Monday, November 26, 2007

Lawdy Lawdy!

Having four days off in a row certainly makes the first day back to work just that ... work!

Here it's after 7PM and I am just sliding in with a post. I have gone this far with NaBloPo-MoFokin', I am certainly not going to fail now.

On with the fun of the day. I jumped on RA's bandwagon sleigh, and I'm going to be a Secret Bloggin' Santa. I was given a link to the person I am Santa too, so I will be popping in and pilfering through archives to see who's been good or bad.

RA's posted links to everyone who is participating, so I plan on checking them out throughout the month. It's another nice way to build and check out the community. It's also a sneaky way to cover my tracks just in case the person I am Secret Santa too tries to figure it out with a site tracker.

Short and to the point, but this does count as a post =)


Sherry said...

That's a post!!

Linda in C-Town said...

You'll have to explain how this works on Thursday.

Casdok said...

Good idea!

captain corky said...

I think almost everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving still has a holiday hangover. I don't know about you, but I'm ready for another 4 day weekend. ;)