Wednesday, January 21, 2009

10 Things, Honest Scrap

Robin, from Around the Island, sent (and tagged) me the Honest Scrap Award.

Before passing it on, I'm to list 10 truthful facts about myself.

Sounds pretty loose ended, so here goes. I'll try not to repeat things from previous meme's.

1. I can't sing, unless off-key counts.

2. In the very early 70's (K? do you remember the year?) Karin and I sat on stage at a Leon Russell concert at Cobo Hall and thought we were bad asses for doing so. Now, annually, Leon plays at a small venue in Ferndale Michigan, The Magic Bag. It's like being in a corner bar, a nasty corner bar, a corner bar I'd rather not sit in.

3. I never went to a prom or homecoming dance.

4. I'd donate a kidney if it would help someone. Especially my brother.

5. I can't help but to peek when everyone bows their head in prayer. I like to make eye contact and smirk at the other "peekers".

6. I like the "classic" Aretha Franklin. I did not like the hat she wore to the inauguration yesterday. I did not like her voice. And I did not like how she sang the first line of "My Country, Tis of Thee", placing a break in the wording ... "My count try tis of thee...." Maybe it's my 12 year old boy mind that kicked in, but I didn't like it.

7. I tend to lead when slow dancing. Don is going to break me of that habit, right Don?

8. I like granny smith apple slices dipped in warm, gooey brie.

9. My father took his own life, 29 years ago . (Betcha didn't see that one coming.)

10. I believe there are more good people in my life than probably really are.

There you have it. I'm supposed to tag it on, but I think I'll just say grab the award and spill 10 things if you feel like purging. Let me know if you do so I can come by and read your post.


Robin said...

Nope, didn't see that one coming at all. I'm so sorry.

On a lighter note, I did like Aretha's singing, but my god, that hat... I thought it was going to take flight!

San said...

1) you have a beautiful voice
2) you and K thought you were "bad asses" no matter where you sat LOL
3) only because it wasn't "cool" then and you were a "cool" chick
4) wouldn't we all <3
5) ;)
6) if you're Aretha you can wear any hat you please
7) WTF?
8) ...warm gooey caramel, chocolate, peanut butter, etc.
9) you're getting close to crossing those blog boundaries we've talked about

Audubon Ron said...

I like you anyway. :)

sgk213 said...

Bullseye on Aretha! I'll tell your brother about the kidney, that gets me off the hook. Thank you that was very nice. Wow 29 years. You are getting old. Not me, ofcourse.

Ree said...

Aw, is the Magic Bag really that bad? I haven't been there in years (and years)

I love San's comebacks.

Patience said...

I was sad watching Aretha sing. It was obvious that this wasn't Aretha at her best, or anywhere near her best. The words were not understandable, she couldn't reach the notes, she didn't have good breath control.

But the hat! Oh, the hat!!

I'm not crazy about the hat either, but Aretha can and did pull it off!

Karin said...

LMAO at San's spot on comment about us being "bad asses." But we didn't THINK we were, we KNEW we were! I can't narrow that concert down any more than "early 70's" either.

I agree Aretha's hat was over the top, but so is she. I was surprised (OK, disappointed) with her rendition, but maybe the cold and emotion had something to do with it? I'll give her the benefit of the doubt---she's not called the Queen for nothing!

I'm surprised you mentioned your dad. I am sorry about all that happened. Hard to believe it's been 29 years. On a last, lighter note, as I recall you're a pretty good singer. Or at least you (and I) made up in volume what we lacked in actual talent. Remember singing along with "Too Bad" at the top of our lungs in your car? Ah, to be young and foolish again.....

Twisted Cinderella said...

3. I didn't either

8. granny smith apple slices dipped in warm, gooey brie sounds heavenly. I have never tried.

9. I am so sorry about your father.

10. I tend to believe that there are lots of good people in my life. I have always said that I would rather be that kind of person and risk being hurt sometimes, than be the kind of bitter person who doesn't have faith in people.

Twisted Cinderella said...

oh btw, Prince Charming has enough wariness of people for both of us. My best friend teases him that he is a bitter old man. (lol he is younger than me)

Nancy said...

Michael: No, I never though about what 10 things I was going to list. I just listed as they popped into my noodle =)

lis said...

Hey if nothing else that hat 'AF' wore made a statement... Well caused statements *lol*
3. me either
4. I'd donate to your bro. too...
10. Yep.. Good to weed once in awhile...
Great follow up San...