Friday, October 24, 2008

Seasonal Giving (should be 365)

I can be such a tool at times.

WHY do I (and probably a wholotta others) get all into giving and charity only during the holidays and slack off in our daily thinking about it during the rest of the year?

There is ONE PERSON, that hasn't missed a beat in her from-the-heart campaign to make sure our troops are taken care of daily. 365 days a year. Nonstop, even though she has her plate full with other matters in her life.

All hail Dorothy LORI, the one who truly reminds us that there is no place like home.

The never ending giving of her time, effort, organizational skills and love is felt by our soldiers serving our country, our home, their home.

Please, visit her and do what you can to help. Even if it is spreading the word and the links so those who can may give time, money, or donations for the boxes she is putting together.

$10.95 will send one box to a soldier and you can donate via PayPal
Or any cash/charge card donation can be sent via PayPal (or snail mail!)

If you are in her area and can help with this tremendous project, or have further questions you can contact her at:

ljstewart (at) gmail (dot) com

So, this "tool" is going to get out of the box and make a donation to Lori's on going effort to see that as many troops as possible receive a box filled with food, CD's, clothing, personal items, etc. for Thanksgiving AND Christmas.

Who's in? Who's going to join us?

YOU? Yeah ... YOU right there!

JUST DO IT ... it will give you a "feel good" peace in your heart.


BOSSY said...


dkuroiwa said...

This is such a great idea and a wonderful thing to do! When my youngest brother was in the Marines and on a ship "somewhere over there" when that other Bush was prez in the other war in Iraq, my students and I used to send packages to him and his buddies quite often...they loved getting the stuff!! Will go and check out this site!!!!! Guess what I got today....just in time for Flamingo Friday!!! I am sending the biggest hugs to you right now...and I am just smiling like a big dog right now!! You're the best!! And you helped safe life as we know it here....I just posted about it...go, when you have the time...and read about it!!
I too am totally amazed at the friendships that are started here....and honey, believe me when I say...I'm so glad we met!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!

San said...

Lori is one amazing lady. Is her son home yet?

Glad to hear debbie's flamingos arrived in one piece. =)

Betty said...

This brings back memories of the packages I sent to my big brother in the army overseas when I was a kid.

Each person serving our country to know they are not forgotten and they are appreciated! Thank you for this post.