Sunday, November 4, 2007

34 Years Later ...

We decided to meet early and watch the Michigan vs Michigan State game. John lives about an hour from me, out in nowheresville. I drove to the corner of the designated spot to meet and pulled in the parking lot. If he hadn't told me he'd be there on his motorcycle, I have to admit, I wouldn't have recognized him. I followed him back to his house, and yes, it wouldn't have been easy to find, so I see why he had me meet him where we did.

I could tell he was nervous. After 15 minutes, he was fine, the funny, fun guy I remember from high school. We flipped through the yearbook for awhile and showed each other our kids photos, then left to go watch the game at the only bar in his small town. We had fun going down memory lane, recalling high school stories, and playing I wonder what ever happen to (so-and-so).

We had dinner, a few drinks then went back to his place. More talking, catching up, and laughing ... he is funny. He admitted to having a crush on me in high school and shared his fears of even talking to me. He settled for sitting next to me in all the classes we had together and copying off my paper. He thanked me for his good grades.

John was a kind, liked by all guy in high school, funny and fun, with a impish boy charm to him. That hasn't changed. He still likes his cars, motorcycles, video games, and guitars. I know, you're wondering if we'll go out again. I think I will just keep it as "buds".