Thursday, January 29, 2009

Name Dropper

Ree, the one and only HOTfessional, responded to this post "Personal Inventory" by asking: Okay - so you were married at one point to a musician. Who is the most famous person you ever met?

Famous by different standards, but by names most may recognize would be:

Madonna - She banked at a bank I worked at when she was in 10th-12th grade.

Glenn Frey - I blew it, waaaaaaaay back in in Royal Oak, MI

These people stayed at a local Hilton my ex-husband's band played at ... met them, sat, talked with them when they came in the bar to listen to the band:

Kenny Loggins - Super nice guy.

Mr. T - He drank milk all night, danced with us "wives" of the band.

Men At Work - All fun, partying guys.

Howard Cosell - He had waaaaay too much to drink and while talking to me I could see his "rug" slipping off his head. He put it back in place and walked away, errr, stumbled away.

Tom Petty - Met after a show at "Pine Knob" (now DTE) in Clarkston MI ) psssst ... his wife, at that time, looked JUST.LIKE.HIM. very odd

Dan Baird
/ Georgia Satellites - Met Dan at Oakland Mall, Troy MI when they were in town. Met the rest of the band (Satellites) at their concert that weekend.

Jeffrey Gaines - Ann Arbor, MI

The above are people I actually met and spend some time partying talking to.

As far as saying hey ... hi :

Michael Jordan - Hilton my ex was playing at.
Pat Benatar - Hilton my ex was playing at.
Ted Nugent - He and his Mrs. sat BEHIND Linda and I on side stage at a Bob Seger concert.

Bob Seger
(and here he is again @ Piston game sitting across from me)

Tanya Tucker - Good Lord, and I admit this ... twice? (click for pics)

I'm stumped for more. Family? If you think of anyone, just leave it in comments.

I'm sure there is a baseball player in there somewhere too. *wink

BUT ... most famous?

AND ... the photo of me with most famous?
Grrrrr ...
came out all blurred because some azzswipe shoved my sister aside when she was taking it. Still, I'd say the most famous would be:

The President of the United States, Barack Obama
shook my hand AND hugged me ... oh yeah!

And to the best of my recollection,
I believe this is when I first caught his eye,
he air kissed me, yeah, that's it... mmmm-hum, that's how it went.

And this dude? His secret service dude?
The one that immediately broke our hug apart.
He must work for Michelle.

*Now hush, no laughing at the photos, or my hair, or my fab fashion sense, especially you Captain Obvious. While pulling pics, I found a few of you *(Garfield) to scan. (with your permission of course)


Candy said...

Girl, that is absolutely amazing. I have never met anyone famous, ever in my entire life.

Ok wait, I once sang with a band on a small party boat in the Bahamas, and the guy who played the drums wrote "Listen to the Rhythm of the Pouring Rain." But that's it. That guy isn't even really famous.

So rock!

sherry lee said...

I love being privy to a little name dropping...your post added some colour and delight to an otherwise drab, winter morning!

Karin said...

You're way ahead of me in meeting and chatting with famous folks. I'm really impressed. My personal #1 was Gordie Howe, more than once. You and I were together when we met Glenn Frey, remember? I'm not sure if/when you met him again. You probably did---the guys always loved you. My biggest, everybody-knows-who-he-is person is Mike Dukakis, after his presidential run, in a very informal way when he waa a visiting professor at the university where I worked. Charisma and charm just oozed from him. Made me really understand why politicians do personal appearances. Their larger-than-life personas could certainly sway a swing voter over to their side. I bet Obama had that same dynamic presence (if not more!)

Michael said...

Post have my permission, LOL.

Comments about your hair??? Moi??? Never. You were rockin' the 80s look.

I so am fighting the urge to leave the "once you go black" comment...I'll behave though.

Joan said...

That Tanya Tucker story is good a 2nd time.

Katelin said...

these are some awesome celeb run ins and what not. the last one is definitely the best :)

Ree said...

No shit. That's a lot of people. ;-)

Of course, the biggest name you dropped was mine. hehahahahahhahhahaha.

Mz. Nesbit said...

wow. you're all fancy. i feel all intimated in your bloggy presence now... lol

dkuroiwa said...

That whole Glen Frey thing? yeah...big old "L" on your forehead!!
Seriously....I'm bowing down in your general direction...I'm totally not worthy to be in your bloggy presence!! You are so cool.

Mr. T.?? He sat with the "wives" of the band? So...maybe some were NOT really wives, but...skanky one-night stands, perhaps?

I do love a guy in a band...or a uniform...just not both at the same time...that's just nerdy.

I have had no run-ins with famousness...may I just link you?

Beth said...

you have had The life girlfriend!!!

oh the stories you could tell....

Nancy said...

Deb: Nahh, all the guys in the band had good PATIENT wives.

Mr T was quite a gentleman if I recall. Nice guy, danced with us and sat around talking.

delmer said...

Tom and his wife looked alike?

Were the timing better the Pettys and the Van Halens could have appeared on Wife Swap ... just to make things look interesting.