Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hope ... for the Flowers

My brother calls me a couple times during the week when he's taking a break at work. We catch up on little nothings and everything. He's in automotive design, and for the most part we chat about his latest projects.

::: That of which I can't write about or he'd have to carjack my blog :::

Mike and I have been close since we were small. Maybe because we are just over a year apart, but probably because we "get" each other. Did I mention he is my only favorite brother too? He's had some medical deficits over the years that he's overcome, and some he's still dealing with. (I'll be posting about that soon.)

About 17 years ago, he had a closed head injury, an AVM blow-out in his noggin. Long story short, medically, he shouldn't be here, but since he is, he should have some handicap's. He not only fully recovered, he's gotten approval from the FAA to fly again. Anyway, his short term memory seems to be the only thing he deals with. I tease him that he uses the injury as his excuse, because all us over-fifty-year-olds suffer from CRS Syndrom. (can't remember s*it)

On the flip side, Mike can remember things from years ago that most would forget, even if they had it written in a journal.

::: Raising my hand and nodding yes here :::

There is a personality change that I see in him since his injury. He has a keen awareness to the "little things in life". His appreciation and focus is on the here and now. Mike certainly is one that stops to smell the roses.

Which brings me to our call of the other day. He was relating to people he is in contact with that are considered successful and wealthy by society's standards, and to those who struggle day to day to reach a level they think will bring them happiness and solve all problems. He asked me if I remembered the book Hope for the Flowers. We proceeded to recall the story.

I'm glad my brother is one who approaches each and every day with thanks and hopes. I wish I wouldn't allow myself to get so side tracked.

I came home and read the book again.

An excerpt:

"How does one become a butterfly?" she asked. "You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar."

If you haven't read it, please put it on your list to read. Especially to your children. Although it's a quick, 15 minute easy read, it will have you thinking for days to follow. And in our case, years.

Hope for the Flowers
By Trina Paulus

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Gold Hot Pants, era 1971

My best friend from high school, Karin, and I are in the process of planning a 35th reunion for our class of 1973. UGH, you read it right.

As I go through the list of names and yearbook photos, memories come flooding back. I have to be careful, remember what happened here when I reconnected with an old heart throb last year. But I digress.

I was thinking about Dave Bess(name shortened) the other day. I was a sophomore he was a senior. We had one class together, but just for 10 short weeks.

During the 5 minutes between classes changing, all the guys would sit along the window ledge in the main hall. I'll bet it was like that in most high schools, and if they can get away with it, I'm sure it's still like that.

Every time I walked pass "gawking guys alley", I'd see Dave sitting there. I'd get all flustered. I could feel my armpits getting sweaty. My mouth would get dry. My clammy hands could barely hold my books, surprisingly I never dropped them.

One spring day, I was feeling pretty darn good about how I looked. I had just got a new pair of "hot pants". Yeah, in the 70's you couldn't wear shorts to school, but with brilliant marketing, the fashion industry renamed short shorts, hot pants, and we got away with it.

I was wearing gold sateen hot pants, similar to those in the photo on the left. A tight white lace-up top, and some strappy white sandals with the unsightly big chunky heel.

I was making my way down "gawking guys alley" and there he was. This time was different. He was looking at me. ME. His eyes were on me the whole time as I continued my strut walk. Funny, I wasn't even sweaty or nervous. I just knew I looked the bomb and now I had his attention.

Just as I was about to step in front of him, his hand went up and he smiled. His finger curled towards me. WHAT! He was actually giving me the "come hither" sign? I stopped and leaned down, my long blond hair flowing just in front of his face. His finger beckoned me closer. Whoa, he was going to whisper in my ear!

My heart all aflutter, I lent my ear to his lips and he began to speak. Softly he said to me, "Your zipper is down." Accccck! I think I died a thousand deaths right there. I remained composed, stood up and thanked him for letting me know. As I started walking away he smiled and I knew he still would be alright in my book.

A couple weeks later, I was in home-economics class. (yeah, back then, they tried to teach us how to cook and sew, but we accepted it as an easy credit) One of the girls came in late for class, crying. As we all clucked around her like mother hens, she announced she was pregnant. By Dave Bess! I was crushed. Then she proceeded to say he was going to marry her, but also join the service because he knew he couldn't afford a family or college. I sincerely hope they made it.

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"Since losing all his super powers, he hasn't been able to hail a cab in a coon's age"

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bling Contest

Well, that was a selfish misleading title.

Actually, I am in the finals to win some beautiful earring from Mrs. Fussypants photo contest. Please head over to her site and vote for my entry. Careful, there are two Nancy's as finalist. If you haven't visited Fussy's blog yet, be prepared to add her to you "must reads" ... daily she makes me laugh.

"Since losing all his super powers,
he hasn't been able to hail a cab in a coon's age"

Monday, January 28, 2008

I Know it's Monday 'cuz ...

I hit prestart on my car, went out 10 minutes later only to find the windshield still frozen. I forgot to turn the blower on before I shut it off the night before.

Juggling a coffee on my way to work, a whole mile ride, I spilled drips down the front of my pale pink top.

When I went to the restroom to wash the coffee drips off, I noticed I forgot to put mascara on this morning.

The first file I grabbed off my desk gave me a paper cut on that space between my thumb and index finger. STINGS

Then, I opened my calender. It's a good day indeed!

Happy Birthday Matt ... my *favorite nephew!

* actually I love all my nephews equally, I just relate to this one more because he is a middle child and I am all about giving props to the middle child!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Miss America 2008

I am not really into beauty contests or pageants. I didn't watch this one last night. BUT, is sure is nice to have a winner from Michigan. She's Kirsten Haglund, from Farmington Hill's. (Real close to where I live)

More so, it was nice to see some positive national attention on Michigan in light of last weeks ongoing mess.

Congratulations Kirsten. You go girl, represent!

Friday, January 25, 2008

Motorcity Mayor, MIA (Double Entendre)

In his last term, the mayor of Detroit, Kwame Kilpatrick, was put under the microscope for some questionable choices. Although there were smoking guns, the people of Detroit decided to re-elect him and give him another chance term.

I could post a list of all the poor choices he has made over the years, but that would take several pages I think the real question here is his character.

In his latest scandal, which has made national news, it appears we have a case of perjury. In a nutshell, last year a Deputy Chief and a body guard for the mayor brought to light some wrong doings by the mayor and his inner circle. It was alleged, in retaliation, those two were fired for doing so.

The two fired men, brought suit against the mayor, during which they also brought up that the very married, father of 3, was having an affair with his chief of staff. During the trial, both the mayor and the chief of staff denied any affair what-so-ever. The case settled for 8.4 million. Are the taxpayers going to eat that? mmm-huh

Now, Detroit has it's own Sex, Lies, and Videotape Texting drama unfolding. Over 14,000 text messages have been examined and it appears the mayor and his chief of staff lied under oath.

As soon as this news broke, we hear the mayor has left the building. A news reporter found him in a house in Florida that he bought last year as a vacation home for his family. $$Ohhh-kaaaaay$$

Now, the latest tidbit to surface, is his time spent last weekend giving a speech at a prayer breakfast in NC. It appears his wife and sons did not go. The mayor 's hotel resort/spa receipts reveal that he was not alone. There were chocolate covered strawberries and champagne shared by two. An hour long massage shared by two, in the same room, and an aromatic whirlpool bath shared by two. The name given by the woman is obviously fictitious. Oh yes, the chief of staff? Out of town, unavailable.

As much as the local reporters are all over this, nobody has been able to locate the mayor.

This is definitely a character flaw to say the least, but the man needs to own up to it and step down. Detroit does not need the expense, the set backs, and lack of leadership that Kwame Kilpatrick has created.

One thing for sure, there's not going to be any more parties happening at their home, the Boogian' Manoogian Mansion.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kids and Dogs

Just thought I'd post something light. I've seen this series of kids matched with dogs cycle around in e-mail, but I don't know who to give credit to. So just enjoy. *smile*

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

10 Things I Hate About You

The first movie I ever saw Heath Ledger in was 10 Things. It was one of Caitlin's favorite movies, and I must have watched it a dozen times with her. I remember when it first came out thinking Heath was a good actor and would probably go far in his career.

With Brokeback Mountain and now his role as "The Joker" in the yet to be released The Dark Knight, added to his other highly acclaimed roles in Monster's Ball and The Patriot, Heath definitely has made his way in the film industry.

This is the he poem Julia Stiles character, Katarina, wrote in the movie, 10 Things I Hate About You, for Heath's character Patrick Verona. The poem is her interpretation of Shakespeare's Sonnet 141.

10 Things I Hate About You

I hate the way you talk to me
And the way you cut your hair
I hate the way you drive my car
I hate it when you stare

I hate your big dumb combat boots
And the way you read my mind
I hate you so much that it makes me sick
It even makes me rhyme

I hate the way you're always right
I hate it when you lie
I hate it when you make me laugh
Even worse when you make me cry

I hate the way you're not around
And the fact that you didn't call
But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.

And I'll add,

I hate when someone, with so much potential, so much to give, dies at such a young age.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Today WhyMommy is having surgery. A double mastectomy.

Susan has shared her story over the past months and has enlightened many of us on the other type of breast cancer.

She has many of us on her team rooting and praying for her. Please, join in by sending prayers, good vibes, good wishes, to her and her family today.

Please read about Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Just because you don't have a lump, doesn't mean there is no cancer.

My aunt and two first cousins had breast cancer. My mother was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She has recovered from the surgery and is waiting to begin radiation. Thank God, she has been told chemotherapy won't be necessary. Early detection is the key. The hardest part for my mom? She is here in Michigan, freezing, when she normally would be in Florida. Good trade-off I'd say.

WonderDaddy will log in and read comments to Susan tonight, so please leave her some thoughts of healing and good wishes.

**** UPDATE ****

Surgery is done, Susan is doing well (read this update)

Monday, January 21, 2008

P.S.A. Speeding Kills

Jack took a long look at his speedometer before slowing down: 73 in a 55 zone.

Fourth time in just a couple months. Dang, how could a guy get caught so often?

When his car had slowed to 10 miles an hour, Jack pulled over, but only partially. Let the cop worry about the potential traffic hazard. Maybe some other car will tweak his backside with a mirror. The cop was stepping out of his car, the big pad in hand.

Bob? Bob from Church? Jack sunk farther into his trench coat. This was worse than the coming ticket. A cop catching a guy from his own church. A guy who happened to be a little eager to get home after a long day at the office. A guy he was about to play golf with tomorrow.

Jumping out of the car, he approached a man he saw every Sunday, a man he'd never seen in uniform.

"Hi, Bob. Fancy meeting you like this."

"Hello, Jack." No smile.

"Guess you caught me red-handed in a rush to see my wife and kids."

"Yeah, I guess." Bob seemed uncertain. Good.

"I've seen some long days at the office lately. I'm afraid I bent the rules a bit just this once."

Jack toed at a pebble on the pavement. "Diane said something about roast beef and potatoes tonight. Know what I mean?"

"I know what you mean. I also know that you have a reputation in our precinct ."

Ouch. This was not going in the right direction. Time to change tactics.

"What did you clock me at?"

"Seventy. Would you sit back in your car please?"

"Now wait a minute here, Bob. I checked as soon as I saw you. I was barely nudging 65." The lie seemed to come easier with every ticket.

"Please, Jack, in the car"

Flustered, Jack hunched himself through the still-open door. Slamming it shut, he stared at the dashboard. He was in no rush to open the window.

The minutes ticked by. Bob scribbled away on the pad.

It would be a month of Sundays before Jack ever sat near this cop again. A tap on the door jerked his head to the left. There was Bob, a folded paper in hand Jack rolled down the window a mere two inches, just enough room for Bob to pass him the slip.

"Thanks." Jack could not quite keep the sneer out of his voice.

Bob returned to his police car without a word. Jack watched his retreat in the mirror. Jack unfolded the sheet of paper. How much was this one going to cost?

Wait a minute. What was this? Some kind of joke?

Certainly not a ticket. Jack began to read:

Dear Jack,

Once upon a time I had a daughter. She was six when killed by a car. You guessed it- a speeding driver. A fine and three months in jail, and the man was free. Free to hug his daughters, all three of them. I only had one, and I'm going to have to wait until Heaven before I can ever hug her again.

A thousand times I've tried to forgive that man. A thousand times I thought I had. Maybe I did, but I need to do it again. Even now. Pray for me. And be careful, Jack, my son is all I have left.


Jack turned around in time to see Bob's car pull away and head down the road. Jack watched until it disappeared. A full 15 minutes later, he too, pulled away and drove slowly home, praying for forgiveness.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Last year, by the time the BlogHer conference in Chicago came around, I was just figuring out what it was all about. Most of the attendees seemed to be moms gone wild getting together for a weekend to network.

The follow-up blog posts and photos proved that the conference was indeed, a useful tool in getting to know each other and establishing blackmail fees friendships.

So now, with reservations being made, roommates being chosen, and parties agendas being planned, I am trying to decide if I should go.

Have you decided yet? Are you going a day early to stalk the A Lister's have a day to just hang out? Are you looking for a person to hold your hair back while you puke roommate?

With this years theme being "Reach", that's just what I'm doing, reaching out and asking ... what are your plans?

So, {sing it}

If you are go-iiiiing to Saaan Fraan Cisco,

Be sure to wear, your name tag on your beer,

If you are go-iiiiing to Saaan Fraan Cisco,

You're going to meet some awesome people there.

Oh yeah, for the record, I will honor the rule " What happens in San Fran, stays in San Fran". And, I don't like Rice-A-Roni.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Gratitude Campaign

We seem to have hand gestures for just about every emotion.

Don't hold back using this one.

Lori, this post is for your son, Brian Jolley.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mitt, Mac, and Mike

Annually, at Cobo Center in beautiful downtown Day-twahh.

This year we have the primaries AND the auto show on the same day.
You know what that means. Mitt, Mac, and Mike were at the auto show.

Here's Mitt and the Mrs. posing sitting in an all American Ford.

Then we have McCain in a Mazda Ryuga concept car.

And Mike and his wife in a Ford concept.

Whew, they all made it to Motor City! Now on with the polls.

As I type this, looks like Mitt has a win, perhaps riding a bit on Pops coat tails? His dad, George Romney, was Michigan's governor from 1963 - 1969.

Hillary has the win in Michigan's primary for the democrats. Hey, Hil? Why didn't you show up at the auto show? Just not into cars? Eh, me either. Besides, you get your butt chauffeured all over ... I bet your driver's license hasn't been renewed in years. Do you really need one?

Back at the auto show. They showcased some concept cars, hybrids, and production cars.

Ford Verve Concept

Honda Hybrid

2009 Dodge Journey

And finally, a trio sampling of the ever present shiny new models that are found throughout the show.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Dress

Caitlin in "The Gold Dress"

In my early twenty's, I was going through the junk in my mother's basement (a whole post in itself) and I found an old black and white photo of me when I was about a year old. In another box of junk, I found the actual dress I was wearing in that photo. My mother was not one to save things of sentiment, so I think this was just a fluke.

I saved the photo of me and the dress, in case I ever had a daughter, I'd try to recreate the picture. I have saved all Bryan and Caitlin's clothes from birth through age 5, that they had professional photos taken in ... just in case. And it wouldn't be a fluke *smiles*

Do you have photos of you and your mother, grandmother, or daughter with the same outfit on? Wedding gown? Christening gown?

So here I am ... in "The Gold Dress" ... and Caitlin ...

Yes, those are teeth/bite marks on both photos ... I only fed her paper at that age.

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Good looking charge card guy for 2 weeks of fun filled, frolicking in the sun and sand vacation.

Can you tell the after holidays, mid-winter, January yucks are here?
Can't fault me for trying, eh?

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


Last night, I woke up about 3AM from a deep sleep. My heart was racing. It wasn't a dream that startled me. It was a thought.

I thought that my dog Quinn had just died. He was curled up behind my knees sound asleep, but I nudged him anyway, just to make double sure.

I went back to sleep and didn't think about it again ... until just this evening.

My son Bryan came over with Bently.

Just as they were leaving, he said, "Oh yeah, do you remember Jake? Uncle Ron and Aunt Pattie's dog?" (ex-in laws to me now)

I said, "Yeah, Jake ... sweet 'ole Jake." My kids have loved that dog since day one. Jake is 16 years old, so he's always been around for them.

Then Bryan said "He died last night. Just had a heart attack in the middle of the night and died."
::: chills :::
Have you ever had anything like that happen? Coincidence, or is there something to it?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'm an ENTJ

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test as part of a job interview? Me either, my personality has a way of entering the room before I do, so it hasn't been necessary.

About 75% of the fortune 500 companies use this test as part of their evaluation and screening of potential employees. Basically, there is a series of questions and your answers fit within 16 different personality types that are categorized into four temperaments.

I took this test over ten years ago.
The results were an ENTJ.

Extroverted iNtuitive Thinking Judging

I took the test again, two years ago, on line, and again ENTJ. I think if you take the test honestly, you'll always come up the same. Unless of course, you are Sybil.

ENTJ's are leaders, hard working, analytical, thinkers that hold their own in a debate, curious, efficient and strategic.

Somewhere in the stats I read there are more male ENTJ personalities than female. Whatever.

John Lennon, Bill Gates and David Letterman are ENTJ's, but so are Whoopie Goldberg and Jim Carrey.

There is a fee to take the actual test, but this site has a free test that is very similar, if you want to see where you fit in.

If you're an ENTJ, check this out, it is the actual Meyer-Briggs breakdown for careers, relationships, and personal growth. As I read through these pages, I had to admit they are very accurate. I seem to fit the mold but there are a few ways I wish I didn't.

Side thought: The last LTR I was in, for 3 years, was a bumpy ride. And why? We started off "so much alike." During the last months we were together, he took the M-B test for a new job he was seeking. Sure enough, he is an ENTJ. We laughed about it, he got the job, and I think it makes sense to both of us now why we didn't work out.

Friday, January 4, 2008


I came to work today.

With a fever.
With a snotty nose.
With runny eyes.
With an attitude.

And with a WHIP. *CRACK*

I told Jack, "You will go to the doctor today. You will get drugs. You will get rid of these germs you keep passing through the offices that only you and I share."

I asked him if his wife and kids are sick. Nope, they aren't.
I told him my kids and friends aren't sick. Just me ... and him.
Nobody else at work is sick. Just us.

When I was done cracking the whip, I handed him my doctor's name and phone number and demanded he call while I stood there.

He goes in at 10:45.

Damn, I feel better already. Is it the power of the whip or the anticipation of getting rid of this bug once and for all?

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Haircut !

I know, why ask if I didn't follow your opinions?

Caitlin cut and highlighted my hair last Saturday. I like it, but I have to get used to styling it. It doesn't look the same as when she did it, but when do we ever leave a salon and are able to style it the same? She did a longer version of her new cut.

PS ~ I know the photos are blurry, that's just about how my runny eyes are seeing right now with this flu bug.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year Cooties

It's the 2nd day of the new year, and I'd like to think I have met my germ quota for 2008.

Since I have been sick the past couple months with cooties of all sorts, I hoped my celebrating of "out with the old, in with the new" would include the end of being sick.

I had a fun-filled New Years Eve celebration, the usual girls night out, but with more fanfare. Even the ride home at 2am, in the snowstorm that turned out to be 8-10" in my area, wasn't bad.

It was waking up, not hung-over, but with a huge sore throat and sinus infection, that has kept me in bed until just a few minuted ago. I was asleep by 8 O'clock last night, and just got up now (2pm) ... I don't ever recall sleeping that long.

My Google reader is on overtime, so I think I will go catch up with all your posts I have missed, then maybe go back to bed.

Thanks for the e-mails wondering where I am, it's good to be missed.