Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do You Remember Your First ...

Kiss Bill Evola (shut up Shelia)

Concert David Bowie @Masonic Auditorium, Detroit, Michigan March 1, 1973

Album Best of the Bee Gees

Date Jeff Wolf, I snuck out and got busted when I came home.

R-Rated Movie M.A.S.H.

Legal Drink Tequila Sunrise

Funeral My friend Joe's father

Kindergarten Teacher Mrs.Frick (1960, wow)

Gift of Jewelry Black Pearl Ring from Danny Gerardi (I still have it)

Net Paycheck about $72.00

Non-family Commenter on Blog Jessica @ Oh The Joys

Ticket 30 in a 25 on Catalpa in Royal Oak,MI


gk213 said...

Man you have a good memory. And you made good money. My paychecks from Gratiot Drive In were like for 20.00. First kiss Bob Genova. That is about all I remember.Which by the way, is Jay's Uncle. Small World for sure.

Mrs. G. said...

This is a fun one. If it makes you feel any better, my current paychecks are very similar to your first. Happy Thursday.

Karin said...

Wow, I remember the David Bowie concert (although I don't remember it being a "first"), the ring from Danny (I can still picture it), seeing M*A*S*H (it was so risque at the time) and the MANY Tequila Sunrises (inlcuding the one that got spilled on me one night--they're very sticky!) I'm glad you remember all your firsts, and that I was there for some of them, but I've forgoten many of my own firsts! Guess they weren't that impressive *sigh*

Nancy said...

Karin: You got a double black pearl ring from Brian Kazeyaka (sp) ...remember he was leaving for the Marines?

Betty said...

You do have an amazing memory. I wish I (or somebody else) remembered some of these facts about my life. My current paycheck (0) is less than your first- that much I remember.


delmer said...

My Kindergarten teacher was Ms. Ward back in 1965. I remember falling off the Merry Go Round one day and she asked me if I'd seen stars, like in the cartoons.

Sherry/Cherie said...

Great memory Nancy. I'm sitting here now drawing blanks on some of this -- some of it comes to me easily...AND I've never had a family member comment on my blogs...ever. I don't have that much family anyway, but no kids, no spouse, no cousins -- no one has posted...I'm kinda liking that!!

Karin said...

Gah, I remember Brian K. (and kinda wish I didn't). Thanks for reminding me. LOL

dkuroiwa said... the "nice bloggy friend" in me is commenting that 'wow! you've got a great memory!! and really?!? David Bowie?? cool. My first concert was Gordon Lightfoot when i was 13!! and I didn't go to kindergarten...didn't have one in the teeny-tiny town i lived in.

Now...the slightly "sarcastic bloggy friend" in me is thinking that you must have some RainMan kind of capablilties, 'cause there is NO WAY i could remember all that!!
I'm bowing down in your direction!!

Nancy said...

Debbie: I have all kinds of trivial BS rolling around in my head, but the important current things? Sadly, not so much, lol

And I LOVE RainMan =)

San said...

Here's my list: 1st kiss, David Livingston,who also took me on my first date
Concert-don't remember
A Beatles album, Deep Throat,
Slow Gin Fizz (of which I can't even stand to smell now)
My husbands grandfather
Kdg.teacher-??? but 1st grade was Mrs. Sonntag
1st gift of jewelry-an ugly dark blue enamel and "gold" star pendant given to me in lieu of payment from a family I babysat for. LOL
Paycheck: about $11.00 for about 15 hours of work (min.wage was $.70) BIG LOL!
Ticket-the year I got my red convertible--1st of about 10 that year.