Thursday, January 15, 2009

Slow Days Are Okay Once in Awhile

Some days I have so much to do at work, I don't take a lunch. Other days, I have most of my work caught up by noon.

[Perfect for justifying a 2 hour lunch with my sister San]

For the most part, I have things coming across my desk throughout the day that I work on, and I usually go home each night without leaving work unfinished. [O.C.D.]

Then there are days like today. When I left last night, I was all caught up and since I've been here this morning, I haven't had much to do.

So here I am, eating my breakfast of champions catching up on my computer time.


eBay tab open to check on baseball cards that are listed and selling quite well.

MySpace tab open for on going "Vampire" game ... I'm doing well, lots of blood sucking going on.

G00gle reader tab open to my favorite of Bruce's sites, catching up on my daily reads.

Sun is shinning through my office window but the temp is 12 freakin' degrees.


Karin said...

12 degrees? OMG! I'm having trouble with our current "cold spell" that's keeping our temps in the 60's during the day and in the low 50's at night. I'm wearing a fleece top and have the heat on. What a wimp I've become! ;)

Michael said...

I have an idea on how your boss can save a whole bunch of money each year, LOL. Seriously, that would never fly in the corporate world.

Nancy said...

Karin: I can only wish, lol

Michael: "whole bunch of money" now that's FUNNY!

Ree said...

It was -6.9 (seriously, I know!) when I got out of bed this morning. Geezus freakin' keyrist.

Audubon Ron said...

I’m feeling-the-feel. Mellow. Me, I just tore my office upside down now that my crazy secretary is gone (quit) and I’m power hosing and bought a few antiques. Fing, I even had the nerve to ask the local nursery for staghorn ferns. What was I think? I’ll send pics when I’m done. You just stay there and relax.

Patience said...

I don't understand slow days.

I have a stack on my desk, I have a box on my floor, of stuff that needs to be done.

I have another box behind me of stuff that has been done that needs to be filed.

Oh, and it's 32 degrees here and I'm FREEZING!!! (What a whiner I am!)