Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time to catch up ...

March is flying by. My days are filled with endless to do lists that must be taking fertility drugs because they keep multiplying. At the end of the night, instead of crossing off things on the list, I'm adding to the "carry-over-to-the-next-day" list.

Caitlin finished her first semester and was so excited she got an A on her final in her pharmacy class. She's been working hard at school while also working two jobs. I'm proud of you Cait!

Cait out celebrating her "A" with a friend.

I was surprised on my birthday last Thursday, with a dinner party Don had at MacRays. What a freaky feeling to walk into a room and be totally surprised. I had no clue.

Both our immediate families were there. It was so nice, and very special. Thank you to everyone .. I can't put into words how much that meant to me.

Don got his boat (our fishing boat) out of storage and over to his friend who will overhaul the motor. It should be ready for a day fishing by the time the warm weather is more consistent. I'm looking forward to trying out the new telescopic fishing pole Don bought me for my birthday.

Here's a few pics from the party.

Showing Cait how to crack into crab legs

Piggin 'out on endless crab legs

Me, Sandi, & Bryan

Bailey & Casey are Don's nieces, with Caitlin

Cheers, and thank you!

Monday, March 1, 2010

March: In like a lion with a mighty ROAR

Welcome March! [with my arms wide open] I'm so sick of cold, snow, early sunsets and waking up in the dark.

Atta' girl Cait, get those winter frustrations out!

This is the month I start to prepare for spring and summer. I'm getting my hair done after work, and along with a trim, I'll be adding blond highlights. A few here and there with each appointment and by June my hair should have that natural [coughBScough] sun-kissed look.

I'll start with the controversial fake-bake a tan this week too. I still cover my face, but I decided fat with a little color is better than fish-belly-white fat! Speaking of fat ... dang, I HAVE to get this gain nipped in the bud. Between the vacations, holidays and Don's fabulous cooking, I've been fighting an uphill battle.

No travel plans for this month, but a few ideas already brewing. We really would like to check out a few more places to move to. U.S. Virgin Islands will probably be our next stop. St. Croix? St. Thomas? St. John? Other than a day cruise stopover, have you spent some time there? Any experiences to share? My son has a friend that just moved to St. Croix and he's planning a trip to visit her and check it out for himself.

When people talk to Don and I about our desire to relocate to a tropical destination, our kids are always a concern. We each have 2 children, Don has Tyler 22 and Cheyne 20 ... I have Bryan 24 and Caitlin 21. We know hands down, wherever we move to, they all will be happy to join us or visit at the very least. And we'll be happy if they do.

So March, bring it ... hurry through and escort April in ASAP!

Bryan & Caitlin
Cheyne & Tyler