Monday, February 5, 2007

Who is Marie?

Since I read quite a few favorite blogs on a daily basis, I decided I wanted to start my own. My hesitation has been because I am not sure which way this is going to flow. There are so many "mommy blogs" ... yes I am a "mommy" but to a 21 year old son and 18 year old daughter. I don't think they would find much humor in my posting their daily trials and tribulations. They probably hope that I don't know half of what they are doing!

There are the bloggers promoting their businesses, the travel blogger, the gossip blogs, the lets-keep-the-family-up-to- date bloggers, etc. I had thought about this becoming my quasi therapy, but eventually my family will find this and my venting and bitching would turn us into the Hatfield's and McCoys.

So for now, I will just explain my choice in writing as Marie Millard. It's simply the "movie star name game" we played as kids. Use your middle name as the first name and the street you grew up on as the last name. In most cases, it has a "movie star" ring to it.

We also played the "porn star name game" too ... use your dogs first name and the street you grew up on. So placing me on a street after we moved and acquiring a new puppy... the name would work best for my brother ... "Max Chatsworth."


Tiff said...

Testing . . . testing. . . .

Tiffa said...

OK! Sorry 'bout that - I tried posting earlier, but it didn't work!

Woo hoo! This is wonderful - love it. Love the pic, love the title, catch phrase, the whole deal. Not sure when I'll be able to eat pie again, but I'll definitely be checking back here for more interesting reads!

Welcome to the world of blogging,

aka Fanneedoolee
aka Lynn Welsh (movie star)
aka Muffy Gould (porn star)

Nancy said...

Thanks Tiff ~ See, the idea of "star" names does work!

Jami said...

Thanks for stopping by at my place!

Jami Ward
Quinn Cartwright (movie star)
Jolie Berkeley (porn star)

Anonymous said...

Then I am Stephen Hale — nice.

Nancy said...

Jami: I like the movie star ... Bonanza style!

goader:Movie star indeed, I can see it in neon! Thanks for stopping by.