Sunday, October 2, 2011

Good Night Marie

Bloggers always seem to start, stop, start up again with an apology for being gone only to stop again. We burn out, we stop writing, we shelve our blogs and then, we come back.

When I began posting, I never set out to "blog" per se'. I wrote without any intention of having a following. It was just a diary or brain dump or therapy (less the $125.00 per hour fee.)

Over time, my writing became less verbiage and more so a photo journal. That's when I lost my desire to write and really just wanted to catalog my adventure. It's time to write again.

I'm going to stop writing at this blog. "Marie Millard" was a fluke, never anything I thought would be read by anyone but me, or my sisters. I have several blogger friends *that I adore* who have stopped writing on their site and started up on a new one. At the time, I never really understood why. I get it now. A clean slate. A fresh start.

I'm FaceBook burnt out and I dislike Twitter *it makes me neurotic* and now Google has a social network. Acccckkkk!!!

I'm going to be kickin' it old school. I'm going to start a new site and go back to blogging like I used to ... writing for me.

Marie is my middle name.  Millard is the street I grew up on. 

Marie Millard is calling it a day.