Monday, November 19, 2007

Eye Spy

I'll post more later, but I am off to take my son Bryan for Lasik. This is a newer type procedure using the IntralaseFS laser. If you have had Lasik using this laser, leave a comment please.

*** Update ***

I took longer to drive there and back! (one hour each way) It was awesome. I watched the whole procedure. Dr. has a glass wall looking into the OR. He also has a big screen in the room to view the details. At first, I wasn't sure I could watch, the squeam factor, but it really was neat. The "target" lining up looked like something out of Star Wars. Then when the laser "fired", yep, again, like Star Wars.

Bryan sat up and said he noticed the difference immediately. He said there was no discomfort during the surgery. On the way home, he said it was just blurry, but because of all the drops they put in.

I took this from the Dr.'s page about the laser he used on Bryan:

Intralase™ FS laser
The Intralase™ FS Laser provides an all-laser approach to lasik surgery. It uses the laser to create the corneal flap. Not only does it have a new level of safety assurance but the computer-controlled laser provides unprecedented control and the ability to customize the flap for each of our patients.

Conventionally, a Microkeratome has been used to create the corneal flap. This is a mechanical, hand- held instrument that sometimes can contribute to LASIK complications. Though the complications are rare (1 in 2500 or 5000 cases) the Intralase™ makes LASIK much safer by reducing the rare occasion of complications.

IntraLASIK, is the term used when the combination of Intralase™ is used in conjunction with LASIK. Intralase™ uses a laser beam that is focused into a small spot of energy. This energy passes harmlessly through the outermost layers of the cornea until it reaches the exact measurement within the corneal layer needed to make the flap.

Researchers are exploring the possibility of using the Intralase FS Laser in other procedures, such as cornea transplants and glaucoma treatment.

Why the Intralase™ FS Laser:

  • IntraLASIK is a safer procedure that eliminates the potential of complications from mechanical microkeratomes.
  • IntraLASIK allows correction of higher refractive errors especially those with thin corneas because of the ability to make precise shallow flaps.
  • IntraLASIK significantly adds precision and predictability by using an all laser procedure.
  • IntraLASIK creates a better fitting flap, when put back into place form a tighter seal. This makes dislocation after the procedure more difficult.
  • IntraLASIK is painless and a more comfortable procedure because there is less pressure placed on the cornea than with the laser Vsvs mechanical microkeratome.


Joan said...

I hope it goes well. 'Glad he has his mom there for him.

Michael said...

I didnt' even know Bryan needed glasses.

Pink said...

I want to know more about how it goes. I'm thinking of looking into it again for myself at Christmas.

Hope it goes well.

San said...

Glad it was so quick and painless. Isn't technology amazing?

Nancy said...

Michael: he had been wearing contacts

san: No, it isn't. I'll sing technology those praises when I can have lypo, tucks, nips, and smooth out the wrinkles, with the same ease as the Lasik. Now THAT would be amazing! LOL

Erin said...

Is it still crazy expensive?

Nancy said...

erin: well, we can all justify anything, lol. Bryan is 22 so the expense vs the cost for contacts and glasses for the rest of his life makes it worth it. This is supposed to be "it" for life until mid 40's when and if he needs reading glasses.

delmer said...

The ex has Lasik years ago. I couldn't watch as doing so would have made me ill.

She went from being blind as a bat to reading book titles on the shelf across the room in a short period of time.

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

very cool!
Give up a follow up post once he heals for a day or two. I love science!

Linda said...

Give my love to Bryan and tell him to get well soon.

Patriot said...

How cool is that! I've worn contacts for ten years now, and I can't imagine waking up and being able to see!

Just wanted to let you know about a new giveaway I'm hosting this week. Thanks!

lis said...

Oh if I had just waited 7 yrs., I ended up with having 'PRK',they said my cornea were too thin, we're talkin pain that had the outcome not been soo good would not have been worth it.
However it was worth it and remember everything looking so vivid and beautiful crisp and clear. Still does...
Way to go Bryan!!