Thursday, November 1, 2007

Treats, With a Twist of Trick

I had one trick or treat visitor, Bently.

My neighborhood doesn't have many small kids and the few that come are so sporadic, it's more annoying than fun. I didn't even buy any candy. So, I decided to go out myself.

I did great with the treats. See those black, closed toed high pumps? I have wanted a plain pair like that to wear with jeans. $35.00 at TJ Maxx. The dorky part is they are "Jessica Simpson's". Thanks Jess! I had heard she gives out good stuff. *smirk*
(click pic to enlarge)

Then I found the "jewel" encrusted key holder. $5.00 clearance TJ Maxx. The sage, gold and plum go with my kitchen and that's right where I will hang it. Hummm, sage, gold, plum (looking around), yep I like that combo.

I went to our new Lowe's for the towel ring to use in my newly decorated bathroom. Boring, I know, but I can't control what people give out on Halloween.

It was when I went begging at Kohl's I hit the jackpot. You know how the last straggler kid ends up with people dumping the balance of candy in their bag? Yep, Kohl's did that to me.

I love the the black sweater, it's cut like a blazer. Some "trouser" socks because I have to have my legs covered when I wear my knee high boots. I'm just weird that way.

How about the cool scarf? $5.00 in clearance. It will go nice with my black leather jacket. And the final candy bowl dump ... five new bras. I know, I can't believe I am writing that let alone posting a photo of them. But hey, $35.00 bras for $12.00 woot!

The trick?
Oh yeah, to off set those treats, the trick will be in my mail box in 30 days ... I charged it all.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe bras cost so much. I mean, they do a nice job, but the technology has been around forever and guys will do the same thing for free (for short periods of time that typically lead up to a nap).

Athletic supporters are just a few bucks. Of course, they don't lift and separate.

I had zero children show up for Trick-or-Treat. I had candy, *just in case*. I brought it all in to work today.

The Hotfessional said...

We *are* long lost twins. I'm hitting the early bird sale on Saturday morning. I can not wait.

15% off + $30 in Kohl's bucks. Be still my beating heart.

Audubon Ron said...

My wife is having an affair with a guy named TJ Maxx. Last year it was a guy named Ross.

Audubon Ron said...

Okay Nancy, rise and shine.

Today is the first day of the NovBlow&Go writing thingie.

Okay, let’s get a little Richard Simmons with our typing fingers, push in, push out, Okay faster, push in, push out, now roll the head around a few times, not too hard, roll your shoulders, backwards, forwards, like that, okay sit down, wash that eye wear clean and write me a story.

This is going to be fun, I get to see ladies all over this universe lay story eggs EVERYDAY!! Yippie, “I’m in heaven, I’m in heaven…”

Get’er go’in kid, I’m the guy right there in the stands waving those pom-poms.

Nancy said...

Delmer: That's exactly why I don't buy candy =)

HotTwin: I swear when I read your posts, you are looking into my life somehow ...well, 'cept when you talk about your hubby ... no hubs here.

Ron: You ARE my fave cheerleader, better than Will Ferrell any day.

Sherry said...

Now that's a Halloween treat Nancy!!! The only way to go!! Looks like you did quite well for yourself (I loved the J. Simpson joke btw!!).

Sorry you had no tricky treaters...I had more than last year but it's nothing to what it was years ago. It was a fine night so I think that kept the kiddies out longer. Glad it's over though...I'm pooped...I'm sure you are too. You had a heavy loot bag!! ;)

Joan said...

gotta go shopping some times

BOSSY said...

Bossy thinks she remembers shopping. And nice things.

Anonymous said...

Impressive trick you pulled off to haul in all those treats. What a good shopper you are... Where do I sign up for the Marie Millard School of Smart Shopping??

Did you ever buy the lamp from your radio winnings?

Mr B

Carrie said...

You're so smart, next Halloween I am going shopping, too. You inspired me!

Sher said...

I wanna go shopping with you. You seem to know where the good stuff is for very little dough.

Jessie said...

Well, I think Bently is an adorable trick or treat visitor. He's just so smoochy and cute. Such a cute little pibble, yes you are.