Thursday, November 8, 2007

Googles and Lurkers and Linky's Oh My

I have a site meter on here. I look at it, but I don't Lord over it in hopes of becoming the next Dooce. Highly impossible anyway. I don't have enough constipation, depression, ex-Mormon, Worlds Best Avon Sales Lady stories to write about that would generate 6 figures. (I mean that in a complimentary way Heather)

I do find some things odd about the traffic that comes by here.

For example the things people google that directs them here on a regular basis:

President in crocs ... why do people really care about that?

Constipation nothing works ... this one is almost daily, what's that tell you?

1-3-5- Bathroom Rule ... men? Is it really that much of a question?

On Line Whores ... I understand the search, but in finding me, I'll blame Sunshine!

The linky's that direct here on a regular basis, are probably pure accident:

Confessions of a Pioneer Woman had asked her readers to send her a photo so she could place a face on the name of her readers. (Ree? How ya doing in the memory department?) She has a gazillion readers. But indeed, ask and she received ... hundreds of them. She posted them on her flicker site. I sent her this picture:

But it is posted like this:

Since she is kind enough to put a link to each photo, I am thinking most click it to see what kind of technically challenged nut doesn't know how to send a photo with the right amount of pixels to fit into the reader set.

Technorati ... OK, so I have that little widget on my sidebar. When I first started blogging, I saw most everyone had it. I went to the site and saw it as way to fit yourself into a like minded blogging community. Crap, where do I fit in when there are millions of people all over the world signed up with millions of topics? I have no idea how people find me in that melting pot, but they do. Maybe someone can explain it to me.

And finally the lurkers:

RockStarMommy has never been to my site that I am aware of. She's not on my blogroll of daily reads, but I do go over there and leave comments. She is young and married to what seems like a patient cool husband, and has produced two offspring. She is talented in the arts. An amateur photographer and musician, but still with bragging rights. She dresses cool and funky, no mom jeans for that girl. She bakes awesome cakes and reins creative play time with her kids. I get more traffic from her than any other site. Her readers are either scratching their heads over my quirky comments, or wondering why plain white bread hangs out amongst them.


rsm said...

I don't know what to tell you about the lurkers coming from my site other than have you seen some of the people that comment over there? HA! You probably don't want them! Not all, of course. Just a small handful, but still. SCARRRRRY.

Thanks for what you wrote about me :) But, I'm not sure whether to take the "patient and cool husband" as a compliment or an insult. Perhaps I'll just take it as the truth, since, and I'm sure he'd agree, he is a very patient man. haha!! :)

Thanks for the link :) xoxo

rsm said...

By the way, most of my readers are "plain white bread". In fact, besides my tattoos and sock collection, so I am ;)

BOSSY said...

Just tell Rock Star Mommy that when you were mentioning "Patient and cool" you were actually talking about Bossy's husband.

Dfunkadelic said...

i get weird google leads too. people search for some weird stuff man!

Joan said...

The picture proves you have nice shoulders. I guess most of my readers are plain white bread females with the except of my friend Da Skinny Black Man.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I get some FREAKY searches from google that send people to my site.

The best so far has been:
Southern Belle blogspot big ass butt!

WOW...that was a little personal!

Sherry said...

You give me the best chuckles some days my dear!!! Love the "neck" shot...I'd recognize you anywhere!! And "plain white bread" are too funny!!

Linda and her Surroundings said...

I have had a regular google search direct traffic to my site and it is "wipe front bottom". What can I say to that one. I tend to only briefly read the visitor reports sent to my email box out of idle curiosity. To tell you the truth, I feel like I am prying if I see who has dropped by and not commented...can't explain that one.

Mary Alice said...

Yes, I get a lot of traffic from my Pioneer Woman photo as well. I also get a lot of google searches from people looking for prayers for teens and prayers for parents of teens - seems like having teens will certainly give you religion!

Fightin' Mad Mary said...

I check my sitemeter at least once a day. If you see a hit from "Foto-Kem" that's me checking out your blog from my job, not like I should be working or anything!

Once I talked about dog poop I knew the crazies would start coming via google - sure enough they have.

Audubon Ron said...

ARCI – NovBlow&Go

You write it, I read it!

Uh, well, I found you on an MILF site. You probably didn’t want to know that.

Nancy said...

Ron: Bwa-hahahah

"Maybe I'll Lite a Fart" site? *smirk*

witchypoo said...

I've had hits from Pioneer Woman too, but I know that my image was not linked to my site, because I sent it before I started the blog.
I will be interested to see what happens with my latest entry. It's called "Naked Guy"

Lys said...

I'm delurking :)

Sitemeter clued me into someone from my old hometown logging into my site 500+ times in ONE MONTH! Who the heck does that - I'm not THAT intriguing. Turns out it was someone from my past that I want no dealings with - now if only I can find a way to block them :::sigh:::