Thursday, March 1, 2007

What I Had For Lunch

When I first decided to start my blog, I bought this blogging idea book No One Cares What You Had For Lunch, by Maggie Mason

I met my sister Sandi today for lunch. She has been my best friend since the first day she moved out of our parents home. Prior to that, she and I were sisterly enemies. I think for the most part, most of our disagreements were my fault. I took her clothes after she left for school and I snitched on her wrong doings but, I secretly hoped to be just like her.

Always the one person I can trust, tell my fears, secrets, and embarrassing moments to. Over the years Sandi has worn many hats for me. She can be the therapist, the devils advocate, the shoulder to cry on, and the friend to laugh with, but most of all she has been a beacon of center for me.

At times I can be way out there, or buried deep inside myself, or walking a thin line of uncertainty. When I spend time talking with her, from saying everything to saying nothing, I can regroup and come back to center. Today was one of those days, just a feel good lunch time, leaving me with a blessed feeling for having her in my life.

I concur, no one cares what I had for lunch today, the most important part is who I had lunch with. *smiles*


sandi said...

Our relationship is so special. It makes me feel sad for women (like our daughters) who will never have this kind of connectedness. Yes, lunches with you are always the best, no matter where we go or what we eat.
P.S. Wrong doings? Moi?

sandi said...

I meant to say "It makes me feel sad for women who do not have sisters, like our daughters who will never know this kind of connectedness. Yea, that's more what I meant to say. WOW! I just learned how to open and close an "html" tag. LOL