Tuesday, June 3, 2008

3 Points*

I'm still on Weight Watchers ... only now I have been sticking to it.[smirk]

Even if you've never followed the diet, you've heard enough TV commercials to know everything has a point value.

I don't eat food, I consume points.

I stay between 18-20 points a day.

For breakfast I have been eating this at 2 points:

Now, (thank you very much Sandi)
I am loving this for breakfast at 3 points:

I may just drop my last 8 pounds before I go to BlogHer in July.

McDonalds Yogurt Parfait ~ Low fat yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, and granola.

*And you thought this was going to be a basketball post!


San said...

How many points are Reese's PB Cups? I really don't want to know because I ate about 10 of them last night (the miniatures =0)

Audubon Ron said...

Wouldn’t that be listed as the Mc3Points?

sgk213 said...

Good Luck on the last 8lbs. And Yum that looks good for only 3 points.

delmer said...

I have the Parfait almost every morning. Most times, 99.5% of them, I skip the granola. I typically precede the Parfait with an Egg McMuffin.

John said...

I think you should slice up the 2 points and add it to the 3 points. It'll be good, and that way, you save the 2 points and can have it later. I gotta try one of those 3 points. Or are they 5 points?

Sherry/Cherie said...

Maybe I can do ww -- I can count to 20 easily -- usually, sometimes, unless I'm like San and think those little mini reese are like .05 of a point!!!

Love me those Mickey D's yogurts -- but I make my own with low fat yogurt, granola and fresh fruit -- no idea how many points -- I probably make it big enough to be all 20!!! hee!!

Jami said...

I didn't think basketball at all. I'm just not that much of a sports nut. If anything, I thought, "Maybe something about debate class?" or something about somebody's campaign speech. Nerd.

And I'm stuck at 5 pounds away from where I want to be. Been here for over a month - dammit!

Betty said...

That parfait looks really enticing. I'm wondering if the yogurt is frozen, or just regular old yogurt. And why can't these restaurants ever use nonfat products? Low fat is OK but to me nonfat is better. When I am watching what I eat, as I should be these days, I am really fussy!


Grandy said...

Looks yummy!! Is it only 3 pts WITh the granola? Probably not, huh?

Nancy said...

Grandy: Yep 3 points WITH the granola =)

Hottdog said...

i may have to join you with this weight watchers thing! everyone i know has lost a bunch of weight using it!

Life As I Know It said...

Good for you and good luck on the 8 pounds!
That parfait looks delicious. Much better than my bowl of cereal.

dkuroiwa said...

I'm thinking the point system might be easier to do...hmmm...may have to check out WW on the internet and see what they can do for me!!
Did they give points to beer??