Friday, September 28, 2007

Tai Chi Chuan, II

There are five basic styles.
I'm learning Wu style Tai Chi.
The symbol to the left represents the Wu style.

Linda and I made it to our first class, which was actually the third class. It started a couple weeks ago but in no time we were caught up on the steps they had already learned.

Let me back up and describe the class. There are about twelve of us, Linda and I probably being the youngest, and we are both over 50. I don't have to be concerned about being distracted by any hot looking men in the class. There were two male species. One is older ... very older ... chubby ... actually fat, and couldn't hear well. He didn't like when the instructor stood in front of the class with her back towards us to show a move. I hope he doesn't become a complainer, I had to bite my tongue. The other man knew what he was doing. He stayed for the advanced class that follows ours, so maybe he was just warming up in ours.

The rest, chunky old ladies. One farted. Of course, she was the one standing next to me in my line, then moved to the line behind us. Thanks, I'll remember you.

The class time went fast and I wasn't bored at all. It's very calming, slow motion moves. By the end of the night, I had the moves down, to music, maybe not in a smooth flowing motion, but I knew what to do. I tried it this morning when I got up. I forgot some of the steps, but was surprised most of it came to me.

I think our opening moves are supposed to resemble this:

But for the most part, we may have looked like this:


Linda and her Surroundings said...

Last Summer I was on the beach with my son and there was a very elderly woman in a very small bikini doing tai chi. She had very fluid movements and I was able to appreciate it despite her vast expanse of very wrinkly flesh.

captain corky said...

You should have kicked the woman who farted in the head, or have they not taught you how to kill yet? ;)

Nancy said...

Linda: It is very peaceful to watch, never will I show wrinkles though, lol

Corky: I am still "Grasshopper", lol

Pink said...

I learned Tai Chi after a car accident. Out of it, I also had my first experience of seeing auras.


I did Tai Chi on the beach and saw the auras of the trees.

It freaked me out a bit at the time and I stopped practicing.

I regret that now.

Nancy said...

Interesting Pink.

I wouldn't mind being on a beach vs a no windows classroom.

Dixie said...

You crack me up!

Oh you'd love me, I fart alot.

Joeprah said...

That is hillarious. I think it was the fat dude that farted and it just was so forceful it bounced around the room and sounded like it came from that other lady. I think I could demonstrate how that is possible. Funny stuff...thriller, thriller, thriller!! Zombies suck.