Monday, August 20, 2007

Best Nights of My Life

The lovely Ev at My Life Is Murphy's Law, tagged me for an interesting meme.

I am supposed to write about five of the best nights of my life. This one was harder than I thought it would be. Not that I have had so many great nights, it's more about defining great memories.

1) I loved all the summer nights when I was under 10 years old. Playing outside with the neighborhood kids. The days when we all played tag, hid-n-seek, red light / green light on someones front lawn. The 'skeeter bites. Swimming in the pool at night, the water was so warm, you didn't want to get out. Making tents out of blankets to sleep outside. Yeah, those are some favorite nights.

2) During my early 20's, my cousin Cyndi and I became roommates. We were both in full tilt party mode. We had a favorite club on the lake we called our own. It was back in the early 80's and this club had a line each night like a quasi Studio 54 where the doorman would pick and choose who could enter or not. Cyndi and I would show up after 10 and walk straight up to the front door. We'd enter the packed wall to wall club and proceed right to the bar. There would be our two seats reserved for us with drinks waiting. We thought we were the sh*ts and ya know what, we were! We would never get "picked up", never got drunk, was always the life of the party and every night went out on someone's yacht or huge boat and partied until the sun came up. We'd haul as*es home, shower, go to work, come home, sleep until 8PM , get up and do it all over again. Yes, those were some wicked fun nights!

3) Before I had my kids, their dad played full time in a band. Every summer the band booked two weeks at a rock bar on Mackinac Island. Those nights were some of the best partying nights I can remember.

My favorite story to tell is one night in particular. My sister and her husband had come up to spend a few nights. It was after the band was done playing and we all were relaxing in a room at the club. Someone had cut a few lines of coke *gasp* onto the lid of the player piano in the room. My sister Sandi, innocent as can be, came into the room. She saw the player piano and in a flash, lifted the lid, slid it back, and was going to check it out. ( She and I could play a mean "Heart and Soul" duet) My ex and I (non coke users) couldn't stop laughing because we knew she was unaware what happened, and the druggies were freaked out at the loss of their crapola.

4) My children. Of course those delivery nights are the best, but maybe not in terms of having fun! Bryan was born at 2:02 AM and Caitlin at 9:34 AM. I wore blue socks into the delivery room for Bryan and pink for Caitlin. I still have them, never wore them again afterwards. They were my lucky socks. Not quite my usual party memories, far from it, but the most important nights of my life.

5) My 5th best time of my life ... has yet to happen, but I look forward to it.

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Michael said...

My oh my...I'm rolling over here about the coke on the piano. I'm totally oblivous like that.

Nancy said...

Michael: The Captain Obvious gene rules, eh?

Dixie said...

I miss all those seemingly endless summer nights as a child. Just laying out in the grass and watching the stars and clouds go by.

Jami said...

I'll put this in my Meme Queue. Right at the top, in fact.

Mary Alice said...

So many nights to choose from. I'll get to that this the way, I love that you kept your birthing socks!

Beth said...

I loved this meme...I remember those nights as a little girl, playing in the dark, catching lightning bugs and putting them in a jar or worse, pulling their lights off and wearing them as rings.

this wa a really good one. You've lived the life girlfriend!!

captain corky said...

Any hair pics from your 80's party days? Seeing Max for the first time is in my top 5 best moments of all time too. ;)

Jen M. said...

You have had a great life! My favorite is your summer nights before the age of ten. I miss those, too.

Guilty Secret said...

"I'll have a Cafe-Mocha-Vodka-Valium-Latte to go please" - best blog subtitle I have ever seen!

Joan said...

I commented on this post a few days ago but it didn't show up. Now I can't remember what I said!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Nancy.....we need to party together! Could be fun....could be dangerous! :)