Saturday, January 31, 2009

Doo, do, Doo, do .... *Think Jaws*

While sorting through photos for yesterdays post,
I ran across these.

Yes, that is a shark swimming right in front of us,
oh yeah, and look over your shoulder Nancy

My first (and only) shark dive. Bahamas, 1999 with ex-husband Jon.

Yes, I was thinking WTF am I doing ?
But, in a good WTF am I doing way.

Jon is a good diver, I was just getting certified. I think this was my 3rd or 4th dive. It was awesome. I still can recall the feeling of being so freaked and excited all at the same time.
I have the dive on CD. It was about 50 minutes.

The dive master came down (about 65 feet ) with chum and those bad boys came swimming right in. I never could count how many are recorded on the CD, they move too fast. I think about 25-30, 6-12 foot Caribbean Reef Shark. Yes they bumped into us, knocked the regulator out of my mouth, and hit us with their fins.
Then there was Jon, trying to pet them!

Beautiful coral and fish. Photos never capture the true experience. I think Jon was kissing me here or wait, probably trying to get my air. He is 6'7" YES.HE.IS. and he would go through his air tank in half the time I would. Really, it was great fun and I hope to do more diving.... Sandi? ( My sister also SCUBA dives, her husband was on this shark dive too.)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Name Dropper

Ree, the one and only HOTfessional, responded to this post "Personal Inventory" by asking: Okay - so you were married at one point to a musician. Who is the most famous person you ever met?

Famous by different standards, but by names most may recognize would be:

Madonna - She banked at a bank I worked at when she was in 10th-12th grade.

Glenn Frey - I blew it, waaaaaaaay back in in Royal Oak, MI

These people stayed at a local Hilton my ex-husband's band played at ... met them, sat, talked with them when they came in the bar to listen to the band:

Kenny Loggins - Super nice guy.

Mr. T - He drank milk all night, danced with us "wives" of the band.

Men At Work - All fun, partying guys.

Howard Cosell - He had waaaaay too much to drink and while talking to me I could see his "rug" slipping off his head. He put it back in place and walked away, errr, stumbled away.

Tom Petty - Met after a show at "Pine Knob" (now DTE) in Clarkston MI ) psssst ... his wife, at that time, looked JUST.LIKE.HIM. very odd

Dan Baird
/ Georgia Satellites - Met Dan at Oakland Mall, Troy MI when they were in town. Met the rest of the band (Satellites) at their concert that weekend.

Jeffrey Gaines - Ann Arbor, MI

The above are people I actually met and spend some time partying talking to.

As far as saying hey ... hi :

Michael Jordan - Hilton my ex was playing at.
Pat Benatar - Hilton my ex was playing at.
Ted Nugent - He and his Mrs. sat BEHIND Linda and I on side stage at a Bob Seger concert.

Bob Seger
(and here he is again @ Piston game sitting across from me)

Tanya Tucker - Good Lord, and I admit this ... twice? (click for pics)

I'm stumped for more. Family? If you think of anyone, just leave it in comments.

I'm sure there is a baseball player in there somewhere too. *wink

BUT ... most famous?

AND ... the photo of me with most famous?
Grrrrr ...
came out all blurred because some azzswipe shoved my sister aside when she was taking it. Still, I'd say the most famous would be:

The President of the United States, Barack Obama
shook my hand AND hugged me ... oh yeah!

And to the best of my recollection,
I believe this is when I first caught his eye,
he air kissed me, yeah, that's it... mmmm-hum, that's how it went.

And this dude? His secret service dude?
The one that immediately broke our hug apart.
He must work for Michelle.

*Now hush, no laughing at the photos, or my hair, or my fab fashion sense, especially you Captain Obvious. While pulling pics, I found a few of you *(Garfield) to scan. (with your permission of course)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey Charlie, I Wish I Had Been a Cheerleader!

I've always liked football. Not always for the same reasons.

I like the game but that fact has only been in my later years.

In high school it was all about high school BMOC hotties spirit.

Just out of high school, it was about getting together for parties with other couples to enjoy a good game of watching nice tight packages professional football.

After divorcing, it's been about girls night out at the local sports bar to catch some irresistible man, Monday Night Football.

Now, I just like to sit on a cozy couch, watch and enjoy the game. It creeps me out to think other thoughts 'cuz those guys are young enough to be my son. Well, maybe I can still look at the senior players. Nah, they're still too young!

Recently, I came across a picture of Charlie Waters from the 70's.

In his Dallas Cowboy Uniform.

With his 1970's hair and 'stach.

In all his hotness.

That's when cheer leading skills may have come in handy.

But, we all know, they never hold those looks in the later years. I'll just google old Charlie for a more recent photo o O OH!

Well hello Charlie!

Let me do more research and see if you're married what you are up to these days.


Speaking of birthdays ... hush, I am now...

Happy Birthday to my *favorite nephew Matthew!

*as I have disclaimed before, I love all my nephews the same, but Matt is a middle child and I so relate!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fresh Fish (and fingers) Flash Frozen

Anyone who knows me knows I am so not a fan of winter, cold, ice, or anything that requires layering of clothing to keep warm. Yesterday, was an exception.

Don lives on the waters edge.
So why would I want to miss the opportunity to "walk on water".
[ba-da-boom, sorry Jesus, lame, I know]

We walked out onto Lake St. Clair yesterday to see if any of the ice fishermen were catching anything. The poll showed, not much. Some had been out hours with nothing to report as far as having any luck.

We found an abandoned hole and Don dropped a line in.

Less than 5 minutes he had this little critter.
In the 15 degree temperature,
it wasn't long that this was what I'd call fresh frozen fish.
[Don dropped it into a nearby fisherman's bucket]

The clear skies were a beautiful blue and the sun was bursting.

See that tiny tiny spec of a building on the horizon?

That's the Renaissance Center, downtown Detroit.
(click to enlarge)

Only my thumbs were frozen, (?) yes, I'm weird.
That's the only part that got cold on me.

As we were walking back to his house, I asked what street we were on. He looked over [must have forgotten I'm blond] and said, you mean what canal? Duh, I forgot we were still "walking in water."

Don's back out doing some real fishing this afternoon. Me? I think I'm doing better sitting here with a steaming hot cup of coffee.

P.S. Oh yeah, my legs are that long!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

W-2's and Booze

The hardest part is just getting organized. The rest is a boozefest cakewalk.

Every year, once it's done, I realize it took less time to fill out the forms, electronically file, and receive it in my bank account (yes, I get returns, I am not in the 6 figure crowd) in less than 10 days.

So here's my check list for today:


Medical to be added up ...
Yes people, that is my medical file and I am HEALTHY!
Mostly bills from the two ER trips and the eventual surgery.
Thankfully I'm on a payment plan [for the next 10 years!]

This is to be shredded. Good Lord, this is just from 2008!

Files cleaned and ready to capture all the paid crap for 2009.

But first things first.

Start with this:

Add this:

Then ta-daaaaah, easy-peasy, no frustrations, I'm done!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

It Hat to Happen

Aretha's hat was a mandatory topic for late night comics, bloggers,and the news media but, it was also a hit with some serious fashion plates.

Detroit's own Luke Song is the designer and now famous maker of her hat. Mr. Song's Millinery is located in downtown Detroit.

I've never heard of his store but, I'm not a hat wearer. He states his designs are mostly for African-American church going women. Aretha has been a long time client of his.

Mr. Song has already taken hundreds of calls for orders, for this hat, from all over the world. At $179.00 each, I'd say he's found his "pet rock".

Of course the Internet picked up on it instantly. There are Flickr groups for you to submit your photoshopped picture of pets and people wearing the hat. Check out Fightin' Mad Mary's dog Day-Z rockin' the hat.

So, as I said in yesterday's post, I don't like the hat, but there seems to be many that do. Hats off to you Aretha, Queen of Soul, and now hats!

( I Obamiconed her and her hat ... go Obmicon yourself)


Mary just sent me this ... thanks, maybe I SHOULD order one ;)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 Things, Honest Scrap

Robin, from Around the Island, sent (and tagged) me the Honest Scrap Award.

Before passing it on, I'm to list 10 truthful facts about myself.

Sounds pretty loose ended, so here goes. I'll try not to repeat things from previous meme's.

1. I can't sing, unless off-key counts.

2. In the very early 70's (K? do you remember the year?) Karin and I sat on stage at a Leon Russell concert at Cobo Hall and thought we were bad asses for doing so. Now, annually, Leon plays at a small venue in Ferndale Michigan, The Magic Bag. It's like being in a corner bar, a nasty corner bar, a corner bar I'd rather not sit in.

3. I never went to a prom or homecoming dance.

4. I'd donate a kidney if it would help someone. Especially my brother.

5. I can't help but to peek when everyone bows their head in prayer. I like to make eye contact and smirk at the other "peekers".

6. I like the "classic" Aretha Franklin. I did not like the hat she wore to the inauguration yesterday. I did not like her voice. And I did not like how she sang the first line of "My Country, Tis of Thee", placing a break in the wording ... "My count try tis of thee...." Maybe it's my 12 year old boy mind that kicked in, but I didn't like it.

7. I tend to lead when slow dancing. Don is going to break me of that habit, right Don?

8. I like granny smith apple slices dipped in warm, gooey brie.

9. My father took his own life, 29 years ago . (Betcha didn't see that one coming.)

10. I believe there are more good people in my life than probably really are.

There you have it. I'm supposed to tag it on, but I think I'll just say grab the award and spill 10 things if you feel like purging. Let me know if you do so I can come by and read your post.

Monday, January 19, 2009

"I do solemnly swear ... "

"I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States."

There will be so many posts and quotes about today.

I've heard this said over the years ...

"It'll be a cold day in hell before a black man is elected president"

Well bundle up bitches, the inauguration is about to begin!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Why is is called SUNday?

Wrapping up the weekend :

Happy Birthday Karin!
39th isn't it?
Yep, I though so.

I googled for "sexy man holding birthday cake"
but when this came up I though, "Whoa, who needs cake?"


Visit Sunshine today, leave a comment.
She'll donate $1 to Autism Research Institute for every comment left.


Feel free to take up a collection to send me and The Hotfessional to warmer climate. The Bahamas would be just fine.
We, here in Michigan, are having a joyous (as in Oh F'ing Joy)
freezing spell with a huge helping of snow.

I ventured out to the grocery store,
just a mile from my house, in this crap:

(cell phone shots, click for a freezing enlargement)

Friday, January 16, 2009

Indeed, Pilot C.B. Sullenberger is a Hero

I can't even imagine the fear these people were going through.

Vallie Collins sent a text message to her husband, "My plane is crashing."

Pilot Chesley B. Sullenberger III is truly a hero. In split seconds he made a decision how and where to bring that plane down. His choice saved every life on that airplane.

Once again, the NYFD, Coast Guard, the emergency and medical profession handled the situation with the best possible end results.

I can't even imagine.

*Photo Credit Reuters

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Slow Days Are Okay Once in Awhile

Some days I have so much to do at work, I don't take a lunch. Other days, I have most of my work caught up by noon.

[Perfect for justifying a 2 hour lunch with my sister San]

For the most part, I have things coming across my desk throughout the day that I work on, and I usually go home each night without leaving work unfinished. [O.C.D.]

Then there are days like today. When I left last night, I was all caught up and since I've been here this morning, I haven't had much to do.

So here I am, eating my breakfast of champions catching up on my computer time.


eBay tab open to check on baseball cards that are listed and selling quite well.

MySpace tab open for on going "Vampire" game ... I'm doing well, lots of blood sucking going on.

G00gle reader tab open to my favorite of Bruce's sites, catching up on my daily reads.

Sun is shinning through my office window but the temp is 12 freakin' degrees.