Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Conversation Hearts: Cait and Puma

Last week Caitlin started looking for a kitten. Big mistake, girls can't just look. Since she is getting her apartment mid August, I guess she was afraid the world would be fresh out of kittens by the time she moved. I reminded her, no kittens in my house.

As I sat in the dark last night, because we lost power, I heard Caitlin's car pull up the driveway.

Cait: Look, I got a kitty!

Me: You better be joking, I told you to wait until you move out.

Cait: Once I saw him, I couldn't leave without him ... so we have a new kitty.

Me: WE??? WE as in you and who because I said I don't want a cat!

Cait: Umm, me and Quinn .... look Quinn, you have a baby brother.

Damn if Quinn didn't take an instant liking to the little bugger. So now there is a kitten living in my house.

::: shakes head ::: There better not be any glitches in her move out date, make that their move out date.

Meet Puma:


Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Awww, Puma is ADORABLE! :)

Michael said...

LOL...this is going to get interesting!

Nancy said...

Stacy: You are just a big ole animal lover.

Michael: Shoot me now ... PLEASE!

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your power back so fast. I had a feeling you'd cave on having a kitten in the house! (lol) Karin

Nancy said...

Karin: Glad to see you could comment. Was great talking to you last night =) The kitten, UGH, lol

Patience said...

Awwwwwww!! I want a kitty. But I want one that won't become a cat!

Jessie said...

Kitten! Kitten! No, seriously, ADORABLE kitten! I wish I could have another one, so Noe could have a playmate. *grabs Puma and runs*

sgk213 said...

Glad it's at your house and not mine.

Schmutzie said...

How can you not love that?! I already have two, and that's all there's going to be, but I sometimes catch myself finding reasons why a third is necessary.

Nancy said...

Jessie: yeah, I have to admit he's cute.

Patience: Baby anythings for the most part, are cute :)

SGK:I told her it has to go everywhere with her, just like having a kid. And when she is at work, it has to be locked in the basement bathroom... just like I did with my kids. *smirk*

schmutzie: lol, read my post of 5/28/2007 ... now ther is more than my share of "pet love" ... ps ^5 on the good news you have.

Biddy said...

kittens are so cute...too bad they grow up to be cats...ick

you should have told her biddy has ADORABLE puppies. of course, you're in michigan so it might prove a bit difficult to deliver...

Dixie said...

How cute!!! Yeah, I wouldn't have been able to leave without him either!