Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Paint Project, Lot's of Pictures!

Be sure to read to the end [insert surprised look here]

I'm halfway through the "house project". Here are some before and after shots of the hallway, living room and kitchen. It's still all work in progress. Last night I painted the switch plate covers for the kitchen, so they aren't up in the pics. The hall and living room are a "dusty pea soup" color. The wall sharing the living room and kitchen is plum, and the kitchen is "bright ass goldy-yellow". (Yeah, the colors are the same as in my header here.)

I ordered brushed nickel drawer pulls on line last night. I also decided on louver bi-folds for all the closet doors. I'll probably get them this weekend at Home Depot.

I found "boobless" lights at Home Depot that come in three different sizes that will work throughout the kitchen, hallway and over the front door entrance.

I am ordering all new LG appliances today. I went with all white, with the handles being brushes stainless. I know everyone is digging the stainless look, but my kitchen is too small to pull that off. Also, since I painted all the trim white, I think the white appliances will work better.

I am still deciding on the window treatments, but the white paper is growing on me. [smirk] I'm sick of "blinds" and I'm seriously thinking of drapery ... maybe a casual grommet?

I haven't even began to look at furniture. Opinions? What about a deep burnt red sofa? Too much? Maybe just in an accent chair? A more neutral sofa with pillows in the plum, gold, green. and red? I'll recover the kitchen seats to match the new furniture.

Okay, here's the best part ... all the "after" photos above? I took them in succession last night. All within 5 minutes of each other.

These two are the very first ones I took. After these two first shots, I stopped and said, "OK guys, you're all fully of energy and enjoying the new colors, but please va-moose so I can take a few clear shots." And you can see, the rest are "orbless".

"Orb" visitors


Sunshine said...

The colors are all very funky, I love it.
Let's not forget the other awesome thing about white appliances - they're the cheapest! With my "project" list, I'm noting stuff that does the same thing but is CHEAPER.

New siding? WHITE BABY!

Oh, and I can hardly wait to visit your haunted house. Can we submit you for Ghost Hunters???

Jen M. said...

Stainless steel is on its way out. White with the accents is warmer and much more "now."

I like the aged look of worn leather - like something out of Robert Redford's Sundance catalogue...just a little cheaper.

Michael said...

Looks great! The colors are cool.

I love my stainless steel appliances, but it's all about what you like, not where the trend is at.

Ok, I realize the last time I visited your house was like 2 houses ago, but what happened to your green/purple furniture from Stellma/Woodelm?

Michael said...

Two more things...I'd play it safer with the furniture's less expensive to change the paint than to buy all new furniture.

Also, I have grommet panels from Pottery Barn in my bedroom...they're way cool and come in a ton of colors.

Sugarplum's Mom said...

Nice job! I think that refrigerator is the one I would want when ours goes... I'm suspicious of the compressor right now and the freezer keeps leaking on the floor. Thankfully I have a standing freezer in the garage so I don't have to use the one in the house. Good job on the boobless light fixtures too!

Carrie Sue said...

I agree with Jen M. about the worn leather furniture. We have some that we got from the "back room" at a furniture store, it was super discounted because it was discontinued. I think most furniture stores have a "discount room" - check it out. I love the paint colors... just like your blog! And aren't you the lucky girl, being able to communicate with orbs and all. What other powers do you have?

Terri said...

very nice color choices girl! Looks great. Nice orbs too (and we can say I wasn't talking about the boob lights!).

Sherry/Cherie said...

Love the colours...looks so good!! And your nipple-less fixtures will work beautifully. I don't really care for stainless steel appliances so I'm with you on the white...have fun finishing the decor. You have lots of options to work with!

Beth said...

I love the plum color!!!! they are all funky and I love it...but the "orb visitors"? Kinda freakin me out a little bit.....

Mamma said...

I have that very same light in my kitchen--from Home Depot of course.

I love the way your hallway turned out. Love that color.

linda in c-town said...

Can't wait to see the "colors" in person. They look great.

You might want to re-think the louver doors though. Even if they come already primed you still have to paint them. From experience let me tell you that it's a real
B--CH to do. They also are great dust collectors and when you do dust them it's not easiest thing to do.

Good Luck

lis said...

Very nice, lots of work you've done. My folks have that very same fridge in 'SS' does it ever show finger prints and smudges etc., good choice on the white...
Furniture hmm, I've seen some really nice cushioned outdoor furniture that I've thot would look cool in the our living rm. of late, just a thot, less expensive, lighter and easier to move around when need be..
Nice light fixture too, good choice.

Awesome orbs, you are in good company and well watched over!!

Joan said...

Where's Quinn? He needs to be in these shots. Nice job.

San said...

I love all the colors! I agree with Michael on the furniture, keep it neutral and use pillows and pictures to compliment your wall colors.

Betty said...

Now I'm seeing those boob lights all over the place. I'm looking at one right now in my own house, and I never realized what it was.

Anyway, I love your color choices and everything looks very appealing to me. Well done!


Ree said...

Do your orbs have names?

Pink said...

half way is always the hardest...keep it up...looking good.


GLEN FREY??? !!!!

oh man.

how i wish i had led your life.

I'd have (hopefully)not been bored! ;)

*envious sigh*


The Ex said...

Oh, I really like the purple. It's my favorite color! And it compliments the yellow very nicely.

Tony said...

Good Job! :)