Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Limp, Mushy and Bruised

I read that if I put bananas in the refrigerator, they will stay fresh and stop the ripening process. It did say the peel will turn dark, but the inside would remain fine. Here is my first attempt. Yes, the outside is unappealing (pun intended) but it tasted fine. It did have some discoloration inside, but nothing that affected the taste.

Since I am eating mostly fresh fruits and vegetables, I have been trying to figure out how to keep them from going bad so fast. I really don't over buy. I would like to go to the market just twice a week.

My cukes go limp (I know, BIG time set up for jokes), my lettuce looses it's crisp, 'scrhums start turning brown, celery gets rubbery, and baby carrots get dry and white.

I think this banana thing will work, but any suggestions on other fruits would be helpful. Do you have any tips to keep fruit and vegi's fresh just a wee bit longer?


Sherry said...

bwwwaaahaahaa on the "unappealing"...very good!! My first smile of the day!!
I hear you on how limp and "blah" fruits and veggies turn so quickly. I'm not sure of the answer but I've simply started buying less and going to the market more often. I am trying to eat "healthy" and consume more fruits and veg and in order to keep it the way I like it I find I need to pop in every 2-3 days. It's not "convenient" but I've found some great markets close to home and it gives me a reason to go for a walk and seek out "fresh". Can't wait to see what others recommend that might work better.
(and there ain't nothin' worse than a limp cuke!!) :)

delmer said...

I get blog updates through Google Reader. I wasn't sure where "Limp, Mushy, and Bruised" was likely to go but when it popped up I had to check it out.

I did the banana thing a couple of weeks ago. It's hard to get kids to eat them when the skin gets discolored. I'm fine with them, though.

I made the mistake of buying too much fruit a couple of weeks ago and ended up freezing all the berries (straw and blue), which I'm sure isn't new to anybody.

My biggest crime against produce is that every two weeks I buy fresh spinach for salads, I put it in the veggie bin, and then I forget about it. Two weeks later I toss it and buy new. (This last time I did get to eat about 1/2 of it, so I may be getting better.)

Audubon Ron said...

It is a mess, I can’t keep veggies and fruit in my frig without it going bad in like - a day. It’s like you gotta pull up a stool and eat ‘em right there in the produce section.

lis said...

Rinsing off lettuce and the like and wrapping it in paper towel's then into the plastic bag keeps them fresh for a looong time.
Slice and freezing fruit works, or not slicing, make for a great 'smoothie', plug here for the 'magic bullet' :)

Nancy said...

Sherry : I end up at the market more times than I really want, then I end up spending more thank I should.

Delmer: I feed my garbage disposal so well with untouched produce, then like you I am out there buying more.

Ron: There's a great idea, I should graze through the produce department and leave full =)

Lis: I'll try the paper towel idea. I don't want to freeze fruit, I end up getting mush or freezer burn.

Isn't freezers just for Ben N Jerry's anyway?

Mary Alice said...

Nancy - my MIL swears that washing her lettuce and then refrigerating it in a stainless steel bowl, covered loosely with a lightly dampened paper towel, keeps her lettuce fresh all week. Try it…I keep meaning to, but the only stainless steel bowl I have is enormous and takes up the whole dadgum fridge. I need to remember to get a smaller one.

Nancy said...

mary alice: I don't have a ss bowl, but if it works, I'm buying one. I'll let you know how it goes.

Dfunkadelic said...

don't store your other veggies and fruits with your banannas. Banannas tend to make everything else get ripe quicker.

Joan said...

I did read this and have had success though I can't say I always do it:

wash veggies, fruits, in a 1 part vinegar, 2 part water solution. It keeps mold from and cleanses. Dry thoroughly. I use a salad spinner on things I can. Then put in a ziploc bag. For lettuce, I add paper towels and change every so often. I've done this for grapes, carrots, berries and leaf lettuce.

Nancy said...

defunk: I'll make sure I segregate the bananas, =)

Joan: oooow, a spinner ... I have seen that on infomercials ... they work? OK, I'll get one of those too. Seems like the paper towel is a repeated answer too.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

Oh, I am so sure Tupperware will have the answer to your questions. Some sort of crispy creepy wobbly based plastic container to put in the fridge to keep things alive for ever and a day. Buy some bananas green and some slightly yellow. Then use them for cakes when they go brown - which kind of defeats the purpose of eating fruit I suppose..

captain corky said...

Have you ever tried Chef Boyardee? No matter how many years you keep that shit in your cupboard it always tastes great when you finally open the can. ;)

Tempest Knight said...

Sorry. I pick 'em as I eat 'em, so I don't know how to keep fruits fresh in the fridge.

San said...

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha to Captain Corkys comment. I seriously lost it for a minute. :p

Nancy said...

Tempest: I wish ... that would be the best.

Corky: LMAO! Good point though.

San: Are you gonna try Corkys idea? LOL

Louisa said...

Baby carrots are my favorite! The trick to them is to put them in a water bath while in the fridge. They'll last for at least 2 weeks (if not longer) for me. Just make sure there's a top so there's no evaporation or spillage. Plus they're nice and cold when you eat them!

Nancy said...

louise: I think I used to do that when I bought the bag of full size carrots ... I forgot about it though ... good point, it did work.

Dixie said...

I'm with Joan. Wash and dry them thuroughly. The lettuce in the ziplock with paper towels has always worked the best for me.

Or you could get one of those food saver thingys that suck all the air out of the bag. They work really good.