Monday, September 10, 2007

Conversation Hearts: On Her Own

Caitlin has moved out. She has her own one bedroom apartment, no roommates except her kitten Puma, and she is all settled into her single, mom free life. Well, mom and dad free except for the help we gave her in getting moved in, set up, and a few purchases to make sure she was starting out without having to go into debt buying necessities.

I knew it wouldn't be long before she gave me blog fodder.

This morning .....

Cait: *on the phone* 9AM , frantic, PMSing, frustrated:
My garbage disposal is broke.

Me: *Being a Mom* Well, if you would pay the extra fee and tell the apartment manager you have Puma, they could send a repairman out.

Cait: Thanks, I needed that, never mind, I have to get to work.

Me: *Being a Mom again* Don't worry, I will come there on my lunch hour and see if I can clear it out and get it running.

Cait: Thanks Mom.

So on my lunch hour, I went to her apartment and stuck my hand in her clogged sink. This is what I pulled out (not actual pictures, but exact items) :

Gross, I know.

Then I felt something jammed, but couldn't figure out what it was. After getting the little allen wrench out and turning the blade from under the disposal, I reached in and pulled THIS out:

I hit the reset button and it worked perfectly.

Me: *on the phone* Cait, I got the disposal cleared and working.

Cait: Great, thanks Mom.

Me: Um, Cait, there are some things you can't put down a disposal.

Cait: Hu? What?

Me: Let's just say, if you won't eat it, neither will your disposal.

Cigarette butts, coke bottle caps, and shot glasses can't be ground up.

Cait: I didn't put them in there.

Me: Then you better forbid Puma to smoke and drink while you aren't home.


Michael said...

Let the stories begin...LOL.

So I see Cait already broke in the new apartment with a housewarming party. Sounds like it was quite the bash.

Oh, The Joys said...

Cats, man. They are such crazy partiers.

Beth said...

YES!!! I love this! Another mom who has a daughter living on her own...and still calling home to find out how to do something! At least your girl is close by.. ;(

a shot glass, hmmm.....

Nancy said...

Michael: Oh, I am sure I will be writing more, lol

OtJ: LOL, Crazy partiers for sure.

Beth: I laugh because she'd never ask things when she lived here, come to think of it, she never did much when she lived here!

Believe it or not, she has two of those stainless shot glasses ... and she really uses it for ketchup, she dips everything in ketchup, but doesn't like it all over the plate.

My guess is she was dunking those sausages in it ... or perhaps the cigarettes. lol

Joan said...

At least she had hot water!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

This EXACT thing happened to me when I was in college! It's always those stinking cats! (hee-hee)


Mary Alice said...

Oh boy. You are too good to that girl!

Terri said...

ahaha; that's a good story. Be sure to use that one against her in the future! Bring it up often in front of boyfriends and friends.

BOSSY said...

What? No kitchen sink down the kitchen sink?

Nancy said...

Joan: shhhh, my week is starting out good, so far, lol

QofM: Really? mmm, maybe you and Cait are related somehow? lol

Mary Alice: yeah, she appreciates it, just doesn't know she appreciates it yet!

Teri:I can add it to the list!

Bossy: I'm sure if there was a way, it would be.

Jami said...

When I moved out, it was the roaches - since I didn't take any other pets with me! Those guys were ALWAYS partying when I was trying to study. And they would leave the bathroom a total mess! I'm glad they finally grew up and moved out to a nicer place.

Nancy said...

Jami: If it ain't one varmint, it's another!

Or as Cait would say: If it ain't one varmint in my stuff, it's my mother!

sgk213 said...

Wow ,I better send Rachel over to live with her, maybe between the two of them they could of figured it out and you wouldn't have to spend your lunch hour over there digging garbage out of the disposal. Wait a minute,garbage disposal, thats why all that garbage was in there LOL...

MarieMillard said...

sgk: can you see those two living together, LOL!!!