Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I know your daughter is only eleven, but really Madonna,
waxing isn't like wearing make-up. She's very cute.

Does this picture mess with your vertigo for a few seconds?

Do you think these would go with my wet suit?

A long lost brother of Pinocchio?
Do you think this messes with Pinocchio's vertigo?

This is my niece Rachel ... guess why she made the face?

(Rach, your mom said I could post this)


Those "heels"aren't for walking, they are fins for SCUBA or snorkeling

Rachel's brother got a new camera and simply said "make a face".


Joan said...

I'm betting it was something she saw on t.v.
I saw that picture of Madonna's daughter elsewhere. I agree her mom needs to have something done about those brows and moustache.

Robin said...

Umm yes, she'll be waxing soon. Yikes. Though if she's not self-conscious yet at 11 I think I wouldn't rush to make her so (if I were her mom of course, instead of a snarky commenter).

As for your niece, I'm guessing very big bug.

Sherry said...

Great post as always...can't get over how much Lourdes looks like Madonna!!! Didn't Madonna need to wax at that age too...doesn't she remember? Doesn't she have compassion?!?!

Why is your niece shrieking? Maybe she saw the photo of Lourdes..or worse yet..maybe pinocchio's cousin succumbed to his vertigo & fell off the mountain!!!

Carrie said...

Stilettos with a wet suit... hmmm, interesting. But, sadly I can't partake, I tend to fall flat on my face on solid ground all the time. Add 3 inches, a surfboard and water and I should probably get my will ready and buy lots of life insurance. I would see it as a very deadly fashion choice for yours truly.

Did your niece just see an ugly fat guy?

Nancy said...

Carrie: If you look closely, they aren't for walking/standing on =)

San said...

Lourdes is so cute. I'm sure she's waxing by now if she saw that pic.
The guy sitting on the edge of the cliff...Whoa! Makes me nauseated just looking at him there.
Rachel-I know but I won't tell. And to be fair, you'll have to post a regular picture of her so everyone can see how cute she really is.

Jami said...

I want to believe that that picture of Lourdes has been Photoshopped. I can't believe that if it it hasn't been altered that she's happy with how it looks. Having said that, however, I will also say that if she IS OK with how she looks, more power to her. It's HER face!

Rubber clown stilettos? Not for me.

Your niece just found a big fuzzy caterpillar climbing up her leg. That's what would make ME look like that, anyway.

Linda and her Surroundings said...

The look on your neice's face is the same sort of look I get when I see a spider.

delmer said...

I was just about to say that Rachel is making the "there's a spider on me" face ... I see Linda beat me to it.

Michael said...

Rachel is so not happy with me - lol.

Mary Alice said...

accckkk. Poor child.

Jessie said...

The man looking down...the only thought I had was "dude, that's a long fall if you slip." Yeah, I'm Miss Obvious today. Call me crazy, but I like not sitting on the Ledge of Doom (TM). Cause I have self-preservation skills.

Dixie said...

I'd get that look on my face if I opened my eyes and was sitting in that "vertigo" picture!

willam said...

ohmygod! where do i buy those fins! email me