Friday, October 26, 2007

I'm Not on America's Most Wanted

Remember the $100 gift card I won from my local radio station WDVD 96.3?

This morning, I went downtown to the Fischer Building in Detroit where they broadcast from, to pick it up. You know, you have to go in person, can't be mailed because they need ID, blood, finger prints, a urine sample and to pledge your first born just to make sure you're not scamming.

On my drive down, I hear the morning crew cracking up over a prank they initiated today on an afternoon DJ. (Sorry Jess, and I won the $100 during your time slot) I was just about to call them, tell them I was about 5 minutes away and ask if I could come take a photo of their prank. Just then, they announced "be the 96th caller and win Red Wing tickets", so I knew I'd never get through to them.

I arrived at the reception area, received the gift card, then the receptionist (super nice lady) placed a call to someone to see if I could come up and take a photo of the prank. The call was intercepted by the PR Nazi. (He must have always been picked last for kick ball)

I don't think I pose a security threat. It was a simple request. I even said it was great blog fodder for today since I didn't have much to post about. Nope, nadda, no way, it ain't happening.

Mr. PR Nazi offered to send me photos he took. (Twirling finger in air) Big woop, missing the whole point of creating my story.

Anyway, the prank was the morning crew, Blain, Lisa, and Allyson, took post-it-notes and "decorated" Jesse's office space.

These photos are pretty hilarious, but I'd have liked to take my own.

P.S. Thanks Ron!


lis said...

Congrats on the win, hey I think they are on to some new 'hgtv' decor stuff here ;), can write notes anywhere, would be easy and inexpensive to replace. I think you would have done much better with the the pictures tho too!!

Mary Alice said...

Too bad they wouldn’t let you come up and create your own blog fodder. How inconsiderate they were of others creativity. That was a good college try on your part though.

BTW That's a pretty good prank. But my sister Katrina and her friend YEB did a better one where they photocopied about a million pictures of one of their eyes and did the very same thing...taped them everywhere...even on the phone receiver!

Gnightgirl said...

It always kills me, the places that won't let you take photos, when you can't figure out a reason, EVER. Your PR Nazi would have gotten so much more positive PR if he/she had been more accommodating...don't they GET that?

Good prank though...may have to do something like that in the new bf's house when he's working.

Nancy said...

mary alice: eyeballs, LOL that would be awesome

Lori: eh, I guess for security .... but like my title says I really look like the kind you'd find on a most wanted list?
Oh yea, do the bf's house and take plenty of pictures!

Michael said...

I listened on my way into work today and they were setting up the prank, but they wouldn't tell who the recipient was. I forgot all about it until I read your post. Poor

Joan said...

Wow, that's a lot of paper. They must have more time on their hands than I do.

Sherry said...

Some people just don't "get it"...I loved this bit "he must have been picked last for kick ball"...LMAO!!!

Beth said...

that's really stupid...but I would LOVE to do this to someone!

Patriot said...

Wow - that would take a looong time!

Just came across your blog and wanted to let you know about a free giveaway I'm hosting - come check it out! Thank you! Have a great weekend!

Casdok said...

How funny!!!

Sher said...

I like the eyes thing, too! Fun.