Monday, June 30, 2008

"Bohemian Love"

I'm a sucker for romance and musicians. My kids dad is a musician and I remember the first song he wrote for me. Every time his band played it, people would ask "who does that?" thinking they were covering someone. It was that good. Had it got air play, it would have been a hit. Yeah, they should have been one of those bands that "made it". I digress.

Peter Doherty or his band The Babyshambles aren't on my list of my favorites. Pete, in fact is quite disgusting. I never could figure out what Kate Moss saw in him. Then again, she's an odd one too. When Kate finally dumped his azz and all the druggie baggage that went with it, I was glad for her.

Then, I heard this song Pete recently wrote for her and obviously self recorded and video taped. Kinda gets to the soft spot I have for musicians that write love songs. It isn't too bad, and I'm sure the things he focuses on in the video mean something to her ... that's if she even watches it.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Come Hither... Step into My Boudoir

Mrs. G at Derfwad Manor is holding an open house today at my house and many of her other readers houses.

She asked, "Reader, where is the heart of your home? What room in your house makes you breathe easier-makes you feel genuinely content?"

My bedroom, the only room nobody goes into but me.

Probably because it is the only room that is completed since I started painting and redecorating last January.

My mad photo skills didn't capture the true colors, but once again, as in my living room photos, my orbs were hanging out with me. I asked them to fly low while I took the rest of the photos, and they did.

My headboard is chocolate microfiber. The walls and comforter are the teal/blue that everyone and their brother are using with chocolate brown this year. Pretty close to the colors in the first photo. The orbs must have brightened up this shot. [that was taken in less than 30 seconds before the other, go figure]

The bench, also chocolate microfiber, opens up for some great storage. The picture above it is "The Girl With the Pearl Earring" by Johannes Vermeer. The gold faux silk drapes were inspired by the tones in this picture.

Since it's just my room, I decided to remove the bathroom door. It opened into the bathroom and took up too much space. It made the wall it opened to useless. Again, I used the chocolate and teal colors.

The print above is "Paris Rendezvous" by Jeff Williams.

I have my coffee while watching the news every morning as I sit relaxed, resting on the soft headboard. As far as sleeping ... it is so comfortable, I don't sleep. I slip into a coma before my head hits the pillow and awake with the Java I.V.

Head over to Mrs. G's house for links to other "open houses".

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

R.I.P. Wednesday

I posted about "dog death freaky-deaky" before, here.

I have noticed when Bently is outside, just relaxing, he lays in the driveway, next to the fence, right by a tree on my neighbors property. I always assumed it was for the shade, but he's there even when it's blistering hot and the shade hasn't made it's way over to the area he's laying in.

Yesterday, when I went out into the backyard, I walked over to the fence to talk to my neighbor. I mentioned that Bently always lays there and commented that I thought he just waits for him to come out and give him some attention.

My neighbor Bill, said, no, I bet he's just keeping old Sparky company.

I said, "Hu? Who's Sparky?"

He lifted the bottom branches of the tree and there was a rock, grave marker, with "SPARKY" hand carved in it.

He told me his dog died years ago and that's where he buried him.

Odd? Or just another Co-inky-dinky?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Emptied Camera

Like quite a few of the blogs I read, this blogger is lacking for subject lately. I emptied my camera just now and figured I'd share these random shots:

This past Sunday, my great niece K ...

... and her sister Little B in awe of her big sisters talents!

Lola got some "hand me downs" from a friend:

( Polo baby!)

And Lola loves her "brother" Puma:

My poor Quinn, his cataracts glare in all his photos:

I tried to capture a photo of Bently smiling:

So yeah, that's all I got for today. I guess with all the negative things in the news, I'm pretty lucky that I am leading a dull life ..... for now.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Another "Feel Good" Video

Just like the "Free Hugs" video, this one will make you smile and feel good. I've seen it posted on a couple blogs, but just in case you've missed it ... enjoy:

Check out Matt's blog for the full story on "Where In the Hell is Matt?"

Friday, June 20, 2008

Craig's Hit List

I've teased my sister Sandi a couple times this month because she has "fallen for" a couple minor, innocent scammy things. Once I point them out to her, the duh factor clicks in.

Well Sandi, it's come around and bit me in the bee-hind.

I took one for the team!

I have been looking for a new job (no surprise there) and daily I check the local papers on line and jobs posted on Craig's list. Now Craig's list seems like a perfect place for scams, so I am pretty cautious.

It seems there are some great sounding jobs posted, but the sleuth that I am usually sees that they are just posts by recruiters/headhunters probably fishing for some good resumes to fill positions they are working on.

Last week I found two jobs posted that I though looked good and real. The first is for a nationwide franchise that is opening in my area in the fall. They posted their name and website, so I knew it was real. I sent my resume.

The second sounded like a dream job, a perfect fit for me. It didn't give the "world wide" corporate name, but had a paragraph describing the company in detail. Enough detail that I could figure out who the company was with a few Google hits.

So, I sent my resume.

Yesterday, during my daily checking out of new jobs posted, I found this little warning about the job posted that I sent my PERSONAL INFORMATION to. Duh me! [forehead slap]

This is a SCAM - the information in the posting has been taken directly from the {company name} website and is not legitimate.

This is all part of a new scam set up by Harris Black, a con man living in Canada. Find out more info at

*** Picture removed, it was creeping me out ***
It's on the linkabove

  • Convicted of sexual assault
  • Indecent exposure
  • Posed as a pediatric physician
  • Is all over internet dating sites
  • Bilked people out of thousands of dollars
  • A world wide scammer
Yeah, so I sent a resume with my name and phone number on it. Doesn't take much to Google for my address.

So Harris, if you're reading this and dare to stop by, I'll greet you at my front door with Bently and a loaded AK-47 .

Thursday, June 19, 2008

There ...

... ya happy now?

Damned if he does, damned if he doesn't.

Wayne Community College, Taylor Mi ~ June 17, 2008

The decision to move two veiled woman behind him, out of camera range, at the Detroit Rally this past Monday, was made by his campaign people. One of the women wants a direct apology from Obama and a personal invite to sit behind him at his next rally. I'm sick of all the politically correct crapola and I wish the attention in this election would stick to the two presidential candidates platforms.

Personally, I think a Hijab works on bad hair days.

Maybe with my Polish heritage, I should consider wearing a babushka!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How Was Your Morning?

It should only take me 15 minutes tops to blow dry my hair in the morning.

It usually takes 30. Why? Because I have to stop and answer the phone.

Wait, I thought I heard the phone ring. Wasn't that the phone?
No missed call. Back to drying.

Okay, THAT'S the phone now. Stop drying. Nope, it's not ringing.

I hear it again. I ignore it because I know there is no one calling me ... the phone is now on the counter in the bathroom with me.

But wait. Did I just hear the door bell?


I discovered just after a hot shower, when my face is all warm and steamy, I can take a charge card and scrape it along my chin and forehead and really clear out the pores. Gross I know, but it works. BTW, I'm one of those types that makes a mess of her face cleaning things up that aren't even there.

So I am doing this and I scraped a bit too much this morning, on my chin. It looked like a rug burn. A rug burn without the fun that could possibly go along with chin rug burns. Thankfully, a cold compress and face powder made it go away before I left for work.

Oh be quiet, you know you are going to try the charge card thing. Especially since it works!


And while I am feeling like "Rosanne Roseannadana" with my grossness.

Do you cut your nose hairs? Have you ever REALLY looked ... in a magnified mirror girl? Well, I do and have for a couple years now. And this morning, damn, I cut myself. But, at least I have no nose hair.

And I bet ya'll though I was lady like!

(I am, but just in public)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More on Pit Bulls

I love my "grandawg" Bently. Even more since he has moved in with me. I could brag him up as some do their kids and grand kids ... because he is just so darn funny, loving and charming. Daily he has me laughing. I'll have to take some video and do some posts on him soon.

I read the blog "Wallace the Pit Bull" and love watching his frisbe competition videos. If you check him out, be sure to watch some of the videos in the archives.

I was excited to read Wallace and his owner Roo, have adopted Hector. Hector was one of the pits that was rescued and rehabilitated from the nasty Michael Vick situation.

The BadRap blog shows Hector united with Roo and their story.

BadRap (their organization site) has taken in the Vick dogs that weren't euthanized and has worked with them to rehabilitate them into loving pets, waiting for adoption. Check out the VickDogBlog for stories and photos.


The more I read about these dogs, and experience time with Bently and a couple of my son's friends Pit's, the more I realize what unfounded fear surrounds this breed. Not the breed being the problem as much as the owners.

I guess we see that with the Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman, and any other large intimidating looking dog. As I have said before, a bad dog, no matter what breed, is the product of a bad owner.

It is comical and quite amusing to see Bently, time after time, submit to Quinn, the older, 10 pound alpha dog of the house.

Monday, June 16, 2008


I'm certain this will become a reality.
I'll take one in white please.

More info here.

Friday, June 13, 2008

McMurphy and Me

Caitlin has been fighting a "bug' for a week now. High fever, sleeping all day, aches pains, etc.

Last Monday's doctor visit, they sent her home saying it was a bladder infection ... here, take these antibiotics.

Last night her boyfriend called me saying she wasn't well at all and could I come over.

She was burning up and lethargic.

I took her to ER. Temp 103 degrees

Blood, pee, swabs, x-rays ... the usual routine.

Mono? Nope Bladder infection? Nope Chest congestion? Nope Strep? Nope

Doctor: "Let's put her on an IV drip bag and hydrate her and cool her system"

3:30 am Temp 100.9 All tests are negative.

So where is the infection that is causing the fever?

Doctor: "Follow up with your family doctor."

After waiting for them to discharge her, I dropped her off at her apartment, went home took a shower and came to work.

Haaa-haaaa-Ho-ho-ho-ho . hee-hee -heee ..weeeeeeeeeeee! Zippity-do-dah


Lack of sleep and lack of insurance is making me flippin crazy!

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Jack Nichholson as R.P. McMurphy

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do You Remember Your First ...

Kiss Bill Evola (shut up Shelia)

Concert David Bowie @Masonic Auditorium, Detroit, Michigan March 1, 1973

Album Best of the Bee Gees

Date Jeff Wolf, I snuck out and got busted when I came home.

R-Rated Movie M.A.S.H.

Legal Drink Tequila Sunrise

Funeral My friend Joe's father

Kindergarten Teacher Mrs.Frick (1960, wow)

Gift of Jewelry Black Pearl Ring from Danny Gerardi (I still have it)

Net Paycheck about $72.00

Non-family Commenter on Blog Jessica @ Oh The Joys

Ticket 30 in a 25 on Catalpa in Royal Oak,MI

No Humping

A No Humping Wednesday

(I never liked that "hump day" thing)

So, last night after work, I talked to my boss about my co-worker Jack. Hu? You haven't read my rants about him here or here or here?

Basically he told me to just deal with it. Since he doesn't have to be around him as much as I do, and when he does Jack is on his best behavior, (SUCK UP) I am thinking my boss is just trying to keep peace. He did tell me Jack asked him why I won't talk to him. He asked the wrong person, don't you think?

So I've decided, seriously, if Jack asks me what's wrong (I don't talk to him unless it's absolutely necessary) ... I'm going to tell him. There are some things he does that I shouldn't really make public, but his disgusting other things are enough! I know it will cause a big war but I have that handled too.

I'm going to calmly tell him to go back to his desk and pour himself a nice tall glass of shut the fuck up!

I know I'll feel better.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


McCain's Promise

The child in me finds this funny.

The irony, his wife, Cindy McCain, is the daughter of James Hensley, founder of Hensley & Co., main distributer of Anheuser-Busch.

NOTHING said in this election campaign by either McCain or Obama, in error, will go unnoticed.

I'm sure Jay, Dave, Conan, and Jimmy's monologues will be written for them in the next few months by McCain and Obama.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Quinn, Bently, Lola

The "GrandDawgs" were together yesterday.

One 11 year old 10 lb. Bichone Frise.

One 2 year old 90 lb. Pit Bull.

One 8 week old 2 lb. hyper, speedy, Chihuahua.
Lola ... torturing the other two.

The photos are blurred because she runs so fast I couldn't get a good shot! Quinn was annoyed by her even being there and Bently just tolerated her.

She'd like to think she took this from Bently,
but he just let her have it. Maybe.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Presidental Gestures

Bump, Fist Bump, Pound, Fist Pound, Dap (dignity and pride) ... call it what ever you want.

When Michelle and Barack Obama opted to fist bump just before claiming the Democratic nomination victory, everyone took notice. It instantly "bumped" the web.

Whether this was planned or candid, I think it was brilliant.

Let's take a look at past presidents.

Pat and Richard liked to peace out.

George Sr. and Barbara high-fived everyone.

George and Laura like the old school waving.

Bill and Hill are all about the thumbs up.

And then there was V.P. Al and Tipper ... YIKES.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bringing Stanley Home

Final score Detroit Red Wings 3 Pittsburgh Penguins 2

The Detroit Red Wings are bringing home the Stanley Cup
for the 11th time in franchise history.

Go Wings!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3 Points*

I'm still on Weight Watchers ... only now I have been sticking to it.[smirk]

Even if you've never followed the diet, you've heard enough TV commercials to know everything has a point value.

I don't eat food, I consume points.

I stay between 18-20 points a day.

For breakfast I have been eating this at 2 points:

Now, (thank you very much Sandi)
I am loving this for breakfast at 3 points:

I may just drop my last 8 pounds before I go to BlogHer in July.

McDonalds Yogurt Parfait ~ Low fat yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, and granola.

*And you thought this was going to be a basketball post!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Oh Bama!

OK, just a little background on my obsession ability to manipulate schmooze my way around events and crowds.

I have always been able to get good tickets to concerts, sporting events, etc. Once there, I start looking around and usually decide I need closer seats. I get them, don't ask. It's always fun and legal.

Arriving at Troy High School just a little past 9AM was good. Our place in line was maybe 200 people back. The doors opened at 10:30. Just like a concert, T-shirts and buttons were being sold. The other 1,800 people were lined up behind us and the end of the line looked like it was flowing over into the next city.

By 10AM, my brain was on overload. How could I possibly be back in line this far and how will I ever get a close seat?

Hummm, who has authority around here?

It couldn't be as easy as flirting talking with the security men ... or could it?

Don't ask.

So ... we are on the main floor. Before 10:30. The first row is saved for VIP's. Who ever they were. The second had some saved and some available on the end area of the platform Barack (oh yeah, we're now on first names ... read on) would be holding court.

We opted for the third row pretty much front and center.

Barack spoke and reiterated everything that we have all heard, not bad, just nothing new. Or maybe he was saying something new, I don't really know because I was watching all the secret service men in action. I was impressed with their good looks and suits attention to detail and professionalism.

So, here are a few grainy photos. I though it was my crappy photo skills, but my sister's came out like this too. I think all the media flood lights funked up my shots. I should have adjusted the settings, but I was too busy being in awe.

He a youngin! He's well spoken. He has great teeth.(That's a fetish must for me.)

Then it came time for questions from "the peeps".
I raised my hand.
He gave me "the look" because I am thinking he may have been forewarned about me.

I could have told him how Bossy was on her Excellent Road trip when he was at Bossy's son's school and how she was bummed she missed the chance to see him. I may have asked if he would give a shout out to Bossy.

He did better, he send out this kiss to her:

Now the best part, (for real). At the end, he was making a sweep past the front row, shaking hands. People began to move forward, and so did we. I saw him politely shaking hands, smiling, and secret service strategically moving him along strolling our way.

He reached out to shake my hand, and as I took it, that "one more thing" instinct kicked in. I asked for a hug. He smiled and said sure. As he hugged me, 007 removed my hand from his back as quickly as I embraced him. I know he was just doing his job, but man oh man, I was hoping for a longer hug. Why? Because that suit! It was the finest suit I have ever seen or felt! It had to be 100% silk. It was so light weight and tailored to perfection.

And the photo of my hug? I'm sure some stranger has one of me. My sister had us all framed and when she clicked the button, the asswipe guy behind her thought his position for a photo would be better if he moved her over.

It was an awesome experience.

Hu? What's that?

Nope, not going to tell how we got in before 10:30 and got such good seats. It was legal and no clothing was removed for the cause!