Sunday, March 11, 2007

You've Got a Friend

I recently got an e-mail from my friend Karin. It amazes me that no matter how many miles there are between us, there is no way to measure how close we really are.

Karin and I were best friends, 8th through 12th grade. After graduation, we went our separate ways, but continued to keep up with each others lives. She got married and moved to Florida while I stayed in Michigan. The distance has kept us from a daily continuance of best buds, but the bond of our friendship remains intact.

As young girls exploring all the experiences we could get away with, Karin and I have more stories and memories than I can explain and probably many we'd rather not have anyone read.

(Hey KEG, remember that huge party at your house when your folks were away? Or how about when we got your Dad's Mustang caught on the garage door hinge and scraped the side of the car trying to get it out? And the time we tip-toed back into your house way past midnight, only to see the glow of your Dad's cigarette waiting for us in the family room.)

In my senior year, I had a difficult and personal situation to try to deal with. As all girls did in high school and still do, Karin wrote me a note. It was the most sincere, and healing words I had ever read. She also quoted the words to James Taylor's "You've Got a Friend" in the note. That was 1973, I still have the note and when I hear that song on the radio, she is the first person that comes to mind.

Karin, I think Mokey Bear has watched over us through the years. We will always be friends ... cross my Red Wing patch!


sandi said...

OMG, those pictures are hilarious!

Nancy said...

Hey we were HOT seniors!

Michael said...

I don't ever remember you without bangs! Too funny.

Nancy said...

I know *gasp*