Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Latest Greatest Meme

Biddy did it, so did The Hotfessional. How can I pass up doing this NaBloPoMo filler informative fun meme!

Meme ... I still see some asking WTF is a meme?

Here ya go:

A meme is a self-propagating unit of thought that is spread from one host to another. Richard Dawkins invented the term as a kind of idea-gene. Like genes, as Memes spread they mutate or die. Only the fittest Memes survive.

For bloggers Memes have become synonymous with internet quizzes, surveys, and novelties that people link to and pass around on their blogs.

Meme rhymes with theme, or cream.

It's not pronounced Mimi.

This would be Mimi:

In this latest meme, which by the way I would guess was started by someone, this month, stuck for a post to fulfill their NaBloPoMo obligation, I am typing the answer to the following questions into Google search images. Then I pick one to represent from the first page that comes up.

On with it ... and for this meme ... it's all about me me baby!

1) My age at next birthday:

2) Place I'd like to travel:


3) Favorite place I've been:


4) Favorite objects:

I like them strung, but mostly of wisdom

5) Favorite food:

I always order salmon

6) Favorite color:

A two-for, I also like tulips

7) Place I was born:

Downtown Deeee-troit

8) Favorite animal:

That's enough for now ... works for me. Go ahead, give it a try.

Joan? Terri? Lori? Psssst, it is a post!

Two more days! Just two more days of NaBloPoMo fo sho then no mo!


Sherry said...

First of all..big hugs and thanks for the birthday wishes!! xo

I'm still laughing at the picture of Mimi!! Surely you could do a post about that to finish out your nablopomo...and I loved the big finish with the rhyme!! :)

Sunshine said...

I suck at remembering to actually DO the memes. This one is very fun.
I miss Mimi.

Joan said...

I may give it a try.

Crystal said...

I did this one yesterday. I think this is pretty fun as far as memes go. Thanks for the pronunciation. I was thinking it was meme that rhymes with them, I don't know why.

Gnightgirl said...

You were born downtown? Right downtown? Like...on the street?

Michael said...

I didn't know it was pronouced "meem". You learn something new every day.

hottdog said...

please take me with you to figi! Puhhhlease!!