Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Poll: Men and Bathrooms

On my personal info list, I admitted to being a germ-o-phobe. Of the many things that my cootie radar zeros in on, hand washing, after using the restroom, is a biggie.

I work with all men. There is a restroom in the back of the shop that they use, I won't go near it. There is a unisex restroom in the front office area that I use, but unfortunately, the two men in the front office use it too. Yes, even Jack. It is also the restroom that we have to allow general public, salesmen, and reps. to use, yuck.

The restroom wall is shared by my office wall, and is so close, I can hear water running. Thank God I can't hear bodily functions.

I am not sure why, but most men do not wash their hands after taking a pee. I hear the flush, no water running, then the door opens, not enough time to wash has passed. Since men hold their dick to pee, you'd think they'd want clean hands even before they handle their jewels.

I wash my hands before and after I pee. Think of where your hands have been in a work environment ... keyboards, phones, pens, paperwork ... all used by others. No way will my OCD allow me to use my hands for clean up duty without washing them before I pee and of course after.

*Side note ... I can't use toilet paper either. I have to use wet wipes. Don't laugh, I am not the only one that thinks like that. Gnightgirl son agrees, I can't find her post, but he stated using toilet paper vs wet wipes is like cleaning up pet poop from the carpet with paper rather than water and a cloth. You wouldn't just clean it up with paper, right?

Then, after I wash my hands, I have to use the paper towel to open the restroom door because all I envision is the last man turning that door knob with his unwashed hand that just held his dick to pee.

I don't need you to tell me I am a kook about my restroom habits, but I would like to know if you are a guy, do you wash or not after peeing? How about before peeing? Do you women notice this too with your coworkers or the men in your household?

Moms and Dads, please teach your boys that before and after washing is a good thing!


Kevin Charnas said...

That's actually a very good point about washing our hands BEFORE we hold our peeps. I never thought of it that way.

I'd say 95% of the time, I wash my hands after taking a whiz. Mainly because I'm thinking of other peoples germs. I don't know why there is a 5% left over...I'm going to have to remedy that. And I use the paper towel to open the door as well.

However, you don't want know what else guys do in the bathroom. All I'm going to mention is boogers...You don't want to know what they do with boogers in bathrooms. It's unbelievable.

Nancy said...

Kevin: NOTHING amazes me when it comes to mens habits ... click on the post I highlighted for Jack. =)

Gnightgirl said...

What timing, we just had a similar conversation at work today. I was concerned that people thought I didn't wash my hands, as I usually wash BEFORE I flush, then use the paper-towel to turn off the water and THEN flush...otherwise, you're touching that poopy flusher handle, turning on the water, getting the knobs all poopy, washing your hands, and finishing up with touching those poopy water knob turner-on-er things again.

So, the toilet tank may still be filling up when I walk out...but I Washed, dammit!

(Oh, and Brian said peanut butter in a carpet, but I think yours is more appropro. haha)

Michael said...

My response was so long I turned it into a post on Captain Obvious.

moodswingingmommy said...

Yuck! I've wondered about this before and just blocked it out. We're working hard on the hygiene here with the preschooler.

Nancy said...

GnG: I too use paper to flush and unless I am using a sensor self flusher, I do the balancing act to flush with one foot.

PB/Pet PooP, lol looks the same!

MSM: I wish I could block it out. I suppose if I was in a third world country, HAVING a working toilet would be wonderful and flushing bare handed would be the least of my problems ... all in perspective isn't it?

Twisted Cinderella said...

okay, yuck!

Beth said...

I always wash my hands after I pee...esp. in a public restroom. Although, I might start doing it BEFORE I pee too, since I never really thought about how dirty my hands are and how close they are to my cooter.

guys, that's just nasty. You're holding your penis, for goodness sake! WASH! eewwww...I am really grossed out right now....I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.