Friday, June 20, 2008

Craig's Hit List

I've teased my sister Sandi a couple times this month because she has "fallen for" a couple minor, innocent scammy things. Once I point them out to her, the duh factor clicks in.

Well Sandi, it's come around and bit me in the bee-hind.

I took one for the team!

I have been looking for a new job (no surprise there) and daily I check the local papers on line and jobs posted on Craig's list. Now Craig's list seems like a perfect place for scams, so I am pretty cautious.

It seems there are some great sounding jobs posted, but the sleuth that I am usually sees that they are just posts by recruiters/headhunters probably fishing for some good resumes to fill positions they are working on.

Last week I found two jobs posted that I though looked good and real. The first is for a nationwide franchise that is opening in my area in the fall. They posted their name and website, so I knew it was real. I sent my resume.

The second sounded like a dream job, a perfect fit for me. It didn't give the "world wide" corporate name, but had a paragraph describing the company in detail. Enough detail that I could figure out who the company was with a few Google hits.

So, I sent my resume.

Yesterday, during my daily checking out of new jobs posted, I found this little warning about the job posted that I sent my PERSONAL INFORMATION to. Duh me! [forehead slap]

This is a SCAM - the information in the posting has been taken directly from the {company name} website and is not legitimate.

This is all part of a new scam set up by Harris Black, a con man living in Canada. Find out more info at

*** Picture removed, it was creeping me out ***
It's on the linkabove

  • Convicted of sexual assault
  • Indecent exposure
  • Posed as a pediatric physician
  • Is all over internet dating sites
  • Bilked people out of thousands of dollars
  • A world wide scammer
Yeah, so I sent a resume with my name and phone number on it. Doesn't take much to Google for my address.

So Harris, if you're reading this and dare to stop by, I'll greet you at my front door with Bently and a loaded AK-47 .


John said...

Too bad hon. Hopefully the info you disclosed will be of no consequence and no weapons will be required. : )

Anonymous said...

Professional advice...put an email address on your resume that goes to a yahoo or hotmail account that you have specifically set up for resume responses and that you can delete after you get that dream job. Use your cell phone number as a contact number and do not put your address on the resume header.

If you are going to work with a "head-hunter" call the staffing company and establish a working relationship. The best jobs typically get filled before they are posted. Find out what type of jobs the recruiter specializes in, how many people they place a month, etc. You have every right to interview them as they do you!

Gnightgirl said...

Is he, by chance, aka "Josh Schizzle"?

Hottdog said...

be careful!

delmer said...

Of the two (gun or Bently) the dog is more frightening. With a gun you might accidentally catch a guy in the goods ... the dog starts out about that height already.

lis said...

Scary, so glad you have Bently around and that ak-47..
Try it's a great job search engine..

Carrie said...

Oh shoot! Oh well, he should be very afraid, very very afraid.

Ree said...

Yikes! Pediatric Physician? What a douchebag.

Mrs. G. said...

Holy hell...please take his photo down. He gives me the creeps.

linda in c-town said...

I went looking for the post I read last night. This one is much more entertaining. Isn't not like you to get caught in a scam. I know how throughly you check thing out. Just goes to show that anyone can be fooled. So glad you have Bently.

Above Average Joe said...

Have you checked out the personals on Craigslist? Some are such a riot.

Sherry/Cherie said...

This just shows how easily we can be fooled...and you are no slouch in the "on top of things" department.

Always lessons to be learned in life and I thank you for this one...something tells me that with you publicly posting this on the web, and Bently I wouldn't even worry about anything else!!), you're pretty safe!!!!!

Terri said...

whoa - kinda scary but since they "found him out" it'll be fine. It's very easy to fall into scams these days - we gotta be on our toes. Feel sorry for the elderly and disabled if we fall into these traps so easily.

Audubon Ron said...

I have a job for you. You’ll have to move to Mississippi. But you can make $120K a year. Just send me your social security number, driver’s license, checking account number, safety deposit box combination, house alarm code, your mother’s madden name, credit card numbers and your combination lock at your gym. Do you speak Spanish?

Some day I'll tell you how stupid I felt when I got scammed by a love ad in Russia right after my divorce. You'll think, WHAT A DUMB SHIT, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING RON? Hey, I was in love.