Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Emptied Camera

Like quite a few of the blogs I read, this blogger is lacking for subject lately. I emptied my camera just now and figured I'd share these random shots:

This past Sunday, my great niece K ...

... and her sister Little B in awe of her big sisters talents!

Lola got some "hand me downs" from a friend:

( Polo baby!)

And Lola loves her "brother" Puma:

My poor Quinn, his cataracts glare in all his photos:

I tried to capture a photo of Bently smiling:

So yeah, that's all I got for today. I guess with all the negative things in the news, I'm pretty lucky that I am leading a dull life ..... for now.


Joan said...

I enjoyed your "family" photos. My life is kinda dull right now too. After meeting Beth it's all downhill after that.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Mighty impressive Nancy -- you live a full life, and it shows!!! lol!! ;)

John said...

Such cute babies. : ) Yeah, what is it about Summer that many of us can't think of anything to write? Our brains must have a case of "The Vapors."

Gnightgirl said...

The outfits are precious. I have to admit I thought of sweet Bentley last week: I was working at my mom's house when 2 pit bulls got loose in the neighborhood and ran though Mom's yard, romping through driveway and playing in the backyard.

"Bentley's nice, Bentley's nice"...I kept telling myself...but I couldn't make myself go out there and get back to work. Too skeered.

Apparently they scared the neighbors too; I stepped out later to find them huddled on their porches, as the sheriff pulled up. (We're out of city limits, sheriff does animal control).

(Not to worry, owner came running down the street and collected his doogies before the cops got there.)

Ginaagain said...

Aww, great pictures! I love Lola's dresses. I tried putting a dress on Gracie once but it just doesn't work as well for a golden retriever!

Nancy said...

gng: They are intimidating, but I find as properly trained family pets, they are just big lovable babies.

LOL @ thinking about Bently during that time.

San said...

LOL at K & B. Lola looks so cute esp. in the "poodle" skirt. Quinn looks so much like Muffin and I can definitely see Bentley smiling :)

Audubon Ron said...

Oh, I wouldn't say a dull life, looks pretty good to me.

Betty said...

You certainly have some adorable family members- human, canine and feline. You are blessed!


Terri said...

Lola and her new wardrobe - great blog fodder (kids too!). Bentley's got a great smile.

Michael said...

I think I've forgotten how to blog!