless.

I've left the initials out of this post so the rightful owner can truly identify the ring. I'll tag this post with a few key words in hopes the owner is lead to this post. If you're inclined and wish to take a long shot, link me!

Friday, March 18, 2011

You Say it's Your Birthday ...

... well it's my birthday too!

I did a couple birthday posts here and here where I revealed a few things about myself, actually 52 and 54 things, one for each year I've been on this planet.

I was going to add another 2 more things to the list, but as I read those posts again I realize some of the things on my lists have changed.

It's so cliche' but in truth, the older I get I've learned the things that were important in past years are diminished by life's gifts we become aware of with age.

My list's have some "things" on them, by definition, tangible items. Today, my list of things  that are important to me aren't anything that I can buy.

I appreciate every morning I wake up. Really, I give a silent "thank you' each morning when I hear my alarm sound.

I'm blessed to have a home, a job, food and clothing and good health. I love my family and friends and appreciate each and every one for being in my life. There isn't anything I take for granted when it comes to these priceless gifts.

I am over the moon to have healthy grown kids that I love more than life itself.

My new grand daughter Mariah has opened a whole new meaning to my life. In the two short months she has been here, she has brought an abundance of joy to our whole family. Watching my daughter mother her brings a smile to my face daily. Seeing how Ray, her daddy, dotes over her assures me she is safe and secure with both her parents. It warms my soul to see my son, her "Uncle Bryan", holding her as she makes him smile.

When I watch the news and see such difficult times now and forthcoming, my appreciation of life inspires me to be a better person. A better mother, sister, friend, daughter ... a better stranger.

So today is my birthday. It doesn't matter my age or weight, if I have wrinkles or a few gray hairs. It doesn't matter what material possessions I've acquired over the years or what the number in my bank account is (or isn't!).

I accept whatever each new day brings. The good with the bad. The only difference is how I choose to live in each moment. Today, I choose to be very grateful.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New *TBS

I want to get back into my old writing mode. Even if I'm writing TBS, it's a kick start. Any therapist will tell you writing is good for what ails you. I think its the long cold winter that's got to me.

Speaking of therapist, has anyone ever wondered why therapist is spelled that way? I understand how someone going for help, because of a sexual attack, would be totally freaked out if they though about it. Then again, if you are paying for one yourself, your checkbook may feel that same pain.

Why do women still line their lips with a shade darker than the lip color they are wearing? I never like the look when it was considered in style. I still dislike the look and more so when they line just above their lip on their SKIN.

I have dark circles under my eyes. I have blogged about it a few times. I continue to search for the cure all, but would even settle for a good cover up. There is none to be found that works for me. I try every suggestion, but as yet, nothing does it. In my forever search for something new, I've noticed another WTF???

Why do *mostly middle aged* women wear WHITE eye liner, shadow, and concealer slathered over every inch of what is considered the eye area? Another beauty tip I've somehow missed the whole point of.

 Meh, both remind me of the badly applied tranny look.

Summer can't get here quick enough!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Conversation Hearts: Motherhood

My baby girl had a baby girl.

Mariah was born this past January.  I was so thankful that Mariah's parents let me take part in the birthing experience.  I didn't see either of my kids actual birth. *I was there, just not there.*

What an awesome gift. Seeing a baby born for the first time. Being with my baby as she gives birth. Being there the moment my first grandchild is born. Instant, pure love.

Mariah is almost two months old and I'm reminded daily of how infants change. Caitlin and Ray are naturals with their parenting skills.  I'm so proud of them both.

Shortly after Mariah was born, and Caitlin was all bliss with motherhood, she sent me a text:

"I'm so glad you weren't a cool mother"

That text was a reward and a reminder that in all my mothering errors, I did something right. Our mom /daughter fights, as Caitlin was growing up, usually ended with her shouting at me,

"Why aren't you a cool mom like my friends mothers? They're allowed to do what ever they want! Their moms are like girlfriends"

My reply was always, "Because I love you Caitlin, it's my job to be your mom, not your girlfriend."

When she looks at her little baby girl, she knows she is her mom, not her girlfriend.

I sent Caitlin a text today asking how Mariah was.  They were watching Dora.  I asked her to text me a photo and she sent me this of Mariah watching Dora.

A few minutes later, she sent me another text titled "My Other Baby."

Caitlin has the mom thing down.  She's figured out how to handle Lola when she doesn't have time to take her outside!

*All my posts about Caitlin have always been tagged Conversation Hearts. It warms my heart to write this one when I thing back at the humorous posts, these past few years, on the trials & tribulations of Caitlin.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Who's Looking at What?

Rosanna Danna
Lords of Acid
Pete of all trades

These are the top “google searches” that brought traffic to my blog today.
Which one brought the most?


Search words … “I think I’ve lost my marbles”

Hits … just on this search … just today … 126

The politicians weather must be making everyone crazy!

I do have a bag of marbles from when I was younger. Now what did I do with them?

The post that the search is picking up is here.