Friday, June 24, 2011

Girls Night Out In

Contrary to popular belief, girl's night out isn't all about bars, eating, drinking, laughing, being silly, and recalling funny "ya had to be there" stories about co-workers, ex-boyfriends, and family.

No ... it doesn't have to take place in a bar.

Last night Margie and I went to Karen's house for our GNO.

And, all of the above went on.

Karen had prepared a lavish array of hor' dourve's. Just take a peek and know everything was as delicious as it looks.


Margie's interfusion of Mikes Lemonade with a shot *or 3* of Raspberry Smirnoff is my new drink of choice.

Just one drink on Karen's patio, in her lovely manicured yard, and the laughter began. Of course the stories began to flow and quite frankly "you had to be there."

Karen is an artistically creative person.  She is a crafter *in the most exquisite way, not a glue gun and glitter gal*.  Her decor is peppered with her talents from photography, to beautifully sewn draperies and decorative pillows. On display are her hand made candles and a hand made kitchen rug that I promise I'll "borrow" if I think I can get away with it. There are  many beautiful pieces accenting her lovely home made by her.

As we are sitting there enjoying the laughter, she whips out a bag of modeling clay. Like Edward Scissorhands she begins breaking off and rolling tiny pieces of clay.  Within minutes she created a turtle for Margie and this kitty for me.

Thanks girls ... it was a great night in.

** Best part make-up necessary **

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Conversation Hearts: Welcome (?) Home Puma

Just before Caitlin moved out of our house, Puma captured her heart.  I posted about it here.


At the time, Caitlin was convinced Puma was the ONLY kitten available in the whole county. She HAD to adopt him because we all know there is a shortage of kittens and why wait a couple weeks when her apartment would be ready to move into?

When Caitlin, Ray, and Mariah moved in with me *temporarily,  I told her she'd have to find new or *temporary homes for Puma and her Chihuahua Lola.

 Lola and Puma

Ray's sister took Puma and Caitlin's father took Lola ... *temporarily.

Puma moved into Ray's sisters apartment, but there is another cat living there.  It's been 2.5 months (11 weeks, 8 3/4 hours to be exact, but who's really counting) and it wasn't  working out.

So ... last night ... Puma came full cycle and is back, living in my house *temporarily.

Am I crazy, a softy, or just a mom?

The upside? Bill & Amy love Lola and will keep her until Cait, Ray, Mariah AND PUMA, get a place of their own.


I know I used subliminally *temporarily multiple times.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can I pass this off as a science project?

When did I become such a dust collector?

I used to always have a lady come in once a week to clean.  A couple years ago, I had to end that luxury.  

When my children were younger, my yea, I know I always refer to this OCD thing  OCD was always on overload.   After their bath and bedtime, I kicked into high gear.  It wasn't an oddity for me to begin major housework at 11:00 PM and working until 2 or 3 in the morning. Saturdays were always a cleaning day ... all day.

*Julie, I remember you and Janet sipping drinks on the deck watching your kids swim and laughing at me for being inside cleaning the window tracks in Caitlin's room with Q-tips*

Once they were older, I began having someone come in and clean.  I totally forgot what a cleaning routine was all about.

It's been a couple years since I quit having someone come it. In those couple years, I've let the cleaning part of my OCD cliff dive slip and I've become more of a lick-and-a-promise cleaner.

Sure, at first glance things look okay, just don't move anything, the layer of dust will be revealed.  My kitchen cupboards still suffer from my compulsion to have things neat and in order ... but those perfectly aligned items on all the top shelves? ..... loaded with dust!

I blame it on my failing eye sight. *And by eye, I mean one eye, remember, I only have vision in one eye ... and it's showing it's age!

The other day, I had my mega magnifying reading glasses on as I was walking through the house.  YIKES !!

Do NOT ever wear your reading glasses while walking through your house.

I'd like to hire a cleaning lady again, but now I'd have to clean before I'd even let someone come in to clean! Seriously, I think it would be easier to move.