Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Leon & Lulu

Growing up in Royal Oak Michigan, the closest roller skating rink was in our neighboring city of Clawson. The Ambassador Roller Rink has been there over fifty years and was home to quite a few champion skaters. High-top lace 'em up, four wheel skates, yeah, that's what it's all about.

Anyway, it is now the home of Leon & Lulu. The floor is still the beautiful blond high gloss wood, with the red and blue painted circles and stripes marking the floor. All the rental skates are paired up and incorporated into the decor. They hang on walls around the ceiling, are stashed in cabinets and bookcases and can be found in unexpected places, but still with the look of belonging ... still in their home.

This transformation is now a shop of unique, quality furniture, gifts, and accessories. My sister Sandi and I found some very nice home decorating ideas and items. We also found some fun and interesting gift items.

Who is old enough to remember the bald headed man, with metal shavings gathered at the bottom of the plastic bubble over his face? With the "magic" magnetic pencil, you drag pieces up to create hair, mustaches, beards, nose hair, and ear hair.

Then we have the always welcomed "Punching Nun" puppet. Do they make a "Pope" puppet?

I love how they use the martini theme in this room ... indeed, if you have these stuffed critters, you must have kids, therefore, you need a martini or two!

But wait, what's this ... books!
Ahh, "Three Martini Playdate" and "Three Martini Family Vacation."

Sandi and my kids are all grown, so we were relating more to this book, "Porn for Women."

Hey, we are both over fifty...there is nothing wrong with a visual to go with our fantasy. As Sandi thumbed through the book, I took a photo of one page for your enjoyment.

::: Fanning Self :::

Yeah baby, stroke that floor!

This is Leon and Lulu ... ha! Bet you though that cute little kitty-cat is Lulu, nope, that's Leon! Lulu is the rottweiler


Joan said...

Does look like an interesting store. Did you buy anything?

Michael said...

Looks like a fun place to shop...I'll have to check it out sometime.

Jenny said...

I wanna go to that place desperately.

How far is it from Houston?

Probably too far, huh?

Beth said...

OF COURSE Lulu is the Rott!!!! No other name for her!

porn for women....I might have to go and get that book....

Casdok said...


Robin said...

I always loved playing with that bald guy with the magnetic hair!

BOSSY said...

Roller skating: forgetaboutit, too much fun.

mjd said...

Interesting store. I remember the Magna-doodle man. You sure do not look 50.

Jessie said...

I'll take one Rott please. ;)

Jen M. said...

I want to shop with you there! Dayum, that looks like a great shop.