Monday, October 1, 2007

She's so NOT goofy

Heather at Goofy Girl Designs designed my blog and just saved me from a night of pulling my hair out, googling every help site possible, and sinking into the abyss of denial, that I may have deleted my blog.

I e-mailed her admitting I had the nerve to go into her creation and tried to change something. I was surprised how fast she responded and undid what ever it was I messed up that I still don't know what I did! I promise Heather, I'll keep my mitts out of html or anything I can't pronounce.

If you are considering a custom new look, I can't recommend her enough. Thank you again Heather!


Joeprah said...

I believe that was the mature thing to do. I would of continued down the path of destruction until I had to uninstall I am sure. Site looks great btw.

Nancy said...

Joe: I learned long ago, admit computer ignorance, it just gets too darn messy =)

Be Inspired Always said...

Love the site :)