Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Preview...come back for the follow-up!

This coming weekend is going to be so much fun. (I know, like I haven't already been having more than my share this summer?)

Dons hometown, St. Clair, Michigan is hosting their annual Riverfest.

We're going to leave Friday morning by huge ass boat and stay through the weekend, on the boat. Yes! I'm already loving it.

Don has a new moped/scooter "Sunny" that we'll be taking to tool around town on. She looks like this, except green. (I'm sure she'll get in some pics this weekend)

The festival has a carnival for the kids.(carnies scare the be-jesus out of me)

On the schedule are off-shore boat races, all four days Friday-Monday. Kind of like the one held this past weekend just outside Don's canal on Lake St. Clair. Here are a few shots. Yes, it was awesome to watch!

(click pictures to view larger)

Music and bands are scheduled through out the weekend. Eddie Money and American Idol's Josh Gracin will be there.

I think the best part will be the fact that this is Dons home town and he'll probably see many old friends. His folks and sibs will all be there too.

I'm going to pace myself ... all this excitement makes me forget that vodka needs to be doled out with respect to food intake! On second thought .....

"I've got two tickets to paradise..."

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I love you BUT ....

Once you moved out, I "de-teenage girled" my house. (yes that is a word if you're a mom of teens)

You've been out over 2 years now. That means my house is in order. I have everything where I want it and for the most part, it's usually clean.

I have converted your bedroom to my "Barbie Room".

I made your bathroom a "spa" type room. That ahhhh, tub soaking room with all the very pale green and ivory colors ... as in towels and throw rugs.

My kitchen has clean, uncluttered counters.

My laundry is always caught up.

My kitchen garbage never has a chance to overflow.

I never walk into the bathroom to find the TP roll empty or in the kitchen, the paper towel roll spent. No wet wash cloths left in my shower.

The toothpaste tube never looks like it got in a gang fight and forgot it's gang.

My blow dryer is always stowed under the bathroom sink and the flat iron fits nicely in the drawer.

You and your boyfriend had "words" Monday and you decided you needed a brain break.

5 'o'clock AM you showed up at my house. I'm your mom, I understand and you are always welcome here.

BUT ...


In the two days/nights you've been here, I can tell what you've worn, what you've eaten, what color make up (YES it's ON my IVORY rugs in the bathroom) you've used.

I see black mascara on my white pillow case. Blobs of toothpaste in the sink. Wads of Kleenex wherever you were sitting as you poured out your drama to your girlfriends on the phone.

My brushes are loaded with your hair. And where is my wide tooth comb I use on my wet hair?

My black heels are in your pile of cloths on the floor. Oh yes, that's another thing. Sure, do laundry here, but jeez Louise, you used all my hangers, filled the spare closet, and now have your clothes semi-folded in piles on the Barbie Room floor. Or are they piles of dirty ones ... or both?

I love you dearly, but if you don't make up with your boyfriend or get a place with a girlfriend, I will be on the 11 o'clock news for drop kicking your azz through the goal posts of life!

You think I'm kidding? Here's just a glimpse:

I know these are blurred,
you get the picture though.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dating in the Dark

Dating in the Dark premiered last night. Another "reality" show.

I've never been a big fan of TV. Even less of reality shows.

*** Side note, I have been into Project Runway but only because Mary is up for an Emmy for her work on the show ***

Last night I was channel surfing and this new show was starting. In a nutshell, 3 guys, 3 girls all meet in a room of pitch blackness, get to know each other's personality via Q's and A's, pair off, get one on one time in the dark (no hanky- panky going on) and in the end, there's the visual reveal.

Will the beauty continue on and get to know the geek or the hunk of hawtness pass on the geeky girl?

Basically, are they shallow enough to allow their initial attraction to be swayed by looks?

Personally, I didn't think any of them were bad looking, the girls or the guys. I think I am already a seasoned enough "dater" to know looks don't count. Well, they aren't the biggest part of the pie chart at least.

Okay, so I do admit to being a wee-bit ... alright, more than a wee-bit shallow.

First thing I usually notice ... lips. If I don't think I could kiss them, [shrugs] The eyes are second, they have to smile. Kindness trumps everything.

I'm fortunate to have Don, he's got the looks, the heart, and a great mind.

Don, with Sue and Julie, who also find him charming!

Friday, July 17, 2009

::Gasp:: Naked Boating

Yesterday was HOT 86ish.

The lake had tiny whitecaps, but Don and I decided it would be a great day to go fishing.

We took off, out further than last time, to a spot where his neighbor was having luck. We were just out past my last post showing the freighters.

The wind was picking up, the waves were rolling, not another boat in sight. I was diggin' it. I love just laying there, holding the fishing pole, sipping cocktails, feeling the rock of the boat, hearing the waves smack the side. Ahhhhh, nothing better.

Don got a bite ... one bite ... one little perch.

Nancy ... nothing.

For me, it's not as important to catch, as it is just spending some time shutting down the brain and enjoying our conversations.

We were out for a couple hours and the wind was really picking up.

Me: "Don, what is that red chopper doing over head?"

Don: "Just the coast guard."

Me: ::: Holds up bottle, salutes the international gesture for cheers :::

Coast Guard: Waves and takes off.

Me: "Damn, I think I just missed a mooning opportunity. "

Anyway, it was time. Sun beautifully glowing as it goes down, waves really rolling in and no fish.

We headed back, but it was so rough out there the boat would not get "on plane" (yeah my non-boater buds, go link-look, I didn't know either). This was going to be a longer ride back.

We were rocking and bobbing. Don assured me we'd be fine, but I didn't even think otherwise. He's a great Captain and the thought that we wouldn't be fine never crossed my mind. Actually, I was enjoying the ride.

The weather was still quite warm but the spray from the lake was cold. We started getting soaked. I had on a tank and jean cut-offs. Don had a T and light-weight shorts. The wetter we got, the colder it felt. I looked over and Don had his shirt off, hanging from the boat to dry. I could see he was warmer that way because the air was warm. Next his shorts came off. I was laughing and grabbing the camera at the same time.

He was piloting the boat buck-nekkid, the air was warm and he was dry.

Me, cold and wet.

What the heck, we were the only ones on the lake. Seriously ... not a soul around. Off came my clothes. I was warm and dry and standing there in my birthday suit.

Don hung my clothes up in the wind to dry too, but just then, his T-shirt broke loose and was gone. No way was I going risk my clothes going to the abyss, so I reeled them in to safety.

We made it almost back to his place before we put our clothes on, dry for the most part, and even then, there wasn't anyone in sight.

Upside, I like naked boating.
Downside, I like naked boating ... I see more fodder ahead.

Pictures???? He'd kill me!

*** This is really a PSA in survival and how to stay warm in this kind of situation. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. ***

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another Weekend Warrior Wrap-up

I recently bought a blue fishing pole. It always knotted up and wasn't working well. It never caught any "keepers" and never a walleye. Really, the thing was a bad seed.

Don bought me a new rod and reel last Friday. A pink one.

She's a Shakespeare Ladyfinger. A portion of the proceeds goes to Breast Cancer Awareness. Yeah Don for wanting to help save the boobies! This is what she looks like. I call her PINK. (unlike my other secret boyfriend, Mr. Pink)

First day out she caught a 5 lb. silver bass and 2 small perch. She has possibilities.

Okay, now more water shots. Here's a totally different idea of "Lake St. Clair" for those of you not living in Michigan.

We went out about seven miles to the channel. Fishing wasn't as plentiful as we had hoped for, but the freighters were.

How about this beautiful sailboat? There were many others out there.

We stayed out to watch the sunset. These photos are SOC, no photo-shopping or touching them up. Yes, it was this beautiful. Romantic too *wink*

One more thing.

Cheyne (Don's son) ... you are so flippin' sweet!

He knows what I'm talking about.

Picture this (because there is NO picture)

Lucille Ball ( AKA moi)

Buzzers ... hair ... guard on #3 ... hair looking nice ... guard off ... shaving neck and around ears ... all looking nice... one small area FRONT AND CENTER that needed #3 to even out ... Nancy Lucy forgets she's in shave mode and hits it ...ZIP.

OMG I thought I'd die. Know what Cheyne said?

"Take it all down to #1 and it'll grow back."

Can you believe it? No freaking out, no shocked deer-in-the-headlights look.

He even hugged me goodbye!

Think he'll give me a second try?

Friday, July 10, 2009


Just took a look in my archives to see what I was up to on this day since I started blogging:

July 10, 2007 Puma

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I've been having the best of times since Don and I have started seeing each other. Scrolling through my archives, I found this and thought perhaps I have the man in my life that is going to finish out that meme.

August 20, 2007
Best Nights of My Life

Congratulations to The Detroit Tiger's Brandon Inge for making the All-Star team! I'm happy for Brandon and the Tigers but, I'm sadden that Magglio Ordonez decided to cut his hair (for charity).

August 24, 2007 Separated at Birth

You ask why Sara Palin has stepped down from her position as Governor in Alaska?

October 18, 2008 Well, it Could Happen!

And by the way...

February 5, 2007 Who IS this Marie Millard?

Because I always have photos:

May25, 2007 Tupperware ... Timeless

This post has my favorite photo of my son Bryan and daughter Caitlin.

Recently, while on FaceBook, I found a photo of them at a friends party. I'm glad they hangout together, but it's odd seeing these Tupperware wearing babies of mine each holding adult beverages!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 3,4,5th

Friday, Don and I went with friends to Luna Kai Tiki Bar by boat.

My friend Pat's band, No One Else, was playing outdoors by the water on this beautiful night. For some reason, the dancing hadn't started yet. Mary, Cindy, Verna, and myself solved that faster than we could take the first sip of many cocktails that weekend.

Steve, Mary, Verna, Cindy, me

White pants, shoes kicked off, yes, they were filthy by nights end. And speaking of end, indeed I was doing the booty dance but geeeez Louise, baby's got back in this photo.

Steve, Cindy, me, and Don

Don was kind enough to let me take a seat ... or did I fall into his lap?

The next day Don and I went on his boat to MacRay Harbor to meet with others and commence getting our party on. Mind you, this is my first year experiencing the whole "boating" thing. I have a lot to learn. I'll make this brief, skip through the parts that embarrass me I can't quite remember, and just say I had a great weekend. Thank you D! Look here:

  • Picture of Don in his cowboy hat on the way to MacRays.
  • Picture of the 42' Maxum we stayed on.
  • Picture of all the boats tied off.
  • Picture of Sue, Gil, Steve, Mary, Joe, Kristen, Steve, and Cindy.
  • Picture of Don, smiling with a cocktail.
  • Picture of Don in the dingy.
  • Picture of us three girls in the dingy.
  • Picture of Nancy being awaken by Don after passing out in bed (in wet shorts).
  • Pictures of the awesome firework display MacRay put on.
  • Pictures from the crazy gauntlet at Muscamoot Bay
  • Etc., etc., etc.
Don't ask ... stuff happens when you start with Bloody Marys for breakfast, Vodka and Lemonade for lunch, and who gives a crap as long as it's on ice for dinner!

Stuff = camera went overboard the first night. It didn't float. [smirk]

As much fun as I had, I've learned:

  • I can't party like a rock star.
  • I can't party like a rock star three days in a row.
  • I can't keep up drink for drink with Don.
  • I met some really nice people ... on a boat.
  • I am lucky to have Don ... one of the last "good guys".