Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More on Pit Bulls

I love my "grandawg" Bently. Even more since he has moved in with me. I could brag him up as some do their kids and grand kids ... because he is just so darn funny, loving and charming. Daily he has me laughing. I'll have to take some video and do some posts on him soon.

I read the blog "Wallace the Pit Bull" and love watching his frisbe competition videos. If you check him out, be sure to watch some of the videos in the archives.

I was excited to read Wallace and his owner Roo, have adopted Hector. Hector was one of the pits that was rescued and rehabilitated from the nasty Michael Vick situation.

The BadRap blog shows Hector united with Roo and their story.

BadRap (their organization site) has taken in the Vick dogs that weren't euthanized and has worked with them to rehabilitate them into loving pets, waiting for adoption. Check out the VickDogBlog for stories and photos.


The more I read about these dogs, and experience time with Bently and a couple of my son's friends Pit's, the more I realize what unfounded fear surrounds this breed. Not the breed being the problem as much as the owners.

I guess we see that with the Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Doberman, and any other large intimidating looking dog. As I have said before, a bad dog, no matter what breed, is the product of a bad owner.

It is comical and quite amusing to see Bently, time after time, submit to Quinn, the older, 10 pound alpha dog of the house.


Gnightgirl said...

He does look pretty cuddly. I have to admit that I'm initially kind of afraid of all dogs in general. A large, mean one knocked a door off of a house and chomped me a few times when I was a kid, and all of these years later, I give a start whenever I'm approached by a dog, even on a leash. (You're right, that dog was a product of idiotic owners.)

Still, I dream about having the time and space for a doggie, someday. Maybe soon!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Bently is very cute! We adopted a stray a few months back and from the look of her face....I would guess she has a little Pit in her!

Along with everything else in the world!

John said...

Our local SPCA held a Luv-a-Bull Pit Bull Adoption Day yesterday. : ) - On a related note, I'm working on a new SPCA site for another city in VA because they love my Charlottesville site. : )

Muah! Luvah. ; )

Don Mills Diva said...

My parents have a pit bull/ doberman cross and he is the loveliest dog ever.

BTW - I'm going to the people's party too - see you there!

Anonymous said...

Aweeeee, love the pics :)

Susan said...

I also have a grandog pitbull, Paco, who is the sweetest dog. I also have 2 yellow labs, and when Paco is here visiting they all get along great. I agree is the the owner, not the dog.

Beth said...

that has got to be one of the cutest pictures i ahve ever seen!!!! bently looks so.....content and happy.

Martha said...

Adorable Bently. And what great news about the Vick dog...that video about Hector made me blubber.