Friday, November 30, 2007

Ick, I'm Sick

I'm home sick, with a fever.

I don't remember the last time I stayed home from work because I was sick.

I get colds, sinus infections, the usual seasonal bugs, but rarely bad enough to keep me down or home.

I'm pissed.

I'm pissed because for the last month I have been spraying my office, the adjoining office, the phones, and the air with Lysol. Right into the ceiling fans too! Spread that Lysol! I kid you not, I use fricken paper towels to open and close any office doors.

Why? (other than I'm a germophobe)


Remember him? Please, go back here and catch up with me. I'll wait ... really go look.

I'm not going to get Dooced for writing this. I WISH he'd read it.

For the last month he has been coughing, sneezing, horking, and snotting all over the place. I forbid him to use my phone. I spray down the fax and copy machines. I hide my pens when I am not at my desk so he doesn't pick them up if he happens to be in my office using the fax or copy machine. I have told him to take drugs, get to a doctor, wash your fucking hands for God's sake. Does he listen?

(aahh-chooooooo) Obviously not.

Sorry for the rant, but I feel better already for it.

Yippi-yi-yo-ki-yea ... I did it ... 30 days

No Mo Na Blo Po Fo Mo!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Restores My Faith ... In Kindness

General public can be so cruel. Age, race, educational background, I think most of us have seen it come from all directions. Poking fun or becoming annoyed at the challenged or handicapped. Kids can be so mean, but I have seen adults be just as cruel. Sometimes it isn't just what they are doing, it's as much as what they're not doing.

Cas has a son with autism. He is 19 years old. Cas has written beautiful stories about her son. She has also shared some that are so sad. The way people mistreat her and her son when they are out in public.

Maybe it's ignorance or fear that brings bad behavior out in people.

But not all people are like that.

Cas posted this video. It's Disability Awareness Day at Fenway Park. This boy, with challenges, tries to make it through the national anthem, but gets a case of the giggles. The whole stadium helps him out.

I giggled with him and I smiled knowing the ignorant people that don't know how to embrace differences, are out numbered by those who do.

I know you'll smile too.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Latest Greatest Meme

Biddy did it, so did The Hotfessional. How can I pass up doing this NaBloPoMo filler informative fun meme!

Meme ... I still see some asking WTF is a meme?

Here ya go:

A meme is a self-propagating unit of thought that is spread from one host to another. Richard Dawkins invented the term as a kind of idea-gene. Like genes, as Memes spread they mutate or die. Only the fittest Memes survive.

For bloggers Memes have become synonymous with internet quizzes, surveys, and novelties that people link to and pass around on their blogs.

Meme rhymes with theme, or cream.

It's not pronounced Mimi.

This would be Mimi:

In this latest meme, which by the way I would guess was started by someone, this month, stuck for a post to fulfill their NaBloPoMo obligation, I am typing the answer to the following questions into Google search images. Then I pick one to represent from the first page that comes up.

On with it ... and for this meme ... it's all about me me baby!

1) My age at next birthday:

2) Place I'd like to travel:


3) Favorite place I've been:


4) Favorite objects:

I like them strung, but mostly of wisdom

5) Favorite food:

I always order salmon

6) Favorite color:

A two-for, I also like tulips

7) Place I was born:

Downtown Deeee-troit

8) Favorite animal:

That's enough for now ... works for me. Go ahead, give it a try.

Joan? Terri? Lori? Psssst, it is a post!

Two more days! Just two more days of NaBloPoMo fo sho then no mo!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Do I Feel Lucky?

OK, that is a bit extreme. But I can't help but feel a little lucky.

This past March I won a Dooney & Bourke bag with a $1,000 bucks in it from my local radio station WDVD 96.3 (the least I can do is a plug)

Then, last month, in my effort to win 10K in furniture, I did win a $100 gift card from Art Van Furniture store. I bought a jewelry armoire with it.

Since then, there have been more contests. 10K to spend at IKEA. I never tried for that ... you know how I feel about IKEA.

10K to spend at Lord & Taylor. Meh, I'd rather not waste 10K on clothing, jewelry, shoes. That store doesn't call out to me.

Next they had 10K in a gas card from Marathon. Hell yeah, that sounds good, BUT, to pay taxes on a 10K gas card? Nothing to show for it? Nah, wasn't worth the hitting redial a million times.

But now, this week :::I'm twitching thinking about it::: KOHL'S!

10K to spend at my favorite store! I have my pad of paper, keeping track of all the guesses, my redial finger all flexed, and I am going for it!

I have to ask myself, "Do I feel lucky?"

Yeah! I DO!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Lawdy Lawdy!

Having four days off in a row certainly makes the first day back to work just that ... work!

Here it's after 7PM and I am just sliding in with a post. I have gone this far with NaBloPo-MoFokin', I am certainly not going to fail now.

On with the fun of the day. I jumped on RA's bandwagon sleigh, and I'm going to be a Secret Bloggin' Santa. I was given a link to the person I am Santa too, so I will be popping in and pilfering through archives to see who's been good or bad.

RA's posted links to everyone who is participating, so I plan on checking them out throughout the month. It's another nice way to build and check out the community. It's also a sneaky way to cover my tracks just in case the person I am Secret Santa too tries to figure it out with a site tracker.

Short and to the point, but this does count as a post =)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Me 'n Marie

I explained why I write as Marie in my first post, but occasionally I get an e-mail asking if my name is Nancy or Marie. It's both. I am Nancy Marie.

My pseudo, Marie Millard, is my movie star name. Use your middle name as the first name and the street you grew up on as the last name. Did you play that game as a kid?

I was in Royal Oak and drove past the house I lived in until 1965 ... on Millard. Still looks the same, except the front porch steps seem smaller *wink*

Leave a comment ... what is your movie star name?

Saturday, November 24, 2007

This is my Brain on Drugs NaBloPoMo

I'm into day 24 of NaBloPoMo and obviously I have been really reaching. Thanks for humoring me and leaving comments. Especially my favorite cheerleader Ron at Ducks Mahal.

Fellow Michiganer, The Hotfessional, also a participant in NaBloPoMo, understands the pains of blog fodder during this month. I owe you a beer or ten for tagging me with this meme to get through one more day.

(X) Been to Canada - Many times. They can keep the Canadian goose poop though.

(X) Been to Mexico - Yes. I've posted about hitch-hiking to Mexico right out of high school and living/traveling there for the next year. Good mota and 'schrums.

(X) Been to Florida - Couple vacations and the whole Mouse experience.

(X) Been on a plane - Zee plane Zee plane! Sure, airlines, private jets, small prop, and one orange crate powered by a wind-up rubber band when I lived in Mexico. Scary flight, happy for the mota!

(X) Been lost - My whole life!

(X) Been on the opposite side of the country - LA, but I think that was a different world.

(X) Swam in the ocean - See Mexico and Florida question.

( ) Cried yourself to sleep - Not that I can remember.

(X ) Played cops and robbers - I play those cops every time I get pulled over ::smirk::

(X) Played with a Tonka Truck - Yeah, strange, but you know how men like to name their penis.

( ) Recently colored with crayons - No, I love the smell of them though.

( ) Sang karaoke - No, Nadda, Ut-Uh, Not Gonna Happen ... I hate to make people's ears bleed.

( ) Paid for a meal with only coins - No, but I've used a debit card.

(X) Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? - Probably everyday *gasp*

(X) Made prank phone calls - Just leave your number, I'll answer this privately.

(X) Caught a snowflake on your tongue - Native Michiganian. You can't open your mouth in the winter without doing this. (This was Hot's perfect answer, I concur)

(X) Danced in the rain - Sure have. There may even have been some nakedness involved too.

( ) Written a letter to Santa Claus - No. Maybe helped my kids when they were small.

(X) Been kissed under the mistletoe - I dated a guy with a mistletoe belt buckle. (Dork)

(X) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about - Back to Mexico and then again, my early bar days with my cousin Cyndi ... we watched many a sun come up on our drives back home from our nights out =)

(X) Blown bubbles - Does in the bathtub count?

(X) Made a bonfire on the beach. Mexico ::: All these Mexico answers, I must have had a blast there :::

(X) Crashed a party - One, to get MY KID!

(X) Crashed a wedding - Yes, first time by accident, then a couple just for fun.

( ) Crashed a funeral - No, but I always liked the movie Harold and Maude.

(X) Gone ice-skating - Yes. That Michiganian thing again. Although I hate the cold. (again Hot, I concur)

1. Any nicknames? Nope

2. Mother’s name? Appolonia , I don't even know if that's spelled right.

3. Favorite drink? Water all day long, but my latest fun time drink is pomegranate martini's "shaken, not stirred" (said in my best 007 voice)

4. Any tattoos? Right ankle

5 Body piercing? Ears, two on the right,three on the left, but I have only been wearing 1 earring in each for the past couple years.

6. How much do you love your job? Love? Define loving a job?

7. Favorite vacation spot? On me? 'Cuz it's been a long time since I have had a good 'ole vacation.

8. Ever been to Africa? Nope

9. Ever eaten cookies for dinner? Baked and raw.

10. Ever been on TV? Do home movies count *wink*

11. Ever steal any traffic signs? Naw, if I'm going to steal, it's going to be for something that will support me on some tropical island in hiding for the rest of my life.

12. Ever been in a car accident? Sure have, but fortunately never my fault.

13. Drive a 2-door or 4-door vehicle? 4-Door

14. Favorite pie? Chart

15. Favorite Number? 34 ... too long to explain, but there is a reason.

16. Favorite movie? Shogun

17. Favorite holiday? Christmas, but for no other reason than I know I will be with my family at my sister Sandi's.

18. Favorite dessert? Creme Brulle

19. Favorite food? Salmon, Crab, Lobster

20. Favorite day of the week? Every single day that I wake up is a good day.

21. Favorite brand of body wash? CocoButterAloeSpringtimeCoconutLemonLimePeachHycynthia ...... does it matter?

22. Favorite toothpaste? Crest

23. Favorite smell? Anything clean.

24. What do you do to relax? I don't ... I'd have to be on a beach in the Caribbean to relax.

25. Do you have a message to your friends reading this? I'm sorry, lame posts eh?

26. How do you see yourself in 10 years? I can't even think about tomorrow!

27. Furthest place you will send this message? I'm not sending, but furthest reader is Linda at Linda and Her Surroundings in Australia. Go read her blog, she tells some funny stories.

28. Who will respond the fastest? Another NaBloPoMo participant desperate for a topic.

Instead of tagging anyone, I say have at it ... if you need something to get you through one more day of posting.

Friday, November 23, 2007

They're Baaaacck!

Remember when Marie Millard and Captain Obvious
performed this fine dance routine to the Scissor Sister song,
I Don't Feel Like Dancing

We're back again, dancing to the start of the Christmas season.
Just click on the photo.

Now go make one of you and the kids, add the dog too!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

My Dinner Secret

~ Have a wonderful day ~
~ Count your blessings ~
~ Give thanks ~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I know your daughter is only eleven, but really Madonna,
waxing isn't like wearing make-up. She's very cute.

Does this picture mess with your vertigo for a few seconds?

Do you think these would go with my wet suit?

A long lost brother of Pinocchio?
Do you think this messes with Pinocchio's vertigo?

This is my niece Rachel ... guess why she made the face?

(Rach, your mom said I could post this)


Those "heels"aren't for walking, they are fins for SCUBA or snorkeling

Rachel's brother got a new camera and simply said "make a face".

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Just Thinking Out Loud

You're driving home in your two-seater sports car.

It's getting dark, the wind is whipping and the rain is falling hard. Almost sleet.

As you stop for the red light, you glance over at three people huddled together, freezing at the bus stop.

There is your best friend looking at you with thanks that you are caught at that light, at that very moment.

The old woman standing next to your friend is fragile and has a look of fear on her face.

The third person, a complete stranger. One look and your heart races. You think, so this is what love at first sight is.

The light turns green. What do you do? You only have one other seat in your car.

I don't think there is a right or wrong answer.

I'd toss the keys to my best friend and ask her to drive the older woman to her home, then continue on home herself. I'd stand at the bus stop with the stranger and hope that fate wins.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Eye Spy

I'll post more later, but I am off to take my son Bryan for Lasik. This is a newer type procedure using the IntralaseFS laser. If you have had Lasik using this laser, leave a comment please.

*** Update ***

I took longer to drive there and back! (one hour each way) It was awesome. I watched the whole procedure. Dr. has a glass wall looking into the OR. He also has a big screen in the room to view the details. At first, I wasn't sure I could watch, the squeam factor, but it really was neat. The "target" lining up looked like something out of Star Wars. Then when the laser "fired", yep, again, like Star Wars.

Bryan sat up and said he noticed the difference immediately. He said there was no discomfort during the surgery. On the way home, he said it was just blurry, but because of all the drops they put in.

I took this from the Dr.'s page about the laser he used on Bryan:

Intralase™ FS laser
The Intralase™ FS Laser provides an all-laser approach to lasik surgery. It uses the laser to create the corneal flap. Not only does it have a new level of safety assurance but the computer-controlled laser provides unprecedented control and the ability to customize the flap for each of our patients.

Conventionally, a Microkeratome has been used to create the corneal flap. This is a mechanical, hand- held instrument that sometimes can contribute to LASIK complications. Though the complications are rare (1 in 2500 or 5000 cases) the Intralase™ makes LASIK much safer by reducing the rare occasion of complications.

IntraLASIK, is the term used when the combination of Intralase™ is used in conjunction with LASIK. Intralase™ uses a laser beam that is focused into a small spot of energy. This energy passes harmlessly through the outermost layers of the cornea until it reaches the exact measurement within the corneal layer needed to make the flap.

Researchers are exploring the possibility of using the Intralase FS Laser in other procedures, such as cornea transplants and glaucoma treatment.

Why the Intralase™ FS Laser:

  • IntraLASIK is a safer procedure that eliminates the potential of complications from mechanical microkeratomes.
  • IntraLASIK allows correction of higher refractive errors especially those with thin corneas because of the ability to make precise shallow flaps.
  • IntraLASIK significantly adds precision and predictability by using an all laser procedure.
  • IntraLASIK creates a better fitting flap, when put back into place form a tighter seal. This makes dislocation after the procedure more difficult.
  • IntraLASIK is painless and a more comfortable procedure because there is less pressure placed on the cornea than with the laser Vsvs mechanical microkeratome.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A meme and a nono

Sherry from Sage and Thyme tagged me for this meme. Sounded easy enough, but now I am wishing my middle name was Ann. This tag involves taking your middle name and coming up with something that is relevant to you for each letter.

M ~ Middle child, with the syndrome to go along with it.
A ~ Anal, I am so anal, I even wish it wasn't associated with asses.
R ~ Rebel, I've been one my whole life. I hope I never change.
I ~ Inspired, by people I have encountered through blogging.
E ~ Enigma, even to myself.

Since there are 5 letters in my name, I am supposed to tag five more to do the meme.


My P.S.A for the day:

NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. NO !

You have been warned. DO NOT buy this ... it is pure poison!

TurkeyHill Raspberry Duetto

Poison like I have never tasted before. So odd, I keep going back for another taste, and another, and another, and I am just leaving my spoon in the carton, because I have used all the spoons in the drawer. I may have to buy another carton, just to keep trying to figure out why they would put such poison in our grocers freezers.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


U of M vs OSU
Regents Field, Ann Arbor Michigan 1902
MI 86 - Ohio 0

Did you expect any other topic but THEEEEE game?

For seniors, Chad Henne and Mike Hart,
today is their fourth and last chance for a career first win over Ohio State.

What more can be said but rock 'em at the BIG HOUSE today guys.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Noah's Doomsday Vault

I guess I should be reading more than rag mags and blogs.

I never knew this was going on, did you?

Tunneled 400 feet into a frozen mountain on The Svalbard Archipelago, is a vault. It's the safe keeping grounds for seed samples from all over the world. They are in the process of getting this vault to a zero temperature. These seeds have the ability to be preserved for over 1,000 years. Food seeds, like barley, wheat, peas, etc.

Why? So when mankind succeeds at destroying ourselves, future, more intelligent, I hope, people can replant the Earth.

I never knew. Most countries have their own banks, but chances are they wouldn't last as long as this one. The one in the Philippines was wiped out by a typhoon last year. Iraq and Afghanistan had theirs wiped out in war. I'm impressed they even had one. Where is ours in the United States? Please comment if you know.

What else is happening out there in sci-fi land to preserve the ability of Earth to carry on after we decide to mess it up to a point of no return for mankind, as we know it?

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Merry Christmas, Ha-ha-ha

That's right, Santa can't be associated with ho's anymore.

Sydney Australia Santa's have been given the heave-ho on "ho-ho-hoing". It was pointed out that "ho" is an American slang term for prostitution.

Now, if you still believe in Santa, chances are, you are still clueless to prostitutes.

Personally, I am so sick of politically correctness, changing some traditions, and taking all the fun out of the holidays.

I still say Merry Christmas, it's about Christ isn't it? I see no problem with the nativity scene set up in the middle of Anytown USA, even if it is on the court house lawn. And I think all Santa's should be able to HO-HO-HO ... even at the hootchie mama's that walk by!

Read more here: No Mo Ho's for Santa

Unrelated, except that I am sure he isn't bothered by ho's either *smirk*
Happy Birthday
to my FAVORITE* brother Mike!
1959 @ 5 Years Old

*I can get away with saying that since he's my only brother.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Balancing Cute

I see people posting photos of darling kittens and puppies. Some devote whole posts about their cute, huggable little, Quinn pet. There are blogs that thrive on photos of cute animals and their tricks. I have always stood up for the underdog, so without further adieu ~

And my personal favorite ...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I Have a Confession

I have a third child.

I know I have only talked about Bryan and Caitlin, but that's because I don't see my third child very often. This child is the oldest and was around quit a bit when Bryan and Caitlin were small.

I had very little control over this kid and I admit, I was content when this child wasn't in the house. As Bryan and Caitlin got older, we saw less and less of this oldest sibling. This kid would come and go on a whim, but when the three of them were in the house .... well it was chaos.

After Bryan moved out, there were very few visits from this kid. Since Caitlin has moved out, I had almost forgotten about the fact that I had three children .... until last night.

I don't know when, but that kid must have come home when I wasn't there.

I have my TV, DVD player, CD player, and receiver all hooked up and controlled by one remote controller. ( I have some testosterone in that department) I am anal about cords and wires. All my cords are neatly rolled up and secured with a zip tie. They lay flat behind each unit and fit snug to the wall.

I loaded 5 discs in the CD player, hit the remote and nothing. No power, no CD player, nothing. After forever, trying to get it to work, I pulled the unit away from the wall.

This is what I found:

There was an extra cable cord, not attached to anything. There was a power cord plugged into the wall, but going into nothing. Proof, hands down, no doubt ... that kid was back.

You probably are wondering what this kid's name is.

My mystery child has a couple names ...

"Not Me" ... "I didn't do it" or "I don't know"

When ever something went wrong, got broken, or came up missing, I'd ask Bryan and Caitlin,

"Who did this?"

That's when I became aware I had a third child.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Marie Millard Who?

My first post explains why I named this blog Marie Millard.

When I wrote about the different Google searches the other day, I went through my site meter to see what people had Googled, to bring traffic here.

Marie Millard came up a lot. I had noticed this before, but now I was wondering why or who would search that name.

So I just did.

My blog comes up first.

Then, there is Marie Millard, Realtor:

Marie Millard Realtor, Broker:

Marie Millard, CPA

Marie Millard Coordinator for a school district

There are a lot for Anne-Marie Millard, fitness instructor, author, personal trainer:

So I wonder, who are you Googler's looking for?

The 2 Marie Millard Realtor's ? I can't sell my house ... go ahead, give it a try.

Marie the CPA? Want to show me some creative financing? Like how to increase my portfolio ... wait, I don't even have a portfolio!

Marie Millard School Coordinator? Bless you, dealing with kids, teachers, PTA know-it-all's, and my favorite ... MEAPS (not)

Anne-Marie Millard? I certainly could use one or 10 of your work out videos!

And when I Google Nancy *birth last name* ...

There is one, a professor and author in neuropsychiatry.

Don't analyze this post, it's just fill for NaBloPoMo. *wink*

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where Did My Sunday Go?

What a long-ass day. I thought Sundays were for a day of rest? I stepped out for a couple errands just before noon and here it is almost 10:00PM before I am getting home.

I decided to finally go look at Art Van Furniture store to see how I could spend my $100 gift card I won on the radio contest a few weeks ago. I know, what can you get for $100? I knew I'd probably be adding to it. I'm almost done redecorating my bedroom, so I thought I could pick up something as an accent piece. Of course I couldn't find anything. I was just about to walk out, when I spotted something I'd probably never consider, but it matched my dresser remarkably well. It's a jewelry armoire. Not that I have tons of jewelry, but I do have some nice pieces. It has larger drawers for gloves, scarves, my gun, porno tapes, handcuffs etc. Besides, when I get robbed, this makes it easier for the burglar to get everything in one swoop. It looks very similar to this photo ... I didn't take it out of the box yet.

I went to Cait's and finally got a photo of the cat she had to rescue.

Meet Jenny, 2 years old. I have to admit, her markings are beautiful. She must have been abused because she still hides when anyone comes into Cait's apartment. She's just starting to come out for me. Cait says she doesn't come out for anyone, so I am honored ...Aa-a-choooo!

We went to dinner at a local pub and watched part of the Detroit Lions lose. I love spending time with Caitlin, but she wears me out. Mentally.

Me: What did you do last night?

Cait: Carly's folks are up north, so she had a poker party in her dad's Man Cave.

Me: Man Cave?

Cait: Yeah, the garage is drywalled, heated, carpeted, 3 refrigerators, a pool table, beer-pong table, big screen TV, and about 6 poker tables.

Me: Oh ::: but thinking WHAT THE FU*K :::

Cait: So yeah, I learned how to play poker.

Me: Ummm, with money?

Cait: No, I didn't want to since I was just learning.

Me: Not clothes? Not strip poker?

Cait: No mom, there were a bunch of people I didn't even know.

Me ::: wondering, so if she knew them it would be OK? :::

Me: So what did you play with.

Cait: Mom, CHIPS, haven't you heard of poker chips?

Me: Oh yeah ... I bet her dad has a ton of them.

Cait: Hu? What? ... we used cans of Pringles and divided them up.