Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hey Charlie, I Wish I Had Been a Cheerleader!

I've always liked football. Not always for the same reasons.

I like the game but that fact has only been in my later years.

In high school it was all about high school BMOC hotties spirit.

Just out of high school, it was about getting together for parties with other couples to enjoy a good game of watching nice tight packages professional football.

After divorcing, it's been about girls night out at the local sports bar to catch some irresistible man, Monday Night Football.

Now, I just like to sit on a cozy couch, watch and enjoy the game. It creeps me out to think other thoughts 'cuz those guys are young enough to be my son. Well, maybe I can still look at the senior players. Nah, they're still too young!

Recently, I came across a picture of Charlie Waters from the 70's.

In his Dallas Cowboy Uniform.

With his 1970's hair and 'stach.

In all his hotness.

That's when cheer leading skills may have come in handy.

But, we all know, they never hold those looks in the later years. I'll just google old Charlie for a more recent photo o O OH!

Well hello Charlie!

Let me do more research and see if you're married what you are up to these days.


Speaking of birthdays ... hush, I am now...

Happy Birthday to my *favorite nephew Matthew!

*as I have disclaimed before, I love all my nephews the same, but Matt is a middle child and I so relate!


Karin said...

LOL, I just went through the same process yesterday, only with the Eagles (the band, not the football team). We saw them Monday night, and they still looked pretty good! Nobody fat or bald, and, from what I could see, good teeth (as opposed to, say, Bob Seger). As for football, I'm not a big fan, but I am married to one. In the spirit of marital harmony, I pretend to care when it's Super Bowl time. Yay me ;)

Joan said...

I remember watching Charlie when I was little. NFL with my Dad was a Sunday ritual. I think it can be said most men look better without their porn 'stach.

Audubon Ron said...

You know I'm gonna comment about you and pom-poms. You know I'm gonna. You just left that door wide open.

Nancy said...

Ron:I wouldn't expect anything less *wink*

Nancy said...

Joan : LMAO "porn stash" .... now that you mention it!

Bruce said...

I have heard about this, the mid winter middle aged female hormone frenzy....but I have never actually seen it in action.

lis said...

Watching 'life on mars', it creeps me out to think of having lived thru those years.
Watched 'Lost' before this my head is spinning in time travel *lol*..
Porn stach perf. description Joan..

So Nancy, white 'go go boots' with those pom pom's??

Patience said...

I definitely like the new and improved Charlie Waters better than the 'stachiod CW.

Beth said...

Oh Charlie could call me anytime!!!!

Cha Cha said...

Well ... hello, Charlie, indeed!

Secret admission: I had a horrible crush on a certain Iowa Hawkeye during the glory years of the program in the 80s. I have Googled this player ... and a current-ish photo of him is on my fridge ... but not in a weird, stalker way, I swear ...

Michael said...


We all know I'M your favorite.

*wink, wink, hearty guffaw*

Me, You, or Ellie said...

Look at your with all your men today. They're both adorable.


dkuroiwa said...

I do love those '70's sports cards with all that lovely hair and those porn (!)staches! Randy Gradishaw of the Broncos has an equally "hawt" one and is even more so now...ooh yeah!

I grew up around football...watched with my family every Sunday, cheerleader in HS, had boyfriends in HS and college that played, drank shots with the '85 Bronco defensive line (and smoked cigars!)...I think I miss the whole "football way of thinking" over here!!

I'm going to go and Google old Broncos now...maybe even Joe Namath, just for giggles!