Monday, October 15, 2007

Cut it?

This weekend Caitlin and I were going through some old photo albums. She found this photo of me 17 years ago. YIKES! Anyway, she wants to cut my hair like this ... what do you think?

Front view (with Caitlin @ 2 years old)

Side view (Bryan in blact T @ 5 years old)

Please vote your opinion:

Should I cut it?
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delmer said...

I don't know how women think, and I can prove it, but ... I think they think like guys when it comes to some things.

And with that in mind, you might want some categories to go with your poll. One for men and one for women.

Maybe men, married women, and single women.

At the end of the poll you could assume that men and married women ... wait, I see a flaw.

At the end of the poll throw out all the votes not cast by men.

Men will tell you what they find most attractive, because that's what they want to see in the mall, or at the bar, or church (they get around).

Married women will tell you the opposite of what they think looks best in order to keep you away from their married man. Even though you have no intention of ever getting near their married man. (My divorced female friends tell me things like this.)

Single women will tell you the opposite as well, for a similar reason. You know, to cut down on the competition.

As unlikely as it sounds, men are the only ones you can trust on this. (I can't believe it myself.)

Terri said...

she might know you best and gets to see you "live and in person" but from the comparo of your pictures I think you look younger with the longer hair believe it or not. But again, this is picture based, which may give us a 1000 words but not the whole story!

Nancy said...

Delmer: Bwahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, the scary part is I totally followed and understand what you are saying!

Teri: I'll take that as a no, lol

Joan said...


Biddy said...

so when i saw the no's had 73% (you know, after i voted no, i felt kinda bad. here's my thinking though: it looks so very...carol brady. sorry, it does. now, this is not to say that you would not be super hot with a short hair cut, just NOT this one...

oh, and i love that delmer gave his opinion on everything except the hair haha

and i promise, this single girl is telling you the truth!

delmer said...

I'm far to smart to give an opinion on what makes a woman look good. (By definition, you all look good. All the time.)

For the record though, I will go so far as to say that I think both cuts make Nancy's butt look small. (That seems safe enough.)

(FWIW, while I'll admit I always thought Carol Brady was hot, I did vote 'no' in the poll.)

Let's see. Three paragraphs. Three parenthetical phrases. (Not a bad day's work.)

Nancy said...

Joan : got ya, lol

Biddy: Valid point "Carol Brady" 'cept she had the mullet thingy going on down the neck.
And yes, don't ya love Delmer's take on the whole thing =)

Michael said...

I thought you were going to cut it sort of like Cait's. What happened to that idea?

Sorry, I voted no.

Anonymous said...

You look great either way so I gave you a yes vote thinking women always want a change. Don't they?


Casdok said...

Difficult one!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

No and No. But, hey, I have long hair so am totally biased. Short hair makes me look mumsy. It is soooo practical.

Nancy said...

Linda: "mumsy" ... yep, I fear cutting my hair and looking like my mother.

Carrie said...

I just voted for you not to cut your hair... how strange, I don't even really know you. But, I just wanted to vote because I think you have lovely hair. If you want to cut it just go with something shoulder length.

Audubon Ron said...

Don’t go changing, to try and please me; don’t change the color of your hair...

Dixie said...


Jessie said...

I voted No as well. Why? Because the pictures you showed made you look older. Not younger. If you want a change, maybe add staggering layers. Something to give you versatility but flattering.

I say this as someone that changes her hair length every couple years. Mostly cause it's a pain in the tush to upkeep.