Wednesday, November 7, 2007

You Had to Be There

This morning, a newscaster was trying to relate a story, through tears, that was funny, but I realized "you had to be there". It made me think of two such stories.

Years ago, my friend Dee recruited me to "spy" on her boyfriend. She was sure he was cheating on her. We waited until dark, drove to his house and parked down the street. We were walking to his house with the intention of hiding until he came home. She needed to see if he arrived alone or not. We were just about to his house when I noticed car lights coming and I knew it was him. As I dove behind the hedge to hide, I yelled to Dee to take cover. I was well hidden, but as he pulled up into the driveway, headlights scanned the front yard during the turn. As if in a spotlight, there stood 5'9" 135 lb. Dee, eyes closed, arms tight to her body, scrunched behind a tree. Nope, not the huge old oak tree, the newly planted, 4' tree with about a 3" trunk. Dee would never make a good Bond Girl.

My other "you had to be there" moment was when I worked for a bank. It was Christmas time and the bank ordered piggy banks to sell. They displayed them on the shelf in front of the tellers, pretty much at eye level. There were hundreds of them. I was sitting at my desk, off to the side of the tellers, when I noticed a good looking guy come in and get in my friend Kathy's line. The bank was busy and every line was full. I picked up the phone and called Kathy.

Me: "Kathy, see that guy sixth from the front in your line? Pull his signature card and see if he's single."

Kathy: "What? Who?"

Me: "The guy in your line, sixth from the front."

Kathy: (way too loud) "I can't see a thing with all these pigs in front of me."

Everyone standing in line looked at each other and started laughing as Kathy back peddled and tried to explain she was referring to the piggy banks. When Mr. 6th got in front of her, he said "Hi, I'm Porky" ... and darn it, he was married.


Dixie said...

I loooove you had to be there moments! They are the best! It's this secret bonding moment between those who were there!

captain corky said...

Was he cheating on her, and did they get married? I must know!!! ;)

Nancy said...

dixie: indeed, a one word prompt between the 2 involved usually brings an explosion of laughter.

Cork: lol, they didn't get married.

Michael said...

My friend Nicole and I had one of those moments way back when we were undergrad students. The result was uncontrollable laughter right in the middle of a class we were in. It was so bad we had to get up and leave as everyone looked at us like we lost our minds. To this day, if we remind each other about that day, we still crack ourselves up. Totally stupid, I know, but you had to be there.

Speaking of which, I need to remind Nicole about that...we're due for a good laugh.

Thanks for the trip down memory lane :o)

icanseeclearlynow said...

your friend hiding behind a skinny tree reminds me of a you had to be there moment of my own. i still crack up when i remember!



Sherry said...

Had to be theres are great Nancy...I especially love the last one!! "Porky" indeed!!! :)

Sunshine said...

I love the pig one. Some friends never know how to use their "indoor voice"!

Beth said...

HA! LOL!!!

Well?....was he cheating?

Jen M. said...

I wasn't there and those both made me giggle :)

Mary Alice said...

I was laughing so hard at that. Totally something that I would have been involved in. It reminded me of something, so I blogged about it and linked back to you.

delmer said...

I loved the 'hiding behind the tree' story.

And the 'pig' story reminded me of something that happened at work.

One the women was complaining about her computer and as I was trying to fix it another woman started complaining about hers. I loudly said, "Give me a minute. I can only handle one bitch at a time."

Meaning 'one complaint at a time.' Which is what all the women in the area knew I meant, but they still all gave me the "oooooohhh" you'd expect.

Gnightgirl said...

I just read this entire post to Clint, laughing my butt off! Great post! (Good nablopomo ma po tofue idea!)

Be Inspired Always said...

Great hiding behind the tree story.Sometimes you really don't need to be there to laugh your socks off.

Great post!