Monday, October 20, 2008

Do you do this too?

I dislike grocery shopping.

Actually I hate it.


So yesterday, I went to get my stock of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Since I was there I picked a few unnecessary items.

I wasted an hour in the store and came home hungry.

Almost $70.00 in beautiful fresh fruit and vegetables, and a 'tude from having to deal with grocery stores, other shoppers (that probably didn't want to be there either) and a new, still being trained, cashier.

So what did I do when I got home?

Put everything away and ordered a pizza.

Do you come home from shopping and have no desire to cook or clean any of the produce?

[side note]

I G00gled for the photo.

Here's the first photo I G00gled, AND posted AND then changed:

I didn't notice the extra melons until I had hit preview.


John said...

Those are beautiful melons...where do you shop?

I like grocery shopping. Especially when I'm hungry. : )

Mimi Lenox said...

I like shopping once a month for groceries and just stop at the market once in a while for fresh veggies.

This week we are memeing the movement to get it rolling along. You've been tagged by the Queen of Memes!
The Peace Meme

Michael said...

I HATE grocery shopping. I went yesterday also. I had to fight the urge to run over the 90 year old woman that insisted on pushing her cart down the center of the aisle at a snails pace. If there's such a thing as grocery shopping rage, I had it.

Michael said...

Oh, and LOL at the extra melons...I had to do a double take at that cause I didn't notice at first glance either.

GingerSnaps said...

hahaha...melons...I have the mind of a 12-year-old boy sometimes...


Ree said...

Yep. Some melons there. ;-)

Sherry said...

Those melons would make shopping a little more interesting (for some!)...I hate shopping and hate putting it away and then hate to think about what to's just a viscious cycle........ wonder if you are allowed to squeeze those melons?

San said...

I faithfully clean my crisper drawers once a week, then go shopping for fresh produce to put back in so I have food for the garbage disposal the following week.

lis said...

ROTFLMA, didn't see the extra melons either till after reading your last line and looking closer. Hate shopping too..

dkuroiwa said...

Because refrigerators are so much smaller over here, many people are "daily shoppers" too. I go to a very small neighborhood store (called the Mama Center!) and most days, the same women are there, in the back, by the meat, looking in each other's baskets (no too small!!) to see what everyone else is cooking to get ideas! I'm thinking that there are 8 or 9 families most nights, that are having the same thing!!
of course, I'm one of those ladies!
(I keep frozen homemade pizza dough on hand for days I can't decide...too expensive to order and mine is better!!!)

I had to go back and really look for those "extra melons"...took me awhile...the boys in my house will probably spot them quickly!!

Robin said...

I totally do that too. I'm usually so wiped out after going to all the different stores (grocery, butcher, greengrocer, gourmet...) that I'm too damn tired to cook and end up eating crap like potato chips!

linda in c-town said...


Grocery shopping that is. You take the stuff off the shelves put the stuff in your cart only to take it out again at the cashiers, then take it out of the cart again to load it in the car only to unload it at home and then you're back stocking it on the shelves again.

Someone please come up with a better system.