Monday, November 12, 2007

Marie Millard Who?

My first post explains why I named this blog Marie Millard.

When I wrote about the different Google searches the other day, I went through my site meter to see what people had Googled, to bring traffic here.

Marie Millard came up a lot. I had noticed this before, but now I was wondering why or who would search that name.

So I just did.

My blog comes up first.

Then, there is Marie Millard, Realtor:

Marie Millard Realtor, Broker:

Marie Millard, CPA

Marie Millard Coordinator for a school district

There are a lot for Anne-Marie Millard, fitness instructor, author, personal trainer:

So I wonder, who are you Googler's looking for?

The 2 Marie Millard Realtor's ? I can't sell my house ... go ahead, give it a try.

Marie the CPA? Want to show me some creative financing? Like how to increase my portfolio ... wait, I don't even have a portfolio!

Marie Millard School Coordinator? Bless you, dealing with kids, teachers, PTA know-it-all's, and my favorite ... MEAPS (not)

Anne-Marie Millard? I certainly could use one or 10 of your work out videos!

And when I Google Nancy *birth last name* ...

There is one, a professor and author in neuropsychiatry.

Don't analyze this post, it's just fill for NaBloPoMo. *wink*


Sherry said...

I love the "brains" behind this post!! The neuropsychiatry...what a big "fill" for NaBloPoMo!!! :) Who knew there was another "you"!!

It does make you wonder what people are looking for when they google Marie Millard....

I'm off to google a few things...a curious mind wants to know a few things (or maybe I don't!!)

Sunshine said...

My porn name is way better than my movie star name.

Michael said...

You beat me to the punch. I googled myself about a month ago and was going to post about the various Michaels out there. I just never found the time...

Joan said...

When I googled myself I found 3 things: race results from a 5k 2 years ago, a link to my work's website, and CPA stuff. boring.

Twisted Cinderella said...

I love how you came up with your name! Very cool

San said...

Are you ready? Google this

Casdok said...

Its interesting! I did a post on this to.

captain corky said...

I'm a nobody, but Captain Corky... ;)

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

Funny post!! I am loving this whole NaBloPoMo thing.

Audubon Ron said...

Will the real Marie Millard please stand up.