Monday, April 23, 2007

Royal Oak Michigan

I was on Memphis Smoke's rooftop this past Saturday afternoon, 78 degrees and everyone was ready to kick off a wonderful weekend. This guy was celebrating his 18th birthday with his family.

(click on the pic for a close up, beer cans, cup, cigar holder)

Hanging out in Royal Oak during the summer nights is one of my favorite things to do. The vast spectrum of people is "educational" and makes for great watching. I like to get a Starbuck's, spike it with Baileys and begin my watch.

The variety of people range from the spiked look, as above, to shorts and T's, from dressy casual to the little black dress and strappy sandals. There is always fun albeit odd characters to be seen in RO on any given night.

The choices of cuisine is fantastic. Damato's has Italian, Mr. B's sports bar fare of burgers, pizza and sandwiches, Tom's Oyster Bar, Good Night Gracie is a jazz martini bar. Inn Season for the vegans. There are Sushi, Chinese, and French restaurants peppered between the sub, pizza, and ice cream shops.

Entertainment for everyones taste is always happening. There is salsa dancing at Sangria Sky Club, pop groups at Memphis Smoke, rock bands to dance to upstairs at 5th Avenue, and a comedy club for those just wanting a laugh.

Downtown Royal Oak offers so much for so many. It caters to bikers and has bike night. It's always a crusin' spot for classic cars owners, especially being so close to Woodward, home of the world's famous annual Woodward Dream Cruise.

It's amazing, all the happenings downtown Royal Oak on any given night of the week once the weather warms up. Yea, I can be found there one or two nights a week from now until October.


Gnightgirl said...

We could SO be best friends! I'm a downtown, people-watching girl too, have developed enough buddies that there's always someone with a table I can share. Almost every Friday there's a "party" at our coffee shop table, show up after work, stay til midnight.

sandi said...

Ha-Ha-Ha! What a "do". Oh, to be 18 again....NOT!

P.S. Lovin' the Christmas cactus!

Beth said...

sounds like sooo much fun. We don't have anything like that...well, we do have a bar called The Wagon Wheel, but I don't think I'd want to hang out there..

silly willy said...


Jenn said...

My husband lived in Royal Oak all of his life before I came along and swooped him up and pulled him downriver. RO is a fun downtown area in the summer time.