Sunday, November 11, 2007

Where Did My Sunday Go?

What a long-ass day. I thought Sundays were for a day of rest? I stepped out for a couple errands just before noon and here it is almost 10:00PM before I am getting home.

I decided to finally go look at Art Van Furniture store to see how I could spend my $100 gift card I won on the radio contest a few weeks ago. I know, what can you get for $100? I knew I'd probably be adding to it. I'm almost done redecorating my bedroom, so I thought I could pick up something as an accent piece. Of course I couldn't find anything. I was just about to walk out, when I spotted something I'd probably never consider, but it matched my dresser remarkably well. It's a jewelry armoire. Not that I have tons of jewelry, but I do have some nice pieces. It has larger drawers for gloves, scarves, my gun, porno tapes, handcuffs etc. Besides, when I get robbed, this makes it easier for the burglar to get everything in one swoop. It looks very similar to this photo ... I didn't take it out of the box yet.

I went to Cait's and finally got a photo of the cat she had to rescue.

Meet Jenny, 2 years old. I have to admit, her markings are beautiful. She must have been abused because she still hides when anyone comes into Cait's apartment. She's just starting to come out for me. Cait says she doesn't come out for anyone, so I am honored ...Aa-a-choooo!

We went to dinner at a local pub and watched part of the Detroit Lions lose. I love spending time with Caitlin, but she wears me out. Mentally.

Me: What did you do last night?

Cait: Carly's folks are up north, so she had a poker party in her dad's Man Cave.

Me: Man Cave?

Cait: Yeah, the garage is drywalled, heated, carpeted, 3 refrigerators, a pool table, beer-pong table, big screen TV, and about 6 poker tables.

Me: Oh ::: but thinking WHAT THE FU*K :::

Cait: So yeah, I learned how to play poker.

Me: Ummm, with money?

Cait: No, I didn't want to since I was just learning.

Me: Not clothes? Not strip poker?

Cait: No mom, there were a bunch of people I didn't even know.

Me ::: wondering, so if she knew them it would be OK? :::

Me: So what did you play with.

Cait: Mom, CHIPS, haven't you heard of poker chips?

Me: Oh yeah ... I bet her dad has a ton of them.

Cait: Hu? What? ... we used cans of Pringles and divided them up.


Casdok said...

Ha ha!
Lovely to meet Jenny! She looks adorable.

San said...

LOL at Caitlin...she really should be a comedienne.

Joan said...

Funny. Shame on you for thinking the worst.

Beth said...

Caitlin's cat is cute...and I love the Pringles as chips!

Robin said...

They played for Pringles? I think you haven't taught her well enough... ;-)

Jami said...

Actually, using Pringle's for chips is a good idea. Just don't eat the blue ones.

Audubon Ron said...

ARCI Your write it; I read it!

Strip Poker. The Pringles were used a pasties.

You got to delve deeper mom. Got to ask the right questions.

Nancy said...

cas: yes, she is such a pretty cat.

san: and YOU know there are more stories ... I could write a book! LOL

joan: she's from MY gene pool .. I remember the days, lol

bet: I would have ate them

robin: nope, I'd rather her not bet cash or clothes, lol ... food is OK =)

Jame "blue chips" ... why of course =)

ron: HUSH! and Cait thinks I am too nosy as it is, lol

Michael said...

Interesting choice of contents for your new jewelry armoire. I'm now cleaning the food spray off my laptop screen.

Nancy said...

Michael: I was just seeing who reads this in it's entirety, lol

witchypoo said...

I have to know just what beer pong is.
Clueless in Canada.

Nancy said...

witcheypoo: It's a beer drinking game, a must in college, and a better way to use a ping-pong table, lol

Biddy said...

Cait is blonde, isn't she? lol i am laughing SO hard right now...tee hee

i love me some beer pong